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by Bruce
Citation:   Bruce. "Static: An Experience with Cannabis (exp63486)". Dec 17, 2018.

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I am an 18 year old, healthy and fit individual. I exercise 5-6 times a week, I'm a straight A student in school, and I have no family history of drug addiction, or any serious health matters for that fact. I am from a upper-middle class family and I live in a stereotypical suburban neighborhood. I am not prescribed to any drugs, and I like it that way. I have had no major traumas, physically or mentally, but I am extremely clumsy and consider myself lucky that I am not dead or severely maimed from some of the stupid shit I have almost done (I.e, putting an electric razor in a sink, sticking my hand in the garbage disposal, falling off of tall buildings, etc.)

I have been using alcohol and marijuana since I was 12. Not daily, but I'd say about 2-3 times a week over that 6 year span. More recently, I have started to smoke about 2-4 grams of marijuana a day. I consider myself an obsessive person, but I have a very strong will and I am positive I can resist addiction, and have tested that by abstaining from drugs for random and long periods of times. I have only had a handful of 'out of the norm' experiences when high, including hallucinations and extreme paranoia. I consider these to be 'out of the norm' because my surroundings where a direct effect on my high. I have experimented very briefly with other drugs such as xanex (alprazolam) and cocaine.

Anyway, here is my story:

It was like any other day. Sunny, beautiful, around 70-80 degrees. I was with some of my closet friends and we decided to smoke before we went to work out (smart idea, right?). So we smoked as we always do: We picked up a Dutch Master (blunt) and rolled about 2-3 grams of what my friend described as 'purple haze'. I'm still not sure if the marijuana was bonified 'purple haze', but I have smoked many many many different types of marijuana from around the WORLD (yes, I've smoked local herb from different countries and almost every state in the union), so I feel like I am capable of handling anything in 2-3 gram doses. I have no reason to believe that it was laced with anything toxic, since we smoked more of the bud after I had my 'experience'.

I had eaten little all day, and had drank more than enough water to be hydrated. So about 10 minutes after we were done with the blunt, we headed to the gym. Now, I am a FIRM believer that your high is directly related to your surroundings. From the minute I stepped in the gym I felt uncomfortable and out of place. On top of that,there were alot of people there I knew and felt uncomfortable being high around (old classmates, parents friends, ).

20 minutes into it: I'm pretty high. Enjoying working out. I'm not REALLY working out, I'm just kinda rotating between the different upper body machines. My friends and I are much more interested in who can lift the most rather than getting a good workout.

30 minutes into it: Still high. One of my friends dad was there at the gym, making the situation completely awkward and adding to my anxiety. By this point, I have come to accept that anxiety is sometimes a bi-product of getting high, so I'm trying to enjoy myself...

40 minutes: This is the last interval that I am normal. Still, kinda, high, I can feel that I'm coming down a bit.I remember being on a machine by myself, finishing, and then being alone. My friends had left me, and gone to the other side of the gym, innocently enough. I don't know if this triggered my experience or if it was the combination of working out and not eating, but what happened next was one of the most terrifying moments of my life.

42 minutes: I can't see anything. I'm not exaggerating. I see shapes, I see lights, that's it. My stomach feels like it flips upside down. I feel the need to throw up. The bathroom is nearby, so I suck it up, and get there. I still can't see shit.I sit on the toilet to try and feel better, no luck. I try to make myself puke, nothing. I am rendered completely motionless on the bathroom floor.I can't move any part of my body without feeling extreme pain (note that I only briefly lifted weights, that was my only activity in the past 30 minutes and it was not intense).

52 minutes: I am in agony. I can describe it as feeling like I was dying. I drag myself out to a chair near a water fountain, take a drink and wait for my friends to find me.

55 minutes: Static. I see spots of static first. Not TV static, but static like right before I'm going to pass out. I make a commitment to not passing out in the gym. I get an overwhelming feeling that I need to leave this place.

60 minutes: Static is all I see. I hear a very high pitched sound, nothing I've ever heard before. My friends find me. I remember saying ' I am having an extremely terrifying moment, give me a second and let's go'. My friends get scared. They are perfectly normal and, by this time, moderately sober.

70 minutes: Nothing is better. I am in the most pain I've ever been in, and I've been through some painful stuff (voluntarily branding myself,amazing horrible drunk moments, being stabbed, etc.). The weirdest thing about this: I can control myself perfectly normal. I can talk, walk and interact with people. My friends convince me to leave. Getting down the stairs and to where I need to go takes concentration, but it is relatively easy. I have pretty good motor skills and I even am able to give the gym attendant a smile when she takes my towel.

75 minutes: Outside. Perfectly fine. My stomach aches a little, but my vision is perfect and I have no static vision or high pitched noises. We leave the gym and spark another blunt.

Conclusion: I believe this was a completely mental episode. Even though I felt physical pain, it stopped the moment I left the gym, where I had felt uncomfortable in the first place. I'm also open to the possibility that my endorphins released from working out might have clashed with the chemicals in the marijuana we smoked right before we got in there. Either way, this was the most terrifying experience I've ever had, and it goes to show that I never know what I'm getting into. Marijuana is considered harmless (especially by me) but sometimes, in the right conditions, it can really throw me for a loop.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63486
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Dec 17, 2018Views: 625
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