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Total Relaxation
by Psych0naut
Citation:   Psych0naut. "Total Relaxation: An Experience with Clonazepam (exp63576)". Oct 22, 2007.

1.0 mg IM Pharms - Clonazepam (liquid)


I got a few boxes of Rivotril ampoules for free from a friend who works in a hospital, and even though I found them very nice souvenirs, they weren't very useful to me because I don't IV, and the only way to get full effects out of benzodiazepine ampoules is to inject them intravenously, which I won't do, not even if I got a grand if I did it. But I read the disclaimer that came with each box, and it also said that it can be administered intramusculary. Bingo! I still had some sterile 0,5cc 29G insulin syringes, so I thought, why not. Here is my experience.

T 22:42 I inject 2x0,5cc of solution containing a total of 1mg clonazepam intramusculary. It burns a slight bit, but not too much. Within several seconds I felt my whole body relax, I felt like every musle in my body went from normal muscle tension to total relaxation. I'm shure it just can't be placebo, because I felt it so strong, way too strong too be placebo.

T 22:47 Though the muscle relaxing effects where extremely strong and came up almost instantaniously, I don't feel a mental wave of relaxation yet. I'm more relaxed than I was before the injection, but the physical wave of relaxation unfortunenately wasn't followed by a inmediate wave of mental relaxation.

T 22:52 The injection site is starting to hurt a lot more. The clonazepam in my ampoules is dissolved in a solution which for the biggest part consists of absolute ethanol, and injecting pure ethanol in one's muscle obviously can't be very comfortable. Though it also has a big advantage, it's a good disinfectant, so any bacteria that somehow entered the puncture wound were the needle went in, will probaply be killed by the ethanol.

T 22:57 The mental relaxation was somewhat delayed, but is now getting noticeable. I went for a bike ride on my racing bike earlier on this evening, and after having had a nice shower and put on some clean clothes I already felt relaxed, but it's getting amplified by the clonazepam. I am now definately getting very relaxed, comparable to the relaxation of a medium dose of opioids, which will hopefully, and probaply still increase in the oncoming hour.

T 23:02 I'm getting pretty slow and sedated, but sedated in a very pleasant way. The only benzodiazepines I considered euphoric in my experience are Rohypnol, and maybe Dormicum. No other benzodiazepine had any positive effect on me in medical doses, and made me very sleepy in recreational doses. I have a steady supply of Rivotril in tablet form(the Roche ones), and they didn't had any effect on me either, but this is a completely different league.

T 23:07 The relaxation and sedation have increased lineair from 20 minutes ago to now, and will probaply keep on increasing with the same rate. I can compare this to a medium to high dose of opioids. The same strong relaxation, feeling warm and cozy and content. Benzo's never have been mentally addictive to me, even though I have literally tons of them laying around. But when IM'ing clonazepam, and probaply any other benzo, the addictiveness goes up a whole nother scale, especially for those who already enjoy them (maybe a bit too) much.

T 23:12 Time also seems to fly by, it's already half an hour since I injected my shot of clonazepam, but it feels to me like it was only 10 minutes ago. This is another effect very comparable to opioids for me, I am usually to sedated to watch the time, and everytime I do look up the time it's 5 minutes later or more than I expected it to be.

T 23:17 The sedation and relaxation are still increasing lineair as expected. This is now really feeling like what I expect to feel of a benzo in terms of relaxation. This would be a perfect substance to de-stress with, even better than opioids since they cause a hangover for me. But I also definately see where the added addictiveness lies with IM'ing benzo's. I will stay off them for as long as possible since I don't want a high benzo tolerance, which one will certainly achieve a lot quicker when administering benzodiazepines IM instead of orally.

T 23:22 Before the end of typing the last sentence of T 23:17 I looked up how late is was, and it was already T 23:22. This stuff is really sedating, but in a pleasant way, and really comparable to that off opioids. You don't feel tired, though you will fall asleep easily if you would lay down in bed, but staying awake isn't hard either. It's now 40 minutes after injection and I feel it was only 20 minutes ago.

T 23:32 Sedation has increased even more. A idea for a nice benzo combination just popped up in my head which I will probaply try out in about 2 weeks, 1mg Rohypnol orally and 0,5mg Rivotril IM. The euphoria and relaxation, combined with the relaxation and sedation of the IM Rivotril will probaply be a perfect combo.

T 23:42 One hour after injection and I have reached my plateau. I feel very comparably to having taken a good dose of tramadol or some other medium strength opioid like hydrocodone. My legs are glowing of warmth, I am totally relaxed, completely content and at peace, and I feel very cozy. I could never imagine a benzo could be so much like an opioid.

T 23:57 I am indeed on my plateau. I experienced no changes in effects for the last 25 minutes or so. I am listening to some music, Coldplay and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers definately add to the relaxing feeling. I am probaply going to call it a day in 15 minutes, I am slowly getting a bit tired. I am going to ride a big distance on my bike tommorow, so going to bed early would be good for my schedule for tommorow. One thing is certain, I am going to sleep like a rose tonight.

T 00:12 The end of the experience. I am slowly coming of my peak and am looking forward to lay in my soft, warm bed. I am still feeling pretty cozy and content, and still very relaxed, though the relaxation is the first effect that seems to be subsiding. I am very happy I've tried IM'ing one of those cute little Rivotril amps, because it was a very nice experience I definately wish to repeat in a while. Of to bed now, good night.

Disclaimer: I injected a sterile solution from a medical vial. Never inject any pills, let alone benzodiazepines.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63576
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 22, 2007Views: 191,458
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Pharms - Clonazepam (125) : General (1), Unknown Context (20)

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