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A Great Day on the Mental Playground
Cacti - T. peruvianus & Salvia divinorum (leaves)
by Phantasm
Citation:   Phantasm. "A Great Day on the Mental Playground: An Experience with Cacti - T. peruvianus & Salvia divinorum (leaves) (exp63029)". Mar 25, 2008.

14 g oral Cacti - T. peruvianus (ground / crushed)
  3 bowls smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)


It all started when I had to start going to rehab because of marijuana. I get tested every week now, which isn't a big deal for me because I was never a really heavy drug user, but I still find myself to be bored often because I am enrolled in a cyberschool program and don't get to leave the house very often. This prompted me to research some legal drugs that I've always had an interest in. It's not that I can't go without drugs, I just consider myself a psychonaut and think that the human mind is an amazing, yet unexplored playground, and one simply needs the right keys to unlock it.

One day, after researching these substances and reading several trip reports, I finally ordered an ounce of salvia divinorum, an ounce of Latvian amanita muscaria, and an ounce of trichocereus peruvianus from a web site that was pretty reliable. The packaged arrived in about a week and everything was individually vacuum sealed in thick plastic bags. I decided to wait to try the small bag of dried cactus chunks on a day that my friends had off from school so I would have some people around in case anything went sour, and also so I could share my experience with them.

At last the day finally came around. I was feeling quite excellent both physically and emotionally, it was a beautiful day, and I was excited to trip. I split the ounce of cactus flesh with my friend D who helped pay for it, for he was also interested in trying this mescaline-containing cactus. At 9:30 AM I woke up and ground up the chiclet-sized cactus tabs in a coffee grinder. I then would put a spoonful into a cup (the little plastic containers that individual portions of yogurt are served in) of yogurt, put spoonful of the the powdery yogurt mix into my mouth, and then gulp it down whole with a mouthful of grapejuice. This has got to be one of the most DISGUSTING tastes I have ever experienced. The powder had a very sharp, vile taste that gives your entire mouth and nose a shock of disapproval. I repeated this until my entire 14 grams was gone. I was very pleased that I actually finished the job and that it was finally over, and I just sat there for a few minutes and let my stomach settle, for I also swallowed a lot of white grape juice (which doesn't taste very good to begin with) in the process of choking down my 'sandy' breakfast. I then unlocked the door so my friends could come in when they arrived, and changed into some comfy jeans and a t-shirt.

About fifteen minutes later my friends began arriving, the first two being B and D. D then ground up his half of the peruvian torch and mixed it with a glass of cranberry juice. I made him go outside to chug it, just in case he threw up. He got it down in just a few seconds, followed by a quick gag and a cup (individual serving) of yogurt. We went back inside for a few minutes to cool off since it was so humid outside, and so D could relax for a little bit after chugging his powder juice. (Note - he had also eaten a couple pop tarts before he came over) After checking out a few viral videos on the internet, B decided he wanted to try some salvia, so we went back outside to avoid getting the strong salvia smell all over my house. I had already had a few salvia experiences before, and since I was still waking up I decided not to smoke any at this time. B smoked a bowl in two hits, holding both of them in for as long as he could. I was wondering if he was feeling any effects yet, and when I asked him, he said it felt weird being in a world of green beans. He was definitely on his way. He then described his thoughts as seeing the world for what it really is, and also seeing a lot of other things in a whole new way. After about 5-10 minutes had passed we went back inside and played video games for a little while.

At around 11:30, D and B (who are not tested for any reasons) decided to smoke some weed, especially since D's stomach was not handling the cactus very well. Since my stomach was feeling just fine since I let it settle, I suggested that we walk to one of my favorite spots to relax, a stone platform that is a part of a railroad bridge that reaches across a creek not too far from my house. The spot has two walls and is shaded by trees. It also offers a great few of the creek and the surrounding nature, a great place where D and I would always go to smoke. They agreed, so I grabbed some more salvia and my designated salvia pipe and we were on our way. At this time I still wasn't really feeling much of anything except for a slight giddiness which I didn't know if it was from the cactus, or the excitement of trying something new. I wasn't sure if the dose I took was high enough, but I knew that mescaline has a slow come-up, so I was still optimistic. Looking back, I think that it was one of the first effects of the cactus.

When we arrived at our destination, D and I both filled our respective bowls and we commenced smoking. I waited until they smoked a little before I smoked my salvia since B is still somewhat new to weed and it's always interesting to talk to him about his experiences. After one hit D said that he already felt better, and we were glad. I then smoked about a bowl and a half of plain dried salvia leaf in two hits, holding each one for at least 30 seconds. I was instantly transported to my familiar plane of tranquility, as I often smoke salvia at this spot. I was marveling at nature and identifying my role in it. B then made a reference to a video game I haven't played in a long time but still remembered and I lost what I was thinking and proceeded to laugh so hard that it sounded like I was screaming in horror for about a minute straight. D did not get the reference because he had never played the game and was slightly confused. After I had calmed down, I was still in a stage of salvia experience that just basically makes everything a little more interesting and funny. B wanted to smoke some more salvia, so I started to prepare a bowl for him when D walked over to the edge of the platform overlooking the creek and puked the entire contents of his stomach in about 30 seconds. He then felt a lot better, not to mention he had just smoked a couple bowls of pot. After B had another quick salvia buzz, we went back to my house to get something to eat for D, and some munchie food for B. I wasn't hungry at all, but then again I never really eat that much anyway.

At some point between 12:00 and 12:20 I started feeling light body effects from the mescaline. It sort of felt like an energy was growing inside of me, and a nice euphoria was washing over me. I assume that because D threw his up, he wasn't getting any of these feelings because he wouldn't comment on anything that I said about it. While we all realize the dangers of driving under the influence of anything, we all wanted to go to McDonald's. I realized that it might be dangerous, but at the time none of us really cared because they were stoned and wanted food, and I was euphoric and persuaded myself that it would be ok for D to drive since he's driven high before, it wasn't that far, and I had to go to the bank anyway. Once in the car and on the road, the energy growing inside of me started building even more, sending small bursts of sensation throughout my body. We arrived at the bank first, and I walked in by myself was out of deposit slips and we couldn't drive through. I handled my business very casually and clear-headed, and nobody suspected a thing. I went back out to the car and we were on our way to McDonalds.

By now it was around 12:30 and we were in the parking lot of McDonald's. This is when the full effect of the mescaline had finally kicked in. I was having trouble trying to find the words to describe it since the sensation was mind blowing, but I finally found them. The inner-energy has finally reached its peak and it felt like it was trying to surge out of every pore on my body. It felt amazing! This intense energy did cause me to twitch and tweak a few times, but it wasn't too severe. After ordering my food I began to look around at the place. When I looked at the ceiling I noticed that it was squirming around and swirling quite a bit! I was amazed that only half of what most people ingest was giving me such a powerful experience! I only ate half of my sandwich and most of my fries, which I normally have no problem finishing, but I'm guessing that since I was feeling all of this energy and no desire to eat that it was because of the cactus. D didn't mention any of these feelings, or anything related to a new drug, so I guess puking purged all of the mescaline as well. This made me feel a lot safer in the car with him though. D, B, and I had a very interesting conversation as we finished our meals. Finally, it was time to leave because some more friends would be showing up at my house soon.

At around 1:00, Z and T showed up and we all decided to head back down to the bridge to smoke some more weed, except for Z and I, because Z is on probation. While everyone was smoking weed, Z packed a massive bowl of salvia (a ridiculous amount) and smoked it all, but didn't really hold it long enough. I could tell from his speech patterns that it was affecting him, but he didn't think so. He just felt a body feeling that he describes as 'being a piece of meat being rolled across a bed of pins.'

I also smoked another two bowls and had quite a profound experience, but to the non-salvia user it just sounds quite idiotic. I was completely separated from my friends by invisible boundaries, T and Z were also separated but together as a group, as was D and B, yet we were all connected by beams of an invisible force that were holding us in place. After what felt like 5 minutes (I don't really think it was though) the beams started to align, and the invisible barriers were obliterated. We were all a part of the same unit, and once I realized this, I took a brief glance at my surroundings and noticed that we were all a part of EVERYTHING! That every thing around us, on the Earth, the Earth itself, the solar system, even the entire universe were all connected in some way! This completely blew my mind and I layed back and just thought about that for a while.

While I was doing this a cloud moved revealing the sun in all of its vibrance as if to greet me in my newfound knowledge. I could feel the weight of the sun's energy beating down on me, and I welcomed its presence. That's when my friends started talking to me and I snapped out of it. (I usually fade out of it when I'm by myself) B tried some more salvia after me and also noticed the weight of the sunlight when I mentioned it. T also tried the salvia, but didn't notice any effects either, but I blame that on lack of experience and imperfect smoking technique.

After I was completely out of my salvia haze the energy began to surge again, and I remembered I was still tripping on mescaline! D, T, and B had all smoked multiple bowls by now, and after everyone but me had a cigarette, (I'm the only one of my friends that doesn't smoke cigarettes) we started walking back to my house. It was strange, even though the salvia had long since worn off, I was still able to think in the same thought process the whole way home, but then I decided to stop being so introverted and chill with my friends. Just as we were getting back to my house, my friend P decides to stop by. P doesn't do any drugs besides tobacco, and will smoke about as much as he can when he has the opportunity, so he brought a couple packs of cigars and we all enjoyed them, including my brother, J. Our friend and D's brother C was also there, but he doesn't smoke or do drugs at all, he has before though.

We all did a bunch of random stuff until around 4 when Z and D had to leave, then continued to do random stuff until 5 when everybody else had to leave. This whole time, the energy surge was still present and I enjoyed all of the interesting visuals that I saw if I paid attention. My mindset the whole time was extremely energetic, and completely happy and euphoric. Nothing could bring me down, not even the mad rush to clean up the house before my mom got home before I took a shower. Speaking of which, it was the most amazing shower ever! Not only did the water feel great all over me, but I was really grungy from being outside in the sticky heat all day. I was also surprised that I was still going strong!

My mom came home around 5:15 and didn't notice a thing, I just had to make sure not to twitch in front of her. At 5:45 we left to go to family night at rehab. I had completely forgotten about until I was in the shower! By the time we left however, the surging had quieted down to a nice buzz with a couple of rushes here and there, and the visuals were as strong as ever. You would think that rehab would be a complete downer, especially family night, but it wasn't at all! (I actually kind of enjoy my rehab group) For the beginning I just kind of sat there and listened to everything, all the while watching the carpet and wall hangings moving around all over the place! Then I started getting into the meeting and I was the most talkative person in the group, and I participated a lot more, which gave me a newfound respect for the program. Sure, I was on drugs, but I'm not really there because of drugs, I'm there to help me reconnect with my mom and to help the other kids there that actually have serious problems, not to mention learn from them as well.

At the end of the meeting at 9:00 PM it had been almost an entire 12 hours since I first ingested the cactus powder. I was completely fine in public for the last 4 or so, when most of the energy had died down, but the visuals and mind effects lasted until around 10-ish, slowly and gently coming to a stop, no harsh comedown or hollow feelings, just completely and comfortably natural.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63029
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 25, 2008Views: 8,333
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Cacti - T. peruvianus (69), Salvia divinorum (44) : General (1), First Times (2), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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