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The Sweetest Sugar Cube I'd Tasted
LSD & Cannabis
by misourable
Citation:   misourable. "The Sweetest Sugar Cube I'd Tasted: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp63617)". Mar 3, 2010.

1 cig. smoked Cannabis (dried)
  1 drop oral LSD (liquid)


After much deliberation, i eventually took it, one drop- the sweetest sugar cube id tasted. A lot of people had been telling how good it was, the certain batch that is, they said something about 250. I couldn’t tell you what they meant. They were right though…

I was expecting a nasty flavour. i was by no means relaxed, id smoked a joint previously and found myself wrought with paranoia, i delayed taking acid for a while, until the feeling subdued. it was an acid party, although, there were only 3 people i was aware had took it, myself included. The party had a relaxed vibe, some dub playing very loudly. The paranoia - which soon died - was replaced as the acid began to rise, with a feeling of being extremely stoned, possibly because id been smoking funk. To my surprise, i was very relaxed. i had noticed id become isolated, people busied themselves around, but i didn’t mind. i was told that this would happen, that id get introspective. The bass was the first visual i noticed. i could see it in the slates of the roof 'breathing', the speakers themselves seemed to smile as they gently affected everything around. Colours pulsated, movements glided and elongated.

I found myself with a constant smile, and was very appreciative of the others company, those that had done acid, because i felt at home with the feeling, in control. a friend who was not present at the party came to collect me (we had planned a smoke in his village), but before we went i felt an overwhelming urge to walk, though i didn’t know where. We went to the park. It was at this point i started to feel a cramp in my stomach, it was uncomfortable. i remember feeling that somehow this cramp was the source of my 'power', the ability to see all the beauty i had overlooked for so long. Luckily, the cramp lasted for only 10 or so minutes, about 2 hours after taking the acid. The car ride was delightful, the rain in particular was a source of great amusement and wonder, though i couldn’t explain to you why. Id had this feeling earlier in the park, and it prevailed throughout the trip, at a loss for words, possibly because they don’t exist. Id felt a connection, something, between me and my friend. i couldn’t begin to describe what. i tried very hard to no avail. Whatever it was though, it made me happy.

Anyway, i carefully avoided his dad when we got to his house, though i couldn’t escape without having to reply to his question. this was possibly the most uncomfortable i felt though the trip, i was wholly aware that only i understood the coherence of my words, the exited my mouth with little meaning but stayed in my head with resolute potency. i think i blagged it, I avoided eye contact and thought very hard about the conventional meaning of the word I was about to use. Words lost their meaning. Things just were, they didn’t need to be explained but felt. I said something about revision and hurried off. Shortly after, we went for our smoke. the rain was a pleasure, the darkness of the looming clouds, black, was quickly brightened by a minutes gaze. it seemed as though the sun shone wherever i looked, intensely, but only where i looked. I could chase the darkness out of the fields with a simple trace of the eye, I could chase the darkness out of me, I was so content to stand in the rain.

Leaves and trees unfurled in to symmetrical displays of colour and movement, they looked like fractals. Thoughts seared through my head like a dream, they seemed to echo and build upon each other in layers. I never once felt like my mind was out of control. The grass moved like water, the horizon bobbed gently, it looked as though i was by the shore. It looked like a pastel landscape. i kept on feeling the nameless emotions and connections, contradictions made perfect sense. i never did understand the line in strawberry fields forever 'i mean it must be high or low', but it makes perfect sense now. That is why words fail, there are so many semantics, pragmatics, contexts in play, the only way they can be described or manifested is in the indescribable feeling itself.

I felt like i had been tripping for most of the day, though i didn’t have a watch so i didn’t know. i rolled a cigarette, but smoking felt too comfortable, the smoke went down unfelt, i threw it away. I told myself I was never going to smoke again, though, I still do. it struck me how little i had eaten and drunk all day, next to nothing, yet i had no appetite for either. I played with a friends mobile phone, it felt natural. I remember saying the phone was like eyelashes. I couldn’t feel my thumbs, the phone just felt like part of my body. This set off a wave of thought, all the technology that’s assimilated so quickly, the relationship that now exists between man and machine, the boundaries of both merging forever closer. i rolled another cigarette (i dont know why), and during this another friend joined us. They were obviously curious about how i was feeling, what it was like etc. Words, yet again, failed me. i told them that, visually, it was “cool”. i remarked that the tobacco looked like living moss, it just glowed in the rizla and made symmetrical patterns.

One friend said they wouldn’t like that, or something along those lines. at this point, it looked as though the tobacco moved more akin to little caterpillars or maggots, and started crawling up my fingers. i was able to shake this off, however i was took back by the change in vibe i felt. i had managed to feel comfortable again. i warned my friends not to doubt anything i said, to keep the conversation normal. They did this well. The only other disconcerting feeling was i felt like i was going mad. i was sitting on a swing in the rain, and it struck me that my thoughts were obviously peculiar, but they were crystal clear despite the fact they could never materialise beyond my mouth, my words came out muddled and nonsensical.

I felt like I was perceiving things from too many angles and that my delirious happiness from earlier in the day was me slowly going mad. I also grew worried that I would become addicted to LSD, despite never having tried it previously. I hated the idea that I would need it to ever feel the almost universal connection I felt. Again, this feeling went after i relaxed, but it was a frightening thought. We went home shortly after and watched sin city. This seemed to drain the hallucinations out of me, the film looked bloody fantastic, the best id ever seen it. Afterwards, i felt tired, like after a heavy smoke, but was restless. i lay there in bed, eyes wide, and waited until i could sleep. i took about 2 hours.

I highly recommend acid. i knew little about it, all i knew was pretty much the public perception. it was a completely different experience to what I was expecting. it was spiritual and deeply eye opening, if only i could remember all the thoughts i had, if only i could convey the ones i remember. I would recommend staying with people on a similar wavelength, in hindsight I should have stayed put at the party. Though, I was fine and comfortable with my friends. Only when they questioned my reality, comparing it to theirs, did I start to unnerve. As I mentioned, I was able to correct any issues. The only negative effect that I could gather was the restlessness when it came to sleep, but it was worth it.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63617
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 3, 2010Views: 34,850
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LSD (2) : Various (28), First Times (2)

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