The Shining of the Spectrum
Citation:   Psilo707. "The Shining of the Spectrum: An Experience with 2C-B (exp63419)". Jun 19, 2007.

25 mg oral 2C-B (pill / tablet)
Substance: 2C-B
Dose: 25 Milligrams / Yellow MTV Pressed Pill
Setting: California Desert during Early-morning/Sunrise.
Date: Spring 2004. 12:30 AM.

I had been looking for 2C-B for many years prior to this event. Since I learned about it in 9th grade, I had always been interested in this chemical. I believed that it was too hard to find and that I would never get my hands on it. Luckily I was wrong, and thanks to a few helpful people, I found myself a few days later with the last 6 pills that the person knew about. My hands were shaking as I received the small yellow ‘MTV’ pressed-pills. Maybe I get too excited over new drugs, but I really couldn't believe I finally found the stuff.

Back at home, I told everyone we were going to go to the desert at midnight and trip out until morning. I pretty much demanded it, because I knew they would be reluctant at first. In the end, there were 11 of us going. Six, including me, were taking the 2C-B pills. Two people were taking MDA, two were taking Mushrooms, and one was staying sober. I will refer to each as the first letter of their names.

12:30 AM

T - 0:30: We had left from San Diego an hour earlier heading east, and had arrived at our destination in the desert, somewhat near the California/Mexico border (Arizona was also nearing us). I had known about this little spot for a few months and it is an awesome place to party in general... and tripping is no exception. We parked our cars in the middle area, which had a few fire pits, a few trees, and a lot of interesting trash nearby. Surrounding this area are fairly tall 'mountains' (more like hills made up of rocks... you know... the desert kind of mountain), filled with awesome boulders and rock formations.

T+0:00: We divided the substances out, and everyone dosed up. Feelings of excitement filled me... I had not tried a 'new' drug in a long time, and forgot what it was like to experience something new like this. We gathered wood and bushes for the fire, and lit it up. It took a little while to get started since we forgot the gasoline and the bushes were so resistant to burning... but eventually, 5 people going back and forth carrying trees, were able to get it started up. It was already huge, and the fire looked great.

T+1:00: I felt something. As with every other 2C-x substance I've tried, I couldn't place my finger on what was happening, but my brain and body were alerting me that something big was about to take place. The people who took Shrooms were already tripping, staring up into the sky, which was filled with an unbelievable amount of bright stars. I had forgot what the sky looked like when not in a big city like San Diego.

T+1:10: The come-up seemed to be lagging, as a few of the others stated they were 'definitely tripping'. I knew it would get stronger but I was impatient. I pulled out some light-strobe toys, called StrobeFX, which are definitely the best light ‘toys’ ever made. They are no longer in production unfortunately. As soon as I turned them on, everyone in the area simultaneously said 'whoa...' or something of the sort. I was shocked myself, as the flashing lights of the toys echoed out through the darkness of the landscape and created streaming trails of colors.

T+1:20: So this is 2C-B. Unbelievable! I looked up at the nearest mountain, and through the darkness I saw a shimmering psychedelic pattern forming out of the rocks. The visuals were already more pronounced and forceful than Mushrooms. As soon as I looked at the mountain, I was peaking. I turned back and peered at the fire. A couple of my friends, especially the ones who were rolling (MDA), laughed at me as my eyes widened to the size of a golf ball... inside the burning & crackling firewood were millions of individual objects all demanding my vision at once. The fire was truly alive and I saw each aspect of the flames and the base of the flames as they rose up. One of my good friends also on 2C-B, 'C', started laughing and pointed at it, 'Look at the green! There's green! Oh wait, there's blue!! Green and blue!', when she said that, the color scheme in my vision morphed and I saw the same thing she was seeing. Many colors of the rainbow were being exerted from the power of the flames, and it was the most awesome fire I had ever seen. It was dying down and it wasn't as big as it used to be, but it was so alive and vibrant.

T+1:30: I told the sober person to back my car up to near where we stationed all the blankets and water/supplies, and pop the trunk. I wanted music, but didn't want to mess with it throughout the night. I put in a great trance/hard trance CD, 'Tunnel Trance Force (V.24)', and knew it would do the trick. Music was not the main emphasis here, nor was Electronic many of the people's favorite genre... but I knew the situation, and knew that this kind of flowing, psychedelic music would fit perfectly in with the experience. I took out the StrobeFX again and moved them to the music while laying on my back... everyone in the area was fixated on them. Those things really proved my visuals were going off the charts! I like them a lot.

T+1:35: If there is one thing for sure that can be said about Nexus, it's that the drug demands that my attention span be limited to a very short amount of time. None of us on the drug were able to concentrate on any one thing for more than 20 seconds at a time. 'Music.... ohhh, awesome!.... The Lights!...... Water!..... Where's J?.... No wait, wheres K?.... Music!.....' etc etc. Back and forth my mind went, never getting into one event or idea for too long. Because of this aspect alone (I believe), it is hard to have a bad trip on this substance. It's definitely possible if you are in the wrong situation, as with any psychedelic, but when a negative thought or event occurs, you are only dwelling on it for a minute at the most. I believe this is the way in which it is most superior over Mushrooms. On Mushrooms, I may dwell over a subject for long periods of time, leading to neutral/negative thoughts about such. This is almost not possible on Nexus, unless something really bad happens (obviously).

T+2:00: After playing with the StrobeFX for a long time, and enjoying the music, I decided it was a time to look up into the sky. I laid on the blanket(s) with a few others... The shroomers of course, the sober person, and a couple other 2C-B'ers. Once I got settled in, and really opened my eyes to the stars, all I could say was 'Oh my god'. I was transported into my own world, surrounded by a spherical globe of light. Each of the stars were playing 'connect-the-dots' with others, and they all formed the outer edges of 'my' known universe. A slang term for 2C-B was dubbed 'Nexus' when it became popular in the early/mid 90's, and I realized why. The dictionary definition of that word is 'A means of connection, a link or tie.' and 'The core or center', and that made perfect sense to me. I was the center of the universe in which everything around me was linked to one another. Every feeling, emotion, particle of energy, was all streaming and reflecting through the universe with one another. This was the deepest moment of my trip and I just laid there with my mouth hanging open, arms stretched...

T+2:10: ...but, along came 2C-B's ego again, still as erratic as ever, and shifted my brain back to reality, back to the campsite and music, and back to a lot of people on drugs. I stood up and started running around again.

T+3:00: It was now 4 A.M. and the horizon was lighting up. The most visual experience of my entire life was about to take place.

As I stood there, peering at the horizon, I could visibly see it getting slightly brighter. Concentrating hard, I realized something extraordinary. The color of the horizon I was looking at... was a color I had never seen before in my life. It was a new color to the visible-light spectrum, it was every color and no color, all in one. I could clearly see purple, blue, green, and even yellow, all mixed into one, and all shimmering in my eyesight. It was like someone took the 'color wheel', drove it through a rainbow, put it into a box and shook it up while adding shiny glitter, then shot it out of a cannon... right into my face. I reached my arms in the air and didn't blink for minutes. A few of the other's on 2C-B joined me with their jaws hanging. 'Look at the rocks on the horizon, they're moving back and forth!' They're walking!', said 'B'. We all laughed a little, 'Well, that's the drug, but it definitely looks like that' I responded. It was true though, the horizon and the objects within it seemed to be shimmering back and forth. It was unreal.

I am still thinking up a name for the color I saw. I still remember what it looked like. I wish I could draw it.

T+4:00: It was time to climb. While undoubtedly some will disagree with the idea of mixing psychedelics and hiking up big rocks, I *knew* at the time that it would be just as safe as if we were sober. And I still believe that. 2C-B seemed to have little effect on our agility or physical 'skills', much the same as Mushrooms. Anyway, what we were doing was not very dangerous. It was a slow and not-very-steep ascent to the top, and the only danger *was* at the top, where the final, highest rock lay. That was our destination.

Myself, 'N', and 'C' took off from the group and began our little hike up. At this time, the sun was behind the desert mountains, but I would still have definitely considered it to be 'daylight'. We could see perfectly. No, wait a minute, we could see more than perfectly! As we bounded up the rocky plateaus (safe, flat. No 'gaps' or 'places to fall'), every single object that was laying on the ground ahead of me could be seen at once. I saw the green bushes to the left, and the grey rocks to the right, all at the same time, and they all pounded my vision. I keep repeating the word 'shimmering' because that's just what it is - the drug emphasizes every single piece of color and texture around me. All 3 of us kept repeating 'this is awesome'... 'I love you 2C-B'... etc.

T+4:30: It was getting a little steeper and I clearly told the other 2 to not make any stupid moves and to realize that we are not invincible. They totally understood, as I knew they already did, and we continued to the final rock. It took a few minutes to find a secure path to the rock, but we found a suitable way, and all jumped onto the last rock at the same time. Oh... my... god!

We saw the entire desert. For at least 50 miles in each direction, I could pick out everything. To the south I clearly saw the California/Mexico border, marked by a big, wooden-looking gate. It ran for miles to the north and south. To the west I saw a few structures in the distance - the nearest gas station, store, and such. East... Well... It was all just mountains, even higher than the one we just climbed! They looked like Mount Everest, even from the height we were standing at. And then down below - at least a couple hundred feet below - our 8 other friends looked up at us, waving their arms and yelling various things. 'We made it!!!' screamed 'N'.

Then we all sat and waited for the sunrise to come over our personal mountains. It was already bright, but the sun was hiding behind the biggest of the hills. Judging by the brightness of the light at different spots, we all pointed out exactly where the sun was going to make its appearance.

T+5:00: 'Where the hell is it?' I said. The sun still had not come over the mountain. It did not even look brighter than before, and we all laughed about the situation. We had been sitting on that rock for half an hour, tripping out, and wondering if the light would ever come. We joked around and stated that 'the day we took 2C-B is the day the Earth never saw the sun again. That would be a real trip... and we'd probably go nuts.'

'C' was on her back now, and her face was upside-down looking at the spot on the horizon. She was laughing and told us to join her. The people at the bottom of the mountain laughed as they saw us all turn a 180*, and flip ourselves upside-down. I gasped as I looked at the world from this angle. It was a totally different scene!! I was looking at the SKY 'as' the ground... and the mountains were the space above us. We all agreed that it would suck 'living on the sky' and 'looking UP at the world like it was space'. And as sober as I am right now, I can definitely agree with our chemically-induced statements.

T+5:10: THERE IT IS! The Best sunrise of my life. The big ball of fire came flying over the mountain at rapid speeds, and we all *wanted* to stare directly into it, but obviously that was not possible. I tilted my head a bit and looked at it through my peripheral. What an awesome object... 2C-B made it look even more awesome, by giving each ray of light it's own color associated with it. I nearly started crying.

Like I said before, the sun was coming up at rapid speeds. Within 30 seconds, it was already above the mountain-horizon line by a good amount. We figured this was the end to that nearly-life-changing experience (in a way), and started our descent.

T+6:00: The drug was still active but I could tell the come-down had arrived. It was a *very* smooth ride to baseline, and even pleasant in a way. Coming back to reality felt refreshing, yet I knew I would probably miss the 2C-B mindstate and not be able to experience it for a long time from now. I cherished every second of the experience.

We walked around the campsite and looked at the interesting pieces of junk that I was referring to earlier. There was stuff like washing machines, car batteries and engines, stereos. We even found some Records that were shattered by a shotgun, they were a bunch of child/fairytale stories that I knew from my own past. We sort of found it humorous that people came out to this very location and shot off guns at everything. It was sort of creepy in a way, but we knew we were safe.

T+6:30: I got back into my car with 'N' and 'B' and started driving away. I felt totally normal, and it did not even really feel like I had done an intense drug just a few hours before. I felt out of it, obviously, but nothing like the day after MDMA or Alcohol. I was happy to be alive.

We ate at Denny's on the way home. The waitress commented that we 'smell like campfire, but no beer!'... 'So did you guys drink or what?'. We all laughed, and a couple of us winked at each other. I would have loved to see the waitresses face if we told her 'We did Two See Bee'. Lol!

Overall Feelings And Notes About The Drug:

I feel this was one of the best drug experiences of my life. I love 2C-B. Although not as 'deep thinking' as Mushrooms, or as 'Revelating' as LSD, I feel the chemical is just as solid as either, when all aspects are taken into consideration. It is definitely my favorite 2C-x phenethylamine that I have tried (although I have yet to try 2C-T-7.), and there are few negatives about the drug.

One of the six people had a negative (yet fairly common) reaction with the drug. 'C' threw up a couple times about an hour into it, and some of the others were questioning me, and asking 'what substance did you give her again?'. I assured them that everything was alright and I was a little scared myself, but I knew nausea was somewhat common to Nexus, and told everyone beforehand to expect it. She got over it after a bit, and everything from then on was smooth sailing.

2C-B gets my stamp of approval as a 'true and respected psychedelic', able to transform the world into a bliss of color and emotion... a Shimmering good time!

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 63419
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 19, 2007Views: 39,940
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