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Our Reality in the Hands of Children
Salvia divinorum (50x extract)
by DnalloZ
Citation:   DnalloZ. "Our Reality in the Hands of Children: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (50x extract) (exp63716)". Erowid.org. Jul 19, 2010. erowid.org/exp/63716

1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)



I was only introduced to Salvia about 3 months ago. Since that moment, I've smoked it roughly 10 times (always being 50x). I am not a drug-user of any kind with the exception of Salvia. I had tried marijuana a few times. Those few times were my only previous encounters with smoking in any way.


Being an avid swimmer, I have a large lung-capacity. I smoked a relatively large sized bowl of 50x extract Salvia out of an apple turned into a pipe using a hallowed pen tube. I only took one hit, but it was as much as my lungs could physically hold. I can hold my breathe just over 2 minutes. I did not have a sitter or company of any kind. It was my first solo experience. I only felt safe doing it alone because of the other 10 (roughly) times I've smoked Salvia, I've always remained 100% motionless and 100% silent. I pretty much just stare at a particular spot or have my eyes closed and remain completely immobile.


I am very heavily into lucid dreaming. For this reason, each time I smoke Salvia my trips are always visually-based. I get very vivid pictures. I also tend to lose all senses in my current environment and in turn experience senses that my mind perceives to be there. I am also very open to many different interpretations of our universe, reality, etc. I enjoy studying different theories about these things, and hence there's is a lot of it in my subconscious mind. I think these subconcious ideas are what Salvia triggers in my brain most frequently.


I think I put too much Salvia in the bowl...so after I take a hit of as much as my lungs can handle, I look down at the remaining extract-leaves still burning (and being wasted) to which I think 'Man, that sucks.' Within moments, my mind starts to drift away and I decide to exhale. I see a very large cloud of smoke shoot out my mouth as I start flying out of my body at speeds I can only say are multiple times faster than lightspeed. In less than the blink of an eye I pass our atmosphere, the edges of our universe, and far past the fabrics of our very existence. I'm now hovering over an orb of what I perceive to be all of mankind's reality.

Unable to move, I realize that I'm hidden in a box with one of the edges being a bit torn open allowing in light. They're two children playing outside of this box and judging by their noises, shadows, and vibrations: they're very large. I'd put myself as the equivalent size of a small action figure witnessing their world. These two children, one boy and one girl, are presumably siblings. As they play, I become aware that I'm in their home's driveway. I suddenly hear their mother yelling to them from the minivan at the end of the driveway to hurry up. Her tone implied that they needed to get their belongings and go with her.

Both children rush towards my direction: the girl straight at me and the boy just passing my right. The brother screams to the sister 'Hurry! Put yours out!' after he notices me hovering above our orb of reality. His statement was said with fear and worry emoting from his voice as if to say 'Stop him from witnessing this!' or 'Don't allow mother to see what you've got!' I inferred the notion 'Put yours out!' to be slang in their world for taking care of an escaping mind from what I can only refer to as a 'reality-orb.' It is also inferred that the boy had an orb of another reality in his possession so that he could not be bothered with his younger sister's orb. The overall fear and panic I got from the siblings reactions was that they knew they were far too small and irresponsible to be in charge of such precious possessions and they knew if they were caught, they'd be in trouble.

I see the figure of a little girl getting closer and closer to me with an overall cluelessness about what it takes to be in charge of something so complex. She gently wraps her hands around me and pushes me back down to my orb as if to send my mind back to its body and hence, back to reality. I suddenly become slightly aware that I'm in my bedroom and I instantly want to go back. As she continues to push me down, she's not looking at me as if to make sure no one is coming, especially her mother, to see what it is she's in possession of. Because she isn't looking, I decide to push back between her fingers to observe their world for a bit longer. This temporarily works and I continue to watch the back of the small girls head a bit longer. It is then only a matter of moments before the girl notices I am trying to escape and she pushes me back down completely. It is at this very moment that I return to my body in my bedroom and the effects of the salvia quickly fade away.


With the exception of my first Salvia trip, all of my Salvia experiences have been representations of how our reality and universe is constructed and operated. From this experience, and many others like it, I have come up with what I feel is a very accurate portrayel of Salvia: 'Salvia allows the mind to travel and vividly witness one of the infinite possibilities in which our reality is operated.'

Of course, this may just apply to me.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63716
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 19, 2010Views: 12,132
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Alone (16)

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