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Amazingly Immersive Psychedelic Visions
Anadenanthera peregrina
by SKA
Citation:   SKA. "Amazingly Immersive Psychedelic Visions: An Experience with Anadenanthera peregrina (exp62283)". May 14, 2007.

3 seeds insufflated Anadenanthera peregrina (ground / crushed)
I have been very interrested in DMT after reading alot about it. Since I can't find any source of Freebase DMT and find Ayahuasca with its MAOIs potentially very Risky (I am taking Medications daily: Rivotril) decided I would try Yopo Seeds since they are a good source of NN,DMT 5Meo-DMT and 5HO-DMT.

I live in the Netherlands and I have had over 10 Magic Mushroom experiences, Countless XTC experiences, 3 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose experiences (LSA) and I am quite a regular Cannabis Smoker. I ordered 20 grams of Yopo Seeds (Anadenanthera Peregrina), which is about 90 seeds, from a Smartshop. The Package arrived in the early midday and since I knew the experience would leave me back at 'baseline' within an hour I decided to give it a try immediately.

MINDSET: To begin with I was very Enthusiastic to try it, yet calm in mind and not too thrilled to do it. I wasn't the slightest bit anxious and was just prepared to undergo whatever would come. I was prepared for the Nausea and Nose-pain as I had read about it. (I did my homework)

SETTING: My mother was upstairs in the bathroom talking with some repairguy that had come to fix our bathroom walls and floor so I set up my most comfortable Seat in the Garden which was illuminated by a nice springtime sun. The temperature was comfortably warm, not too hot and the garden was in full bloom. Very peacefull setting. My mom knows about me using Entheogens and she's comfortable with that. Bless her.

PREPERATION: I went into the kitchen, put a dry pan on the cookingplate, threw 3 large Yopo seeds & one tiny yopo seed into it and heated it on medium/low heat for a short time (Stance 6 round here). I did so until they expanded a bit and then took them out of the pan. I peeled off the skins and very finely ground up the 4 seeds using a Mortar & pestle. This stuff was about to go up my nose so I ground it VERY fine. I then added Edible Lime, which was enclosed with the seeds, to get a 10:1 Yopo:Lime ratio. I then placed the resulting powder on a Mirrortile, divided them in 2 GIGANTIC, fat lines and took the mirrortile to my garden. I rolled a 'not too strong' Cannabis joint to smoke afterwards as I'd be comming down from the Yopo. NOW I WAS READY TO SNORT.

One thing though: My sense of time was SERIOUSLY screwed up so they are probably not all that accurate, but they won't be very significantly inaccurate either since I watched the clock just before snorting and just after having returned back to baseline completely.


I Rolled up some paper as a snorting tube and snorted the First line off of the Mirrortile. OUCH! The nose pain was quite severe indeed and I only got about 2/3d of the 1st line down my nose. Before I could hesitate I quickly finished it and proceeded to snort the second line. MAN that burnt. So much that I left about 1/4th of the 2nd line on the Mirrortile. I was soon to find out I had snorted enough. It felt like my Heart was pounding in my nose, but it was nothing too uncomfortable to handle.

I quickly sat down in my seat and awaited the effects. And MAN they came on fast. Must have been about 30 Seconds as I would suddenly feel a very strange and intense sensation in all of my body, especially my limbs: Like strong energy rushes and twitches which I can only interpret as my soul shifting from my Body. I felt a wierd kind of Muscle cramps and overall slight physical discomfort. Simultaniously my view of the garden was distorted: The colors became brighter like times 5 and everything in my view became extremely detailed. This all happened withing only a minute. Then the Visions started.

The Visions were very amazing and immersive. Unlike Mushroom visuals, which are more Imaginative than actual perceptions, these visions were very realistic. I started seeing these visions in flashes that would replace my physical vision every split second. Just like a flickering stroboscope light, but then flickering images that came 'in between' reality like movieframes of another reality. This way they seemed to overlap the 'usual reality' making it seem like this other reality was all around me in my garden.

What I saw were innitially blue, green and yellow colorplanes covering large parts of my vision. This was very soon followed by Visions of a sort of bright purple surface that ran way to the horison. On this purple surface I saw what must have been 100s of people. They seemed more spirit like since they were all very brightly and basically colored like pastelcolors. Most of these people seemed to have no detailed faces, but would just look like figures in bright colors like lightblue, purple, pink and green. While experiencing this my Mind felt very calm, dreamy and hazy, like I was in some kind of dizzy-making, hyperspeed, visionary trance. No stress or overly intense emotions at all. Then the nausea set it. SERIOUS nausea.

I got up from my seat and walked to the toilet where sat down on the Toilet to be able to vomit into the sink. In here the Visions became strongest. I was sitting there becoming SERIOUSLY sick to the stomach and dizzy while I was staring at a spiritual, strangely colored art picture of a Jemenite jewish woman's face: I saw her face change all the time, the bells on her headscarf were swinging back and forth, the colors changed quickly and I could SWEAR I saw her blink at me when she was done doing that. These were MUCH more realistic hallucinations than Mushrooms could ever bring about. I vomited profusely into the sink about 5 times perhaps.

While I was vomiting I would see these 100nds of people again, which is quite remarkable when you're in a 1,5 square meter toilet room. This time their presence was very obviously felt. I would see them and feel them. They seemed as a warm, loving, friendly presence that wanted to aid me by staying with me. I vividly recall seeing them on that purple surface in these supersonic fast flashes. There was also incredible depth in this surface and the many people that stood in different distances from me. One person came really close and reached out its hand towards my face.

When I moved my head towards the Sink to puke in it I would see a hand reaching out into the sink from the left side of my face: I felt at the time that the friendly presence was trying to help me. By now the Visions were so frequently flickering in my vision that Reality and this Alternate reality seemed to have perfectly Merged together. Allthough I was very ill, the Yopo's effect wasn't at all mentally Stressing and my 'biggest concern' was having bought up to 90 seeds which I was probably not gunna use again since they would make me more Sick than I had imagined. My judgement of Yopo was soon to change. As the Nausea subsided I went upstairs, had a chat with my mom and with the repairguy whilst still heavily hallucinating 100s of people everywhere. I found that my ability to communicate and reason were not at all impaired since it was a very normal conversation and my mom and the Repairguy didn't notice anything at all. Then I proceeded to my room.

I got into my room and I dropped down onto a matress I have on the ground for when people are to sleep over. It was covered with huge pillows and a blanket and it was positioned right under my window which I had opened for fresh air and to puke out off when necessary. I was lying there under the open window in the sunlight and that really healed and calmed me. It was euphoric. I felt my Heart beat very noticably and VERY slowly, like 1 heartbeat every Minute!: I realised that it was my sense of time being so severely distorted. The Toilet-scenario seemed to last for like it was forever in timelessness as well while it only lasted about 4 minutes for real. My body felt almost exactly the way it does in Dreams (I'm a Lucid Dreamer) and as I lay there I closed my eyes. The CEVs were just amazing. Brightly colored mandala like tunnels I seemed to travel through at high speed with rapidly changing, pulsating colors. My Mindstate was a very euphoric, peaceful and Creative one. There I enjoyed the Yopo-effects until the peak was off. I really loved it.

The Intensity now subsided. I was still very Hazy and dreamy so I can't quite clearly recall the actual moment it stopped. The peak had only just subsided and green, yellow and blue colorblobs could still be seen in my field of vision. I felt peaceful, extremely at peace and overjoyed about the wonderfull experience I had just had. I went back downstairs into my Garden.

As I came into my Garden I remembered the Cannabis joint I had rolled before snorting the Yopo. I suddenly remembered having put it on my lap as I was waiting for the yopo to kick in. I was looking on the ground of my garden, but to my surprise it was ON the Seat I had been sitting on before going to the toilet. I lit it and smoked it: It was very strange to smoke, this showed that my mind was still rather 'Psychedelised'. I kept smoking the Joint, loving it, taking another puff and then thinking: bah! I don't wanna smoke. Then 5 seconds later: Yumm! Let's take another puff. And so on until I finished the joint. I couldn't quite make up my Mind about whether I liked the yopo or not and whether I liked smoking the Joint or not: To me a very typical behaviour under the influence of Psychedelics: I have this with mushrooms too.

There I sat and called my dad to meet up with him later that day as I sat out the psychedelic 'afterrush' in what seemed about the next 40 minutes. I was still thinking what I was supposed to think of this experience that left me quite amazed and I finally came to the one word Conclusion: 'Splendid!'

Completely back to baseline left in amazement.

So much for my very first Yopo trip. I myself found the extreme nausea not really all that terrible: One too many Drinks delivers about the same Nausea. The only thing I thought was too bad about that was that it gave me a rather hard time focussing better on the Visions I saw as I was too busy puking in the sink. But the visions are definitely wonderful and the mental sensations are like a very deep dreamstate while being wide awake at the same time. The Yopo-effect didn't at all handicap my ability to reason and speak with people and also I found that there's hardly any psychological/emotional stress involved: Although afterwards I realised I had kinda 'Lost myself for a couple of minutes' A.K.A. Ego Dissolvement I can not say that I felt any unpleasant, discomforting emotions or any fear at all. What a wonderful haze.

I will defenitely try this again soon. And I've still got about 85 seeds so that should mean I'll be fine this summer ,)

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 62283
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 14, 2007Views: 54,941
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