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Escape? Sounds Familiar, I Like It. Show Me
LSD, Cannabis & 1,4-Butanediol
by ItsDrewHollaAtMe
Citation:   ItsDrewHollaAtMe. "Escape? Sounds Familiar, I Like It. Show Me: An Experience with LSD, Cannabis & 1,4-Butanediol (exp62225)". Oct 13, 2020.

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 5:24 3 ml oral 1,4-Butanediol  


I'm a 22 year old male in good physical shape, except for the typical bashing my soul/body has taken from 2 decades of abuse.

This morning I decided to take a hit from my little 10 strip stash in the fridge. I usually take a few hits, but I wanted to see the effects of just 1 with no other drugs (well at least until I got a good feel of just how tripped I would be, then I'd get to the 14B and my dro).

This next paragraph is only for those who give a shit about various other things that may/may not be in my bloodstream- So, I'm on no prescription medications. The last substances in my body were last night, 15mgs Valium and booze of course, smoked plenty of bud... got a good bit of rest.

Anyway, I dropped the hit around 11 40am, knowing this particular shit seems to take longer than usual to kick in. Well I'd say I started to peak around 2, it's now 2 30. I started to feel that tingly body high when I'm coming up about an hour after I took the hit, it was all good. I had nothing planned for today except the usual- a scientist experimenting with his body. I started to talk to my ma, she was irritated because of one of these 'vacation packages' that she had signed up for but wanted to cancel it. We started talking about it and I was like shit, I might want to buy it from you. I was thinking me and my homeboys and maybe my blood-bro would be able to go on this week-long trip to Orlando, FL USA. So I'm getting excited about this, coming up from the acid and all made me more excitable. I was in a great mood. I go to call one of my best friends J first to see if he wanted to go on this vacation with me. Right before I hit CALL to call him, I get a call... from him. So I pick up- His mom is on the other end. 'J is in ICU'. About this time I start to realize, maybe I shouldn't have taken any LSD today... and I am REALLY glad I only took 1 hit. DAMN IT, I only take acid when I KNOW FOR SURE that I don't have to deal with anything emotionally straining. Well, here is one of those 'oh shit what are the odds' situations. How come I can't win the damn lottery or something? Why are all of my 'what are the odds?' situations always BAD. Fuck.

The additional stress from this on me, being of course that since J is a brother to me I have to go see him when he awakens. But people from church and his mother (who just as well be my Mexican mother, I always call her mama and she calls us both mijo) will be there and I know my eyes are dilated. I'm sure I could act quite reasonable. But is it a risk I'm willing to take? It would be completely disrespectful if his mother found out I was tripping at such a serious occasion. Well okay, the acid is peaked. I don't even want to get high right now but... I want something to keep me from feeling so edgy. So, I'm going to take a hit or 2 (dro) and mix a drink with some 14B.

2:57pm - I just now got around to taking a puff... Ok now for my drink.

3:06pm - Next toke, then enjoy more music... I'm really surprised that it is so easy for me while tripping to overlook the situation with J in ICU. I certainly hope everything is okay, but at the same time I know I'd be more prone to over-react right now than anything so I should probably just wait to ponder things until the chemicals in my brain are once again at normal (uhh for me normal is definitely abnormal, but you know how it is) I'm really glad I didn't take more hits though, in fact this is the only time I've ever taken only 1 hit and I'm really enjoying it (I've only tripped about 20 times in my life from LSD) I'm not having visuals, other than slight distortions and infrequent 'waves' etc. But I definitely feel great, I've always gone at tripping with a 'more is best' attitude but this is almost better.

3:20pm - These updates are so much more frequent than neccessary, which just left me with a BIG SMILE... but anyway, everytime I leave the computer and come back it feels like I've been gone a lifetime. In reality the clock tells me 10 minutes. Liar. Who defines time, anyway? It's a good thing I choked a nice hit of that dro. Makes it easier for me to relax (slightly, but I'm still bouncing my leg around like it's a damn pogo stick.. that's how edgy I am, I guess from the cid).

3:44pm - Ok, damn it. V called again and I allllmost had the sense not to pick up but I decided I wanted to talk to her. What are the fucking odds that the first thing she says is 'I just got in a car wreck!!!!!!' I cut her off before she could say anything else and said something like 'DAMN IT you people can't FUCK with me like this right now' because 2 of my friends in a row have called me with fucked up shit that I don't need to think about while tripping. I do not appreciate the vibes that today has given me, it's such a gorgeous day outside... I could be enjoying things much more but I can't pick myself up to actually do anything right now, not that I'm in a bad mood because I'm actually in a great mood. But that's the thing even when bad things happen and I maintain a good trip, I still have to wonder in the back of my head... should this particular thing be bothering me more? Should I actually deal with it right now, is it irresponsible to put it off and is it just an excuse that I'm on a substance? My answer is no. And I box it up, and set it aside until I'm sober-minded. Then I will open that box, and deal with whatever may happen to be inside. So, let's do that. Another toke, and wasn't I saying something about a drink of 14b? I've felt too good to even get up except to pace tweakingly around the room while talking to V on the phone.

4:18pm - Music, as usual is pretty much holding me glued to this chair. Except for my head-bobbing and jumping around to the music, and singing. But that can't be helped. Okay damn it where's my drink which I still haven't made?!

4:30 - I can barely remember what I've been doing the past 30 min, but apparently just sitting here listening to music... but looking out the window, I see a beautiful day so I need to go take a shower and go out and try to enjoy it. Ok, now I'm going to smoke a little more. Mix my damn DRINK FINALLY.

5:04 - So I just got around to drinking that drink. But I've just been enjoying music and jammin out for the past 30 min or so in my own little world. I took 3 ml's of my 14-B which, my personal opinion is that it is an INCREDIBLE chemical. Just like anything else, it just needs to be used responsibly. I make sure to MEASURE DOSAGE accurately.

5:24 - I'm starting to feel the 14B slightly, and the bud/acid combination at this point in my trip is absolutely splendid. (I don't smoke too much bud until after the first few hours of my peak, unless something throws me into a bad trip or something. I've had some straaaange trips on straaaange substances, but I wouldn't consider ANY of them 'bad') Though I do have Valiums and booze if things get ugly, heh. That was more of an un-funny joke than anything, but it's true.

5:30 - I feel GREAT right now and can't even imagine any other drug fucking this up.This low dose of acid has given me a nice little energy boost so I don't need any damn uppers. By the way just for the sake of purity of this record, I have been toking a hit or so every 5 min for the past half hour or so. What else could explain why I've been listening to Cypress Hill for more than 10 min straight? haha... and I mean that.

I had a badass day except for I still am not sure what happened to J I have to call him and see. Overall I'm still feeling good, just starting to get slightly drained feeling.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 62225
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Oct 13, 2020Views: 375
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Cannabis (1), LSD (2) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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