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Entrance into 'Their' World
Salvia divinorum (20x extract) & Alcohol
by Purple Sticky Salvia
Citation:   Purple Sticky Salvia. "Entrance into 'Their' World: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) & Alcohol (exp63130)". May 10, 2010.

11 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  0.2 g smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


First of all, this was probably my fourth or fifth time I’ve tried Purple Sticky Salvia. But this time was like none of the others. This was because the drug was mixed with the alcohol I had consumed throuout the night. My friends all left my house to get something to eat, while my friend and I stayed behind at my house. We had just played about five games of beer pong and 10 to 12 beers later, I was definitely very drunk. I’m not a “light weight,” but I didn’t eat anything since that morning. I’m pretty sure this was why I tripped so badly. I suddenly remembered I had half of a gram of Salvia that I needed to smoke by the end of the night.

I took my bong and packed a rip full to the top of the bowl without any water. I was told the water would filter the salvia and limit the effect of the hallucagenic. I slowly milked the Salvia up to the top of the bong and cleared the rip into my lungs. I held the smoke in for about 20 or 30 seconds and then I leaned back onto the wall behind me and exhaled. This was the last moment of my conscious stage. From then I was in a different world. Words alone cannot explain what was happening to me. Right now, I try to explain to you what I went through, but I’m only capable of telling you what I can write down in words. The feelings and memories I had can only be absorbed through the exact experience itself.

I faded off into another world… Another dimension. Before I could realize what kind of stage I was actually in, a new force took hold of me. I was no longer under my own control, but being controlled by a power of colors and voices. I started to hear a teasing, happy voice. A chanting childish hymn starting singing to me. I can’t recall what exactly they were saying, but it was something like “something, something, salvia. Something, something, salvia.” It kept repeating. At first I tried to go along with it and enjoy the weird state of mind I was in, knowing that I was definitely fucked up. But then it overwhelmed me. I had entered 'their' world, and they wanted me to know it. It was like it was an uncompleted atmosphere, similar to an unfinished map or level in a video game. In my mind, I started to get pissed off at the teasing force that was almost messing with me. At that point I felt like I needed, no matter what to regain control. In my mind, I was yelling at this force to stop what it was doing to me and let me go. I was telling this force, “just seriously fucking stop, let me get back to normal.” This was as I started to really trip bad.

As I was telling this unknown power to stop what it was doing, it was just laughing back at me. I was positively convinced that this was real. Very real. This was the trippy part. All of these feelings and emotions I was having seemed too familiar. Like I had experienced this exact trip before, but this time it was going to be taken to the maximum extent. Almost like a Déjà vu, but I knew this was getting worse than it was when I had experienced it last. This force knew I had been here before too. Everything was getting way out of control. It was as if the force knew I was in its power and could not get out of it. It continued to watch me and laugh while the singing repeated. I can try to describe this force as best as I can through words:

There was a wall of bright, vibrant colors composed of pink, yellow, green, light red, light blue, and so on. This “wall” was pushing my body and mind back, and I could not stop this force. I was now part of “their” world. When I say their world, I’m talking about a completely different world than the one I was in. I was in a different dimension, no where near the one in which we live. There was a real path that was possible to be taken through time and space. I was visualizing a mathematical equation for the journey to be traveled to this exact point. It was and would always be there, but you can't see it. This “force” knew I was in “its” world, and that it had complete control over me. The voice behind it laughed at me as I panicked and begged for a way out. This “voice” laughing at me that I speak of was unexplainably real. They were sort of blurry creatures that I could imagine, but not see. They were definitely there, but at the same time, they weren’t. The laughing voice mixed with the wall of colors made up the force that was driving me damn close to insane.

By this time I had completely forgotten that my friend was still with me. Because of the many voices all singing to me, I thought I might have been with all my friends who left my house a little while ago. But mainly I was alone (except for 'them.') I wasn’t on his level, or on the normal level I was normally on. I was in a different world. I was trapped inside the world of “the force.” And this force seemed to keep laughing at me because it knew I could not escape. In my mind, it was as if there was something I needed to do, in order to get back to normal. In order to be back inside by body. To be human again. I was in this completely other world that seemed so unbelievably real. All I could think about was how to get normal and out of this insane world that had total control of me.

I tried doing anything to get to my normal self. I tried to breath in and out really hard, I tried walking in circles to get my body functioning normal. This was extremely hard, as this whole time I was not even part of my body. My actual self was just reacting to what my mind was seeing and believing. I saw my dog lying outside and spotted her as something part of my normal life, and something that would bring me a chance to get normal. I thought that if I started petting my dog like I normally would do, it would bring me out of this chaotic world that I was in. I petted my dog over and over trying to get out of the weird dimension I was in and the world that the “force” dominantly controlled. I did whatever I could to return to my normal state, however the whole concept of me being in my body seemed foreign to me. It's hard to explain, but I couldn't comprehend the fact of being inside my body. During my trip, I was no where near my body. My mind was tripped inside this insane world controlled by this evil force, and my body would just respond and react to whatever my mind would do.

My friend who I was with was explaining to the rest of my friends who got back from eating what I was acting like. He said I would just sort of say one or two words, and then blabber the rest of a sentence that was incomprehensible. I remembered what I was actually doing when he told them this. I would try to warn him that I was being taken away into another world, but then the force of the “salvia” would drown my words into my trip. I tried several times to get him to help me, which was when I would say a couple words to him, but the evil force would notice this and not allow me to talk. This was what resulted in the blabber which he heard. I was literally trying to get him to save me from the force taking me into its world. But the overwhelming “force” prevailed and wouldn’t allow me to finish my sentence in my plea for help.

At that point, all that mattered was my escape. The world I was in would not let me get help, so I had to overcome it myself. I wandered outside of the room I smoked the salvia in, and tried as hard as I could to get this force's hold off of me and get out of their world. I threw my hat down into the dirt to attempt free up my head that was being held hostage. The chanting voice was still mockingly singing to me and it started to slowly fade. As did its incredible grasp on my mind.

As he was telling them how scary it was for him to witness my trip, I just sat on my couch remising the insane events that just took place. I was still “semi-tripping,” not about what was currently going on inside my head, but what I had just experienced a few moments ago. I knew this dimension I had traveled to was real, and I had to explain to everyone else that it existed. I could not get over the fact that I knew for certain that this world I had visited existed and would always exist. This world and the “force” that occupied this world knew about us and our world, but we would never know about them. The only way to get back there was to get back to stage that I was in while on the Salvia. But of course, I would never dare to attempt to get back on it again. And now that I was almost back to normal, I never ever, ever wanted to be back in that dimension under the control of 'them.'

I’m writing about this experience to you about 2 hours later after my trip and I am still not myself. I can tell myself that my trip and the other dimension I was in was all In my head and only due to the drug I was on, but inside, I will always know there’s that other dimension constantly there in a world parallel to our own. My experience on Salvia Divinorum will question my knowledge of existence and uncertainty forever. I don't even know man.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63130
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 10, 2010Views: 7,683
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Salvia divinorum (44), Alcohol - Beer/Wine (199) : Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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