Throat Swelling, Convinced I Couldn't Breathe
Citation:   Frostillicus. "Throat Swelling, Convinced I Couldn't Breathe: An Experience with MDA (exp63206)". Jun 28, 2007.

1 oral MDA (pill / tablet)
A friend and I who love trying drugs that are new to us purchased some mda from an aquaintence who told us the trip would be like ecstacy, but with some mushroom-esque effects as well.

However, my experience was quite different. At first everything seemed to be going well for me. My friend and I took them at the same time, over at another friends house who wasn't tripping that day. Though we took them simultaneously hers kicked in a lot faster than mine did. She started talking about how messed up her perception was getting and how hot and clammy she felt. She threw up almost immediately after she really started tripping and then sat down in a chair which she did not leave for hours.

At this point, I thought I was good to go. I felt great. I could feel the pill starting to kick in, but unlike my friend I didn't get the urge to throw up. In fact, I was feeling better than I had in weeks. My mind felt together despite the increasing hallucinogenic effects. What a fun time, I thought to myself, this stuff's amazing.

A short time passed and the effects grew more intense as I began to peak. I was walking in my friends back yard when suddenly I felt an odd tightness in my throat. I tried to brush it off as nothing, but when I tried swallowing the back of my throat just felt huge. I kept telling myself that I was just tripping out and that nothing was wrong with me, but I couldn't get it to go away. I said to my friend, I think my throat's swelling shut. She asked if I was sure, if I wasn't just tripping. I was finding it harder and harder to breathe. I don't know, I gasped, I think somethings really fucked up with me right now.

Everything started moving so fast. I had both my friends feel and look at my mouth and throat. My sober friend said, your hearts beating dangerously fast, but that's about it. They told me I was just freaking out, but the mda had taken too strong of hold on my mind by that point and I couldn't believe them because I could physically feel my throat swelling and I was convinced I couldn't breathe.

After quite some time of my panicking and asking my friends over and over and over and over again to tell me that my throat wasn't shutting, I was able to regain a little more control over the situation. I began to realize that nothing was really wrong with me, but was still unable to stop seeing myself in the mirror without seeing the puffy mouth and neck and I for the life of me couldn't stop feeling my neck and just having it feel so swollen in my hand. I have never had a trip quite like it before and it was not pleasant.

Though everything turned out alright in the end, I will not take mda again. If I had been by myself I probably would have ended up either passing out or calling 911 on myself as there was NO DOUBT in my mind that my throat was going to close on me and I was going to die. I am glad that I had friends there who were able to calm me down.

I haven't quite felt the same ever since this experience (it was fairly recently). I still think about my throat a lot and how it feels big and sometimes I still find myself touching my neck, feeling to see if it's swollen. I've just managed to get used to it.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63206
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 28, 2007Views: 24,546
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MDA (34) : First Times (2), Health Problems (27), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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