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Scientific Look at the Lady
Salvia divinorum
Citation:   Drug Geek. "Scientific Look at the Lady: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp63532)". Jun 25, 2007.

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum
[age] 19
[height] 5’10’’
[weight] 135

Drug geek is what you may call someone of my nature. I am one who is fascinated by the effects that drugs can have on the human mind and am excited to experiment with them myself. My past experiments were conducted on what the internet calls “legal highs” these include such drugs as the Blue Lotus, Kratom, Kava Kava, DXM, Morning Glory Seeds and Salvia.

The purpose of these experiments is to find the factors that leads to what kind of drug experience the user occurs. When one is tripping they don’t actually physically see with there eyes what they describe however there mind is telling them what they are viewing. Could I control what visually I am about to receive? These are questions that I intend to answer.

Listed below are four different times that I have attempted to reach my goal on salvia. There are listed in order of occurrence.

Note: there were more attempts that listed below in this two year period. These are just some highlights of the passage in my familiarity with salvia.

[# /salvia trips/first time]

It was a quiet morning and no one was expected in the house for some time. Having read many trip reports on this substance I was entirely confused on what this drug could actually produce. I had no purpose for taking this substance at the time other than curiosity. (this is two years prior) I had read many unpleasant reports and had some concerns that the trip might go bad. However these concerns were not enough to stop the experiment.

I proceed to load up a homemade bong with maybe 50mg of the plane leaf. Inhaled it all then reloaded two more times. We have now reached the limit of no return.

The drug hit me more different than I was expecting. Thought was dulled and I was being pulled by salvias gravity.

I wasn’t ready for it. I began to fight these changes and I grew scared that I may loose contact with this reality. Unfortunately for me salvia is stronger than an altered mind and the trip grew more intense. My heart started racing I feared that I was having a heart attack and I was started to get tunnel vision. I was not very experienced in drugs at this time and I thought that this one was going to kill me. I prayed to god to make it stop and make it go away, I told him that I had learned my lesion and I would never touch this stuff again…

…Well time is the cure to all wounds and all that praying took a lot of time. I was coming back to normal my heart rate was stabilizing and I was no longer having a panic attack.

I didn’t keep my promise though, it was nearly a year after this experience that I interest in salvia had risen again.

[# /salvia trips/Trippy visuals]

“It would be cool to see some trippy visuals.” that was my thought before going into my salvia trip. This seemed to be my only goal at the time as I filled up my pipe. I had gotten this 6x extraction from an online vender after having no luck with the “standard” stuff. I now held the pipe up to my mouth and lit the contents with a butane lighter as I counted backwards slowly from 30 seconds. Three times I repeated this process until I had taken roughly 1/10 of a gram.

And that’s when it hit me not even 30 seconds as I began to feel this sensation of something buzzing of tickling on my sides. It began to move up more and more before it stopped at my forehead. At this point I knew what I should do and I closed my eyes as this sensation now formed a triangle of tanginess on my forehead. This cased some vivid like dreaming a dream in which I could control. I smile ripped across my face as I forced this dream to put me on a roller coaster ride. The only difference between this and real life is that I was watching it happen and living it at the same time kind of like how when you play a video game it has the view like there’s a camera behind your character or you can change to 1st person view.

Although this was fun I grew curious of what was happening to the outside world so I decided to open my eyes. I was at this time sitting on my a chair with my feet on the leg rest, I only mention this now because when I looked down at them, my feet, they were getting furthered and furthered away. It was in the cartoon Inspector Gadget with his extendable arms and legs except for I wasn’t controlling it. This provoked a “wooh” reaction from me and as I look around nothing else seams to be out of the place so I decide I need a smoke (cant smoke in the house ).

While sitting down I felt fine however after only making it half way up on the 1st try I came to the conclusion that I was still feeling the side affects (little dizzy) however I decided to try and risk it. When making it out of my room I looked down the hallway and much to my surprise the it was twisted at the end. (The floor was were the left hand wall should be and the ceiling was where the right hand wall should have been.) I was able (somehow) to make it all the away downstairs and outside without falling.

I smoked my cigarette and came back in and decided that most noticeable affects were gone. Salvia had accomplished its task of giving me some “trippy visuals”. After 1 hour all affects were gone and I was back to the same old me.

[# /salvia trips/the lady]

I am quite the regular with my experiences of salvia. I mostly have just the feeling of some unexplained gravity source and the overall physical feeling of the high. However this was not the case in on off my most recent adventures.

It was about 2:40 on a day of my summer break when I decided that I would like to enjoy some of this sweet substance. I had taken no drugs today so I thought it would be a nice day to test out my new pipe that I got in the mail that very morning. I then proceeded up to my room in which I closed my door and dimmed the lights. I used about .15g of salvia 6x I would estimate, this being 3 times the normal amount I normally smoke (before I limited to the pipe size as a amount of what I could smoke). I took the biggest hit I could and held it in for 30 seconds at which time I began my trip. Now during my trips I like to film myself to see if there’s anything that I couldn’t remember what happened the video could fill me in on (that’s just a little fyi).

I began explaining to my camera about this feeling that I was having. I explained it as being “little bumps of happiness that keep on hitting me on my right side.” I was laughing when I said this and had a big grim ripple across my face. The usual feelings where there as well this weird gravitational pull and this overall feeling of spinning and weird sensations on my skin. I was happy with this feeling and never stopped laughing until the very end.

That’s when I picked up the pipe and butane lighter and took another hit. I timed this hit to be 40 seconds. Same feelings arouse as in previous encounters but with what I would call a light hallucination.

I began to start looking at some light projected on the wall from the blinded curtains. Only to my surprise to have them start dancing and moving about nearly to anytime I would ask them to do so. This is when my eyes started exploring other parts of the room while they wondered over to my right. I saw what I believed to be a lady and I only say “what I believe to be” because it wasn’t a full sharp and clear hallucination it was more like It was its just excepted to be there (if that makes any sense at all). Her figure was made out of neon color lights in the shape of a small @ sign.

I then had the knowledge that there were many rooms that were just like mine connected to me on the other side of my closed door and I knew that there were at lest 100 of them. I could literally see (with eyes closed) all of these rooms hovering over some glowing red substance which I presumed to be magma. The lady that appeared slightly oversized in my room is very oversized in the larger magma chamber. The room that I was in was mealy a small animal to her. In comparison it is the same ratio as to which I would look at a rabbit. This lady was trying to roll up my room but was having a hard time because of all the other rooms connected.

This is when I tried explaining the situation to the camera about how the lady was there and etc. but it was more of a useless babble other than words with some meaning so since every other word was followed by a laugh.

I waited for everything to calm down and I looked at the timer for my trip only lasted 8min and 22sec but it was a fun time. My only regret is that there making it illegal to buy or sell it in Illinois which is were my supplier lives which means that to get it legally I have to find someone else.

[# /salvia trips/last trip?]

I am most comfortable when I am alone. This being a drug that I defiantly want to be comfortable with my environment. There was no sitter present and the precautions for my safety was to go up into my room and close the door also to put something heavy in front of it. I would have my computer running with my web cam attachment to record anything that I may of missed this would also serve as basis of what the casual viewer might of saw if he or she would have glanced in my room. Furthermore I have found that I like to talk about my experience, this has proven to benefit in the long run for those more accurate details.

I took the three largest hits that I could muster holding them for 30 seconds with only one breath between. I began to look around the dimmed room glancing for some changes in my environment. Much to my surprise when I was transfixed by the shadow projected by a TV on the wall when it started to fluctuate. It was as if someone or something was causing a ripe of about one fourth an inch in amplitude to incorporate into the edge of the shadow.

The experience was getting more intense at this time. I was now looking at my right side and my left side because I felt the pressure crushing my body. Looking forward I saw what appeared be a bright light at the end of a tunnel. The light from the tunnel was touching my sides (possibly the pressure that I felt) and it was leading to a V ending at my web cam about 1 foot in front of me. I remember thinking at that time that the light must be good and it was leading me somewhere. This could have been my guide for a deeper trip if I would have followed. However I did have a agenda and I must proceed on.

I closed my eyes and hoped for the best praying that I would open them and be in a distant off spoken land. No such luck but something strange was happening out of the corner of my eyes. To my right there lay a mini frig with some power cords laying next to it (normally). I was scanning the room and sure enough in the corner of my eye I saw those cords transform into a plunger and then into a yard gnome but before I could turn my head around they changed back.

My eyes were hurting from providing the light so that I would be a good shot with the camera.

Naturally I closed them and something I read somewhere just clicked at that moment “You cant just trip by staring at an object, you must look beyond it and open your minds eye.” So I laid there for a moment open to all thought and suggestion. Something was coming, it was more of a feeling at first but then it began to manifest itself mentally to me. I was in a field of this long dark pine colored grass that reached up to waist high. In front of me was the ocean it waves were pound the cliff line out far in the distance, the water was a dark blue clean and crisp. The sky above me was the natural blue color with no clouds to be found. These words give no justice to what I saw because I am not a big fan of nature but that scene was the most beautiful place I have ever been.

I mutter some gibberish to the camera trying to describe this heaven on earth. It was hard to concentrate on the words that I was saying and there were a lot of repeated stuff. About two minutes of talking yielded “there was grass and it was green oh and there’s water to”. All of that talking makes me loose this place or perhaps I was just coming down at this moment.

The trip took about 8 minutes. I was fairly pleased with the results.

[end of trip stories]


Now with all of my data collected I now go back to the question I originally proposed.

1. The purpose of these experiments is to find the factors that leads to what kind of drug experience the user occurs.

Answer: I believe that it is the perception of the taker that effects what he/she is about to experience. The users personality, preconceived notions and current mood all play into what could happen. Thus if I’m scared of what might happen then that will intensify. If I think that I will laugh all the way through I will. If I think I will have visuals and taken the proper dosage then I will.

2. With the assumption that salvia is effecting the mind on a conscious level could the user actually control how intense the experience is?

Answer: No. The drug is effecting the way that the brain is operation. Different levels of dosage do control how intense a experience can be. There are some people that can just “ride with it” making it appear that the trip is more fluid but that doesn’t change the actual intensity on the mind.

3. Could I control what visually I am about to receive?

Answer: I say yes. Maybe not on a conscious level but embedded into my ego these visuals are going to mean something to me. It could be symbolic/metaphoric meaning or it could just be something that I saw in the past that I just forgot about.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63532
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 25, 2007Views: 14,204
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