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Novel Action of Megadoses
Ginkgo biloba
by Rev
Citation:   Rev. "Novel Action of Megadoses: An Experience with Ginkgo biloba (exp64040)". Jun 9, 2018.

2 Tbsp   Ginkgo biloba (leaves)
I did this once in 1997 and re-working my old notes has motivated me to try it again soon.

On a whim, I took 2-3 tbsp of dried, chopped ginkgo leaves and loaded it into a steam-powered espresso machine. I cycled the machine twice, which resulted in a 2 oz. of what looked like concentrated green tea. I drank the ginkgo espresso in one gulp on a relatively empty stomach.

At T+20m I started to feel it working, and by T+1h it was fully working. I was alert, awake, my pupils were somewhat dilated (?), lightheaded, and above everything else I was motivated. I felt stimulated but I felt no euphoria and I didn't have the sort of body/PNS symptoms one does on an amphetamine or caffeine. I spent most of the time building a humidity cage with a grow light mounted inside for a recently ordered S. divinorum cutting, a project I'd been stalling on for weeks.

This strong effect wore off within 4 hours and when I was done making my plant cage I felt no OCD-like urge to clean, organize, etc like you see with people on high doses of amphetamines.

I wanted to share this experience because most folks would have you believe that one uses ginkgo like an SSRI, e.g. take a little each day and you will have a mental boost that is ramped up to over time. I believe ginkgo has some interesting properties that have gone unexploited and unexplored.

Exp Year: 1997ExpID: 64040
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 9, 2018Views: 5,499
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