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Psychedelic Rip-off
Citation:   Seven Up. "Psychedelic Rip-off: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp6224)". Apr 16, 2001.

  oral 2C-T-7
I've been experimenting with 2c-t-7 for some months now (3 ?) from 2 different batches (namely Blue Mystic pills and 2ct7 in powder form from a chemical online supplier).

Having learned a very hard lesson from an MDMA crash, i decided not to get too enthusiastic by taking like 25 mg the first time... So i decided to start low and work up and here are the results of this caution:

legend : BM = Blue Mystic / P = powder form (actually using the liquid measurement tech) :

2.5mg BM - slight citalopram-like effect, increased emotional response to stimuli, nothing trippy whatsoever.

7.5mg P - very mild moodlift, and again increased emotional response to stimuli, still nothing trippy.

10mg BM - since i did this one at home, at the beginning i felt incredibly sad because i had a little argument with my father (whithin the 1st 2 hours) for a very trivial issue (of course it's not a great idea to take psychedelics at home with your parents... ), i went out for a walk (about t+4h) and as i walked i felt (in mind AND body) increasingly relaxed and serene (something extremely unsual for me). Then i got back home, but couldn't sleep all night, had to light up two joints (moroccan hash !!!) to go to sleep. It helped. But still, the walls haven't breathed :(.

20mg P - now if i don'trip with this amount i'll be damned !!! I am damned ! This time i had planned to go to a friend's place. At about t+2h30 getting out of the subway, i vomited but since i had been fasting all day, i didn't throw up anything. However the vomiting was so hard that it hurt my ribs. I felt much better and calmer after that, although a bit of queasiness hold out. When i entered my friend's place, he just laughed at me because 'eyes are the mirror of the soul' - yes i had very dilated pupils. I experienced a very powerful euphorising moodlift and also a bit of excitation - i was also a bit cold. At about 2:00 am (t+8h) he went to bed, but i just couldn't so i kept smoking hash all night and went to sleep when dawn showed up (t+13h). In spite of this very enjoyable evening, i was disappointed again because i still haven't been taken to rainbow-land :(.

17.5mg BM - I started to suspect that maybe the 2ct7 in my big amber vial may be decomposing (it's disolved in 90 degrees proof ethanol), so i figured out taking all of what was left from the pills to prove my suspicions. We shall see. So during a weekend (parents out) i took the BM. I experienced slightly less effect than with 20mg, less of a pupil dilatation at the beginning, less nausea, less everything. Since i still couldn't go to sleep, i decided to use this sharp mental state to finish a math paper on Lukasiewicz' words. Rather amazingly i found it to be absolutely fascinating (i usually hate Lukasiewicz's words). Ideas flowed very well, and concepts astonishingly seemed much more vivid and clearer in my mind than they usually do (they seem extremely remote and abstract usually). OK so both batches are good, it's just me who's surprisingly tolerant to this phenethylamine.

30 mg P - i recently did this experiment, with another friend this time. Effects: dilated pupils, moodlift, wound up all night,and surprise !!! jaw-clenching ! Well to be more specific, this was nothing to the level of MDMA, it was more like my zygomatics kept pulling up by themselves and it wd be so hard that all of a sudden my mouth wd go clench, clench. Fortunately, this was rather smooth (compared to E i mean). Moodlift was weaker than with 20mg, although i suspect this is more context-dependent. My other friend (with 20mg) is more my 'let's get high' friend whereas this one is not into these things at all. Plus i don't like his girlfriend, so surely that's why i was less in a happy mood ! Once again however, i haven't taken off:( !!!

Well, well, well, it seems i must soar to heroic levels with this compounds in order to achieve any decent psychedelic effects. This is rather surprising in that i'm usually a pretty sensitive person, as far as chemicals are concerned. For instance i remember the 1st time when i did mushrooms (P. Cubensis), my two friends (not the same as the two mentionned above) went for 2.5 grams each and i only took 1.5g, and was the first to come-on and had a very intense trip. Same goes for E, if my friends are satisfied with one pill i don't take more than 1/2 or 3/4 of it.

What's a bit frightening is that i've recently heard of two new 2c-t-7 deaths but this time by ORAL route !!! I hope at least that it's a massive dose of the product which is involved. Anyway this is not called a research chemical for nothing ! We really don't know anything about the consequence of its use. So let's be careful. I realize i've been a bit reckless in my systematic exploration of this chemical and i think i'm gonna space my experiments with it. I just couldn't imagine someone wd die from the oral use of a mescaline-like chem. That's very sad.

On a less dramatic level, i thought that 250mg of 2c-t-7 would be enough for about 10 or 12 good trips but it seems i'm gonna end up with only 5 or 4 or even just 3 trips !!! I do feel this t7 ripped me off :-( ! I'm gonna swap to 2c-t-2 i think (i know it's different but still) !

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6224
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 16, 2001Views: 23,439
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2C-T-7 (54) : Various (28), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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