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Can I Do This Again Please
4-HO-DiPT & Hydrocodone
by Jon
Citation:   Jon. "Can I Do This Again Please: An Experience with 4-HO-DiPT & Hydrocodone (exp62922)". Sep 4, 2007.

1 tablet oral Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)
  25 mg oral 4-HO-DiPT (capsule)


First off let me just say, that I have very limited ammount of drug experience. I've smoked pot, smoked salvia, taken MDMA, drank alcohol, and done viccodin (both tablet and snorted) and codeine (both tablet and snorted). This experience was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

There was a group of us all bored one night and wanted to party it up. My friend Samantha and I pop some viccodin and headed on over to my friend Nate's house whose mom was out of town for the weekend. We start watching the move 'Spun' and just let the viccodin ice us out. Then Nate comes in and says he's got something to show us. The whole group of us (me, Samantha, Nate, Dan, Andie, and a few others) head upstairs to his room to see what he's got. He's a raver, and had just got in a new type of drug that he had taken a few times and spoke wonders of, the new drug he had coined the name 'Aura' (4-ho-dipt). He claimed it was amazing and exteramly pure from his source in Germany where he gets the capsules from.

My friend Samantha and I were totally down for the new experience, but everyone else was just content with what they were doing, drinking, smoking pot, or smoking hookah, and serveral of them were saving themselves for the big rave the next night. We pay him 25 each and with a little bit of nervousness we both down the pills and head back downstairs to the couch.

7:00PM: Downed the pill and headed downstairs. I feel a bit anxious but thats probably because I jsut swollowed a strange pill from Germany I'd never heard of before. I start to try and relax.

7:15PM: Something is weird. I cannot stop moving around. The anxiety had started to overcome my body. It was hard to deal with at first, but after aboue 3 minutes I leaned how to love the feeling. I get all speedy and can't stop moving but I can tell I'm going to like this. I'd be statisfied if this is all that happend, but my journey was far, far from over.

7:30PM: Really speedy. I can't stop moving. My hearing and vision has become extremely accute. I can see every detail and I can hear everything, almost as if all the extra noise had been filtered out and I'm only left with the purity of everything.

8:00PM: Nate starts talking to me. He knows what it's like and how to trip me out. He sits me down and talks to me in a monatone voice. I close my eyes. Closed Eye Visuals (CEVs) start and are intense. This is my first time hallucinating and I love it. The visuals remind me of a totally high quality iTunes visualizer, but in my head. I'm feeling the effects of this thing take over my body. I'm freaking out, but I love every second of it. I look up at the sky. With the moon and the stars, I was content with the purity of nature's beauty.

8:30PM: I can't control myself anymore I'm freaking out. I walk into the living room and Sam is starting to feel the effects also. Nate had said before we took the capsules that you'll know when it's hitting you full force because you will feel like you melt into people and objects. Nate pushed me down on top of Sam and my other friends Dan and Andie on the couch. The pressure of them against me was enough to make my body shutter with bliss. I melted into them, and couldn't move. I was warm and content with everything. I was moaning, I couldn't help it. It all felt so so amazing. Sam and I were in another world. The feeling that rattled my body for the next 4 hours could be described best as the feeling 1 second before I orgasm, times 100.

9:00PM: The hallucinations start it. Colors are changed, stuff is moving that shouldn't be moving. The images on the TV begin to morph out of the tube and move back and forth in a non-exsistant wind. The wall fades effortlessly from green, to red, to pink, to purple, to blue and when I close my eyes I see a completely different demention. At this point in my experience there is nothing bad in my life. The world is amazing. Everything is beautiful. It's pure bliss and pure euphoria.

It stayed like this until about 12:30AM. I finally found the ability to walk to the other room where I found an airhockey table and I turned it on and laid down on it. The air felt amazing and I shuttered with excitement. I melted into the walls and the floor and the people I was with. I was one with the rest of the earth and the people and things in it. The come down was soft and blissful, I enjoyed every last drop of it, and it was easy for me to get to sleep.

I woke up the next day feeling better than I had the preivious morning. Definantly a profound experience. I just need to find someone who sells it!

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 62922
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 4, 2007Views: 9,116
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4-HO-DiPT (281) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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