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My Ultimate Experience
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) & Cannabis
by TestSubject0872
Citation:   TestSubject0872. "My Ultimate Experience: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) & Cannabis (exp62884)". Oct 15, 2009.

T+ 0:00
650 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:15   smoked Cannabis (plant material)


It starts on a Friday with me fasting for 8 hours prior to ingestion and buying the seeds at Meijers. I went home, emptied out all 13 little packets of the seeds on a plate, and counted out roughly 650 seeds. It weighed about 23 grams.

Next, I washed them. I used a clear plastic bowl for this so I could see all the dirt and stuff that would come off them. I put some lukewarm water in the bowl, along with some dish soap (Palmolive I think). I shook the container around and let them sit for a moment, then I got a small metal screen strainer and then poured the water that was in the bowl through it to catch the seeds. Repeated 3 times, then rinsed with cold water. Then I took the seeds, put them on a towel, spread them out a little bit, then I folded one side of the towel to the other side and gently patted the towel.

When the seeds were completely dry, I put them in an electric coffee grinder. I ground them for about 3 minutes into a fine powder, but there were still some sizeable chunks in there but thats ok. I poured the seed powder into a glass cup, then I poured some strawberry banana Jumex drink in the glass with the seed powder. The glass was not completely full with Jumex, I would say about 50/50. I then drank it down within a minute, and almost vomited 3 times. It was gross. It didn't change the flavor, it was actually still quite good. It was gross because it was like drinking something with WAAAY too much pulp in it. Disgusting.

Just to note: When I did this, I was in a good mood.

10:00pm - I drank the concoction down. About 10 - 15 minutes into waiting for it to kick in, I experienced EXTREME nausea, so bad that the back of my head hurt and I almost passed out it seems like. It was very unbearable. So I got out some weed and toked up. Not alot, just enough to relieve the nausea. This helped me very VERY much. Almost instantly I felt better, pain is all gone. About 20 minutes after toking up, the nausea came back in short bursts of pain, but it was much more bearable.

11:00pm - I can feel it kicking in. It feels like I'm falling. Not the kind of stomache feeling I get like on a roller coaster ride, but my body feels like it actually physically moved downwards, like I was falling through a floor or something. I could also feel my pupils getting larger every time I felt like my body was falling. I had short bursts of everything going blurry and everything twisting heavily and I felt weak for a moment.

11:30pm - I think its pretty safe to say that I'm tripping now. My body temperature has risen, my face is flushed and I'm sweating heavily. I'm getting major visuals and my sense my time is distorted. A minute can feel like and hour, and and hour and feel like a minute. In my case, it was mostly that a minute felt like an hour. I went to the mirror to look at my pupils -- they were huge. So huge you really couldn't tell the color of my eyes.

I was experiencing open and closed eye visuals. Both open and closed eye visuals were amazing. I turned on some good Ozzy Osbourne songs, and then I decided to lay on the dining room floor, since I was hot, and it was cold. And I just stared at the chandalier on the ceiling. When my eyes were open, things took on a different shape, but retained their features. It's hard to explain. Everything was wavy and had an extra dimension, like 4D instead of 3D.

Everything also had an extra set of colors as well. Like say you look at a shiny object on the sun, you know how it looks like theres a 'halo' of light around it? Thats what I was seeing all over the place. The halo wasn't one standard color, it consisted of 3 main colors -- red, blue, and green. Sometimes the colors would swirl together and create other beautiful colors, but those were the 3 main colors that I saw. It was like what a rainbow looks like -- except in a halo form. It was awesome.

When my eyes were closed, it was very very different and intense. This will be really very hard to explain, and even harder to understand. When I closed my eyes gently, I could see colors. It was like a shoreline, how water drifts in and out and the sand is moved. Thats what it looks like, waves of staticy colors with beautiful shades of colors all colliding, mixing, seperating, and moving in no particular fashion. Another explaination of it wold be like taking a picture, inverting it, then making the bright colors change colors, while the dark parts stay black, but have a static to it, like snow on a tv when a channel isn't coming in correctly. When I closed my eyes tightly, the colors where more in depth, moved faster, and changed shape quicker.

12:30am - I went to my parents bedroom and laid on the bed for a while to stare at the ceiling. The ceiling had stucco on it, so I thought it would be nice to stare at it while on MG seeds. Its the kind of spiky stuff that is put on ceilings to make it look nice and to hide dirt for a long time. Anyways, I stared at the ceiling for some time. The shape of the stucco constantly changed shape, moving from left to right, in and out, mixing and colliding with itself. Not to mention the halo of colors adding extra fun to the experience!

12:55am - I retreated to my room because I felt like I was falling asleep on my parents bed, not a good idea. I sat at my desk, and watched about 5 minutes of tv before I remembered that I had AcidWarp. AcidWarp is a program that creates trippy visualizations like Windows Media Player or Winamps visualizations. AcidWarp is better for when I'm tripping because it has a center that I can stare at and its predictable and not frightening.

Anyways I turned on AcidWarp and turned on some Jimi Hendrix. The music was great, but AcidWarp was just fucking awesome -- I shit you not. When I was looking at it, I would just completely space out and just relax my eyes and blur them out and just stare into the center of the screen. I was in my own little world now, just sucking in the colors and music with my mind. I could NOT get enough. I tried to look away from the screen, but it was extremely hard to break away from the beautiful and awesome swirling colors on my computer screen. It was amazing, mesmerizing, hypnotic, engrossing, entrancing, enthralling. These are the only words that can explain what it was like, staring at the ever changing patterns of AcidWarp, and they really don't even come close to explaining what it was like. It was MinD BLoWinG...

1:30am to 4:30am - I pretty much just spaced out for the rest of the night and did various things before I hit the sack at about 4:30am. Dreams were very vivid, but I cannot recall them. I just know that they were very wild and colorful but I don't know what happened in them.

The Next Morning

10:30am - 'Whoa... What happened last night... Holy shit... Oww my head..... Am I still tripping hard, or am I just mildly buzzed?', I said to myself as I woke up. I stared at the wall. It was moving and breathing, but not like last night. I got up out of bed and I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see if my pupils were still huge. Nope, they weren't, but my eyes were very red and my face was still flushed.

It was very bright outside, colors were insanely vivid, and I was very hungry and thristy. I decided to eat breakfast outside that morning, which I NEVER do. It was good. I got a bowl of cereal and a bottle of water and went outside. The birds were chirping, the wind lightly blowing, the sun was shining brightly. The world was anew in my eyes. The colors were so very nice, everything was ultra colorful, I had a new respect for the world around me, and for once in my life I wasn't angry. I was happy. I was happy just to be. I was happy to just chill out and watch the birds fly and hear the wind blow and -- well hell, just to be alive. I hadn't a care in the world. I know now that theres more to life than just work, school, bills, and responsibility. I needed a refresher in my life, and morning glory seeds provided it. It's helped me not to be depressed or angry at myself or the world anymore.

One more note that I would like to say before I go, would be that I had diarrhea. It only lasted for a day, but it wasn't fun. Also, its been about 5 days now since I experienced this. I keep getting mini flashbacks. When I stare at something it will occasionally bend and twist, but its all good.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 62884
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 15, 2009Views: 6,499
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Morning Glory (38) : General (1), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Alone (16)

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