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Breathing Easier After
by Snipsonisha
Citation:   Snipsonisha. "Breathing Easier After: An Experience with DPT (exp62693)". May 2, 2007.

T+ 0:00
30 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:40 13 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 12 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)


T=0:00 - 4:20 PM

DPT was on my Ďtryí list for quite some time, and having recently attempted it rectally with no effects, I decided it was time to knuckle down and try insufflation. I had done my research on this material and read many accounts describing its often extreme, pushy and sometimes dark nature, so I resolved to take it easy, start with 30 mg, and bring the dose up slowly from there.

The setting was our beautiful apartment, and my mental set was perfect, if not slightly nervous as I always am when preparing a sacred journey. It was a pleasant Sunday in spring and I had no obligations for the entire afternoon and evening. I had my trusty lover and very experienced sitter by my side as always, and she was prepared to dedicate her afternoon (and her typing skills) to my needs. The following, details the experience as it happened with a bit of post-editing.

T=0:00 I cut 30 mg of the material into two equal lines. The substance is fairly sticky and smells much like DMT, and not unlike a rotting tooth. The burn was considerable but not terrible.

T=0:10 Ahhh now the post nasal drip is bitter and disgusting! Iíve got some jaw clenching and Iím feeling pretty queasy and light-headed. I notice colours are warming up and there is some morphing of my visual field. The taste alone is almost enough to make me want to throw up, but at the same time, ignoring it is not very difficult. Iím sipping on a cup of sweet tea, which helps considerably. I am definitely feeling a nervousness developing, which in turn is making me feel as though I have to take a crap.

T=0:15 Well, mood wise Iím feeling totally benign. Physically though, I feel pretty unsteady. Walking feels more like floating above the ground. I definitely feel a little sick and find myself belching a bit. At this point, if I scan the room quickly things look normal, except for the brighter colors, but as I fixate on the Persian rug below my feet it begins to crawl rapidly in small rippling waves. There is a weird, dreamy, and somewhat uncomfortable body load. Its hard to tell if Iím hot or cold, because I feel both. At times I feel very sleepy, and at times I feel very sick, and yet other times I feel completely normal. In terms of strength of the experience right now itís a solid +2.

T=0:40 Now Iím at a weak +3. About 10 minutes ago I was feeling rather crappy, and I suggested to my sitter that she snuff back the remaining material that I had pre-measured and join me in this bumpy ride, because I didnít think I was going to want to do more. Luckily for me she declined, because Iím feeling better and have decided to insufflate another 12-13 mg. I would have been incapable of measuring out a new dose if I had wanted to Ö even navigating my nose and straw above the dose is tricky at this point.

T=0:45 I retire to the meditation room, and as I sit gazing into my sober loverís eyes, I feel a rush of lovely emotion rise up in me and it brings tears to my eyes. These are the first psychological effects noted since the beginning! Visually, Iím finding it similar to 2C-X with bright colours and tracers, which is surprising, being that DPT falls into a completely different category of substances. The other thing that is dominating this experience is the sensation of an internal vibration. It is a strange feeling and different from the usual nervous stimulation from other psychedelics. It is more persistent and less annoying for sure. Psychologically, if this leans more one way than the other, Iíd have to say it is in a positive direction.

T=1:00 Feeling better and better all the time, although I canít say I feel great yet. This is not a recreational one at all, and going to a party is the last bloody thing on my mind. Either way, determined to go in full well, I am going to insufflate another 12-13 mg (for a total of 55 mg).

T=1:15 I went back to the meditation room to do some yoga. Iím finding it difficult to restrain strong shuddering at times, much like post orgasm shivers, but they donít feel as good. I just decided to lay on my back and navigate my mental space. I thought about a new friend of mine and what a great guy he is. It occurs to me that he is special and the synchronicity of our meeting seems somewhat predestined. From there I think of other friends and my family, and I find myself laughing and crying as I relay my thoughts to my girlfriend.

This is a beautifully emotional substance, and the remarkable mental space I am in more than makes up for the heavy physical feeling I am enduring. Iím noticing this is not nearly as pushy as oral DMT. It allows for self-guidance through the experience, and as the music changes, my mood gently changes with it; it feels very liquid. At one point, the music changes to a soft piano piece in a minor key, and I hear it in a way that I never have before. It is profoundly sad, but in a beautiful way. I break down, weeping gently, squeezing my girlfriends hand. I donít feel bad. It is a beautiful, deep sadness, and I let the cathartic process happen freely, leaving me feeling very liberated when it passes.

There is nothing threatening or menacing about this experience, and at this point I am at a full +3. Itís not as beautiful as oral DMT, but not nearly as threatening either. As my sitter dutifully records my notes on the laptop by my side, Iím finding it quite difficult to express myself.

T=2:00 This is a real thinker. I would give this substance high marks with respect to its therapeutic potential. I can think clearly, and if my thoughts go in a direction that doesnít feel right, I am free to redirect them in a more productive direction. It is slightly overwhelming at times, but definitely not pushy. There seems to be a nice female presence to it, a real teacher. My sense of compassion is raised and the appreciation for the world around me is heightened wonderfully.

T=2:15 I feel like the effects are starting to subside a bit. I feel a little dazed like the comedown from a good weed high. At this point I am ready to drag myself up off the floor and suggest that we go for a walk outside. The weather could not be better. It is sunny and mild, and all the blossom trees around our neighborhood are in full bloom. I take my camera with me and shoot some wonderful pictures of my love. My appreciation for architecture and the subtleties of nature are markedly enhanced. This is surely one of those golden unforgettable moments.

T=2:40 Back from our walk and I am typing now. My God, it was breathtaking outside. Feeling the wind was invigorating, and the blossom trees were all in bloom. I found a new appreciation for our community and noticed how carefully designed it is, architecturally and aesthetically (Wow, I just spelled these two words perfectly as I typed them Ö something I would have trouble doing sober, no doubt). I feel much more sober at this point, and see a somewhat normal evening unfolding, although I feel quite exhausted. I have the usual tight feeling in my sinuses that I get when tripping, and ache a bit all over. The excess stimulation is still there and I have what can no better be described as ďmushroom gut.Ē


I feel very lucky and grateful for the experience I just had and look very forward to experiencing DPT again. It was not as demanding and tiring and difficult at my oral DMT trip, but still quite important in terms of what I experienced. Iím left feeling very thankful and grateful for the friends that we have, and I felt the depth of my love for my girlfriend over and over. This experience left me profoundly thankful, as always, for my life, my friends and my family.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 62693
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 2, 2007Views: 18,349
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