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It IS A Godsend
Citation:   Bushman. "It IS A Godsend: An Experience with Gabapentin (exp63440)". Jun 4, 2007.

2400 mg oral Pharms - Gabapentin (daily)
I was prescribed Gabapentin in mid of last year to help with my panic attacks. At the time I was only prescribed 50 mg, as needed. I fell off of that for a while, but I asked to be put back on a couple months back, but at a higher dosage, which started at 100 mg 2 times a day and since then me and my doctor have felt I needed to be put higher and higher until finally it's stopped at around 2400 mg, to 3200 mg, a day (that being around the highest you can ever be prescribed this stuff.)

My prescription is only supposed to be 800 mgs every 8 hours or so, but I've found that 1600 mgs is much nicer, if not even 2400 mg. Other people have said that taking this pharm. with a soda helps make it kick in faster, but taking it with a 16 ounce energy drink really makes it fast and hard.

Brings about the most euphoric feeling I have ever had. Life is perfect. Things that usually would scare the hell out of me mean nothing. I have severe agoraphobia, and also slight paranoia, and while I am on this, it's completely gone. I love going out into the open, I love singing as I do, and all my surroundings are perfect. I love to look at everything and listen to everything.

One caution though, driving while on these is scary, although not. In retrospect it's scary because I am so in love with everything around me that I don't quite pay enough attention driving, but at the time, I feel perfect with my driving, in fact it's everyone elses driving that is horrible.

I've been giving this drug to my friends that have anxiety problems and it's been a complete godsend for them as well as me. It is perfect. It's better than marijuana, it's better than alcohol, it's better than any narcotic, but it is perfect to have with ultram, or tramadol. I take 150 mg of tramadol, and 1600 mg of gabapentin, and I'm floating for the rest of the day.

A few of my friends have had little to no effects of taking this. This is because they have little to no anxiety or stress in their lives. I try to only give it to my friends that I know need it. It helps me think more clearly and deal with anything that life throws my way. I feel like I could lose everything in my life and be content with life still while I'm on it.

I still need to try this with alcohol or xanax, as both of those affect your gaba receptors, as does gabapentin obviously, because they will increase the euphoric feeling, but i feel fine without them. Gabapentin has saved my life, and I know it. It is the perfect drug. All my friends on it agree that it is better than any pain killer out there, along with any other drug out there. It has caused slight hallucinations with me, but nothing really.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63440
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 4, 2007Views: 73,664
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Pharms - Gabapentin (183) : Medical Use (47), Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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