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More than Just Pretty Colors
Citation:   J-Town. "More than Just Pretty Colors: An Experience with 2C-E (exp62815)". Oct 31, 2008.

20 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
The following is my experience with 2-CE.

Let me first start off by giving you some facts about myself. I am a nineteen year old male living happily with my girlfriend of 4 years. I smoke weed daily and have experiences with Alcohol, Ecstacy, Opium, Cocaine,Crack Cocaine DXM, Nutmeg, Salvia, Hashish, Mushrooms, Oxycodone, and LSD. I take drugs (hallucinogens, more specifically) to experiment with different perspectives on life, experiment with different levels of conscienceness, and to help think about personal problems with deeper insight. With that said hopefully you can understand my experience with a better point of view.

My girlfriend (we'll call her J) and I, had planned to go camping for our next 2 days off. We had planned on getting some LSD from a friend for the trip and, since it had just begun to get warm for Spring, hopefully have fun outdoors in the warm weather. The day before we planned on going our friend decided to keep the LSD for himself. Oh well, I guess we're out of luck, we'll just wait until next time.

The very next day I receive an envelope in the mailbox containing 100mg of 2-CE crystals (funny how that timing worked, huh?). Needless to say we were excited. We had planned on just being alone and trying it but a few friends showed up, so there were 5 of us in total. We are the closest group of friends and we are very open about our new found 2-CE powder.

I know this is stupid but I do not have a scale that would measure such a small amount, so I just eyeballed the amounts. I took 20mg, J took 15, and my other friends all took about 10-15 mg. We all got glasses of water to mix the powder in and then we all drank. It was 12am exactly when we downed our glasses. By the way i mixed my powder with about 2 cups of water and it had a slight chemical taste, ... no worse than chewing an ecstacy tablet.

[Erowid Note: Two samples of powder (even of the same chemical) with equivalent volumes won't necessarily weigh the same. For this reason, eyeballing is an inaccurate and potentially dangerous method of measuring, particularly for substances that are active in very small amounts. See this article on The Importance of Measured Doses.]

12:30am - We are all sitting upstairs in a room at my apartment, we have some black lights on and are listening to some mellow music (mostly the Dead, some Phish, and a some live Mark Waters). None of us really know what to expect but we all can tell that something is going to happen, everyone is very social and most of us are laughing-- except me, I am deep in thought about EVEYTHING, this is how I know I am beginning to trip. Everyone has a 'glow' about them, like something big is going to take over as soon as we relax a little and let the drug kick in to its fullest. It does feel like the start of an acid trip.. but different, much more mellow, but mostly just 'different'.

1:15am - We decided to smoke some weed, from here on I lose track of time until about 4am. I dont really recall if it went slow or fast, but I know that I got alot of thinking done in that time. Although I have read reports about 2-ce being like ecstacy and LSD combined, I do not feel that is accurate at all. I felt like I was tripping, pretty hard actually, but if I tried I could easily become 'normal' again.

While sitting in my apartment the visuals were very mild, I would see maybe a Light in my peripheral vision, or colors would be extra vibrant. I felt slightly detached from my human body, not in a bad way, but in a way I never experienced before. It was deffinately not an 'out-of-body' experience, but it was the closest thing I've had to one. Auditory hallucinations are very obvious and loud, but not overwhelming, not at all. It sounds like noises are coming from outside but I can clearly hear them over the music and over everybody talking as if they were coming from right next to me, at the same time I could clearly overhear conversations and follow the music.. it sounds weird but that's the best description I could give.

Everybody keeps telling me to talk but I dont feel the need or want to talk, I would sometimes ignore people trying talking to me altogether, I was just too deep in thought to converse with anyone. I thought of how my life was going, I thought about every possibly wrong thing I am doing with my life at this point. I was disappointed with myself for not going to the gym recently. I had stopped a few months ago. For some reason during my trip I felt like weed was demotivating me, and I became completely ashamed of myself. Thinking of this makes me slightly sick to my stomach... I realize that it must just be from the 2-CE, and quickly forget about the slight pain in my stomach. I keep thinking, mostly negative thoughts and negative views on my life, I still dont know why. I felt like I thought years worth of thoughts in only a few hours, although the actual time I dont really know.

4am - At this point I had gotten tired of thinking and keeping to myself so I decided to talk with J and my friends. Wow, I am really awake and observant, visuals are still apparent, I feel like I have a new, improved, clearer view on everything, I feel fantastic. I feel like I can perfectly read everyone else in the room, I feel like I can see everyone for who they really are, and for how stupid they really act, I feel smarter and better than anyone else in the room, and I am deffinately the coolest person here. Again, I dont know why I got so much pleasure from thinking this as it is usual not my personality. It felt great nonetheless.

4:30am - A walk on the bike path running behind my house and through the dark forest... sounds like a fun idea. I'm feeling like I am coming down, almost completely, as we leave the upstairs room to go outside. It's slightly cold outside, like I said before, it just started getting warm for spring. It's dark, REALLY dark, but I can see the sky just as Blue as ever... I realize how hard I am still tripping... as we walk onto the bike path and into the woods the hallucinations kick in, hard. Visuals are clean and organized.. unlike acid where everything is usually messy and unorganized. Auditory hallucinations are GREAT! I can hear things breathing, I hear growls from the woods, I hear yells and whispers from the trees, and I hear wind blowing hard... we stop and stare at the sky for a few minutes before making our way back home. No one says anything the whole way, but we all know what each other are thinking. Very cool.

I watched the sun come up and enjoyed all the open-eye visuals outside in the light. The trees looked colorful and amazing, the ground was rippling and the grass was swaying because of all the energy pouring out of everything, I could not directly see the energy, but I could see clear ripples of it pulsating out of the earth (almost like how you can see heat rise up off a hot surface). I went to bed with J finally at about 7am. We had sex, which felt pretty amazing, but not as good as while on Ecstacy. We had forgotten about time and before We knew it it was 8:30 am.. I was still getting visuals laying in my bed, but i went to sleep effortlessly.

Day after/Hangover effects - I had a bit of a headache the next day, but overall I felt refreshed and renewed, ready to have a great day. Smoking weed seems to have no effect on me.. this usually happens after a good acid trip, too. Hopefully that side effect wears off soon.

24 hours later - I take the rest of the 2CE with J, we each get about 10mg. The effects are just as pronounced, but not as strong. Very good though, to say the least. The next day I get a headache again, along with some depressing thoughts. Overall I feel this drug is no more harsh on my body than going on a short Pot/alcohol binge for a night. I could be wrong, but this drug feels 'clean'.

Conclusion - I like 2CE. I would buy it again. Not right away, but sometime in the future.I felt like I could handle alot more than 20 mg next time. It is comparable to ecstacy... but different, it is comparable to LSD, but different. I dont feel it is for eveyone and I didn't find 2CE to be recreational. It's also more than just cool visuals and sounds, it is very much an internal trip and if you are just taking it to get fucked up you mimght have something else in store for you. Be safe, and do your research, especially with these reasearch chemicals.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 62815
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 31, 2008Views: 7,616
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