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How To Become a Hoopy Frood
by deathbyjayrad
Citation:   deathbyjayrad. "How To Become a Hoopy Frood: An Experience with Cannabis (exp6355)". Erowid.org. Feb 21, 2002. erowid.org/exp/6355

  smoked Cannabis


I've seen a few joint rolling techniques floating around the internet, but I've failed to see this one, which I've started using recently.

You need:
a pen (cheap bic works well)
rolling paper (I use zigzags)

So far, I've only used this with tobacco, but I'm sure it would work with pot. Take your pen and put the paper around the shaft, so it makes a tube. Lick the gummed edge and lay it to the paper so it makes a tube around the pen. Slide the paper off the end of the pen, and squeeze one end of the paper tube. Take some rather finely chopped weed and dump it in the open end of the paper, packing it down with the end of the pen. When it's full, twist the end so it's closed, and you have a pefect, round joint. This may burn fast for some, but you can pack it more lightly as you prefer.

The bic pen also comes in handy when smoking a joint, as you can empty out the pen of it's ink tube and tip, stick the end of the joint in one end, and inhale from the other. This way, you dont end up burning your fingers on a hot roach near the end of the joint. A metal tube might be better, as the plastic tend to melt when heated.

A stash box is always a handy thing to have, just as a good place to store your weed, and to card it out (remove stems and seeds). I have a chocolate box I've had for my entire experience, and grown quite attached to :)

An open window is a good thing, but placing a fan in front of it backwards to suck the smoke out of your room is very handy at times.


When I started out, tinfoil was used often to make my first 'ghetto' pipes, used as a screen (with pinholes). I've learned that this may or may not be bad for you, but in any case, I dont like the idea of breathing in burning metal.

I think of making one's pipes, bowls, and other hardware as a personal thing, so I dont usually buy things ready-made (this may also be because I'm broke :) so I've thought of a great way to make a cheep, durable bowl.

You need:
CO2 cartridge (the type used in air guns) empty(!)
pipe cutter
power drill
bowl screen (probably not a good idea to use window screen. gold bowl screen can be purchased at a good head shop, but try your hardware store, or a friend.

small grinding bit for drill, OR
handheld rotary tool (dremil multitool or black & decker wizard with grinding bit)

Take CO2 cart. and make sure it's empty, there should be a pin hole on the end tip of the neck. If you try this with an unused CO2 cartridge, it will probably explode.

Take the pipe cutter and tighten it around fat section of the cartridge, where you cut depends on how deep you wish your bowl to be. I recommend 1 1/4 inch from tip of neck. It may take a while to get through it with the pipe cutter. When it's finally cut into two pieces, you can set the large end aside. Drill the neck with an apropriate sized bit, as to widen the hole. You MAY want to grind the inside of the bowl away, because there may or may not be a coating on the inside of the cartridge. Cup the screen slightly and place it inside the bowl. I'm currently using a bowl from this method, it's working very well.


I've seen surprisingly little fresh material on making homemade bongs, because I am a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to something as personal as getting high (and, as I've mentioned, I'm cheap ;)

You need:
'yard' type plastic cup (purchased at Spencer's gifts, US$3.99)
small hand saw
caulk, or some other type of sealant

CO2 cart type bowl (works well with this design)
caulk, or some other type of sealant
sharpie type marker (decorations)

first, you cut the end of the cup off where it starts to flare up into the mouth. Sand cut if desired.

next, you need to cut a small (4 inch) portion of the straw off. Sand cut if desired.

drill or cut hole in cup, about an inch down from where the bottom of the cup just starts to flare out. The hole should be as big around as the straw, so it fits tightly. Cut another hole in cup, about 1 1/2-2 inches up from start of flare. This is your carb.

Slide 4 inch straw into bottom hole, if the fit is snug, you dont need to caulk the seal. Either way, a thin ring around the seal wouldn't hurt.

fill with desired liquid and enjoy.

Peace, love and pudding.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6355
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 21, 2002Views: 7,926
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