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Separation of the Mind, Body, & Soul
by Staysha
Citation:   Staysha. "Separation of the Mind, Body, & Soul: An Experience with 5-MeO-DIPT (exp64053)". Aug 15, 2007.

25 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)


Psychadelic Tripping was a long-term interst for me.

Past Psychadelic Experiences:
-Foxy Methoxy

Foxy was an unknown chemical to me. I randomly came accross this chemical stored in a vile through a friend of mine. Having no idea what it was all about, I took it to a very good friend of mine. He told me to be extremely careful with it cuz it is a substance easy to overdose on. He informed me it would be the most intensified acid trip I will ever experience.

FIRST Experience: 8mg (oral)


- Hightened mood. Laughter. Body high. Some visuals.

SECOND Experience: 15mg (oral)


- Hightened mood. Feeling of Euphoria. Complete relaxation. Enjoyable visuals.

THIRD Experience: (guesstimate): 20-25mg (oral)


Place: Ashley's Bedroom

00:00- Ashley & I injested our (apx.) 25mg dose of Foxy in a piece of tissue paper. J-Dub injested his (apx.) 10mg dose of Foxy in a piece of tissue paper. Brittany injested Psychadelic Mushrooms.

00:50- My mood elevated intensely along with my sense of touch. Happiness was hightening between my friends and I.

02:00- Rushing tingles throughout my body gave me a feeling of relaxation. My head started feeling wobbly as if I was drunk. Colors were intensified. Tracers came with every movement of my eyes. Things around me started to liquify. My senses are strong and my mind fills with ideas.

02:30- Handprints, splatters, designs, and smiley faces painted with blacklight paint on the ceiling capture my attention. We turn off the light and turn on a blacklight.

03:00- Ashley and I begin a conversation about what we are experiencing. We talk about our visuals. Staring at the wall, it melts. Looking up at the ceiling, the blacklight paint dances and swirls around. We look at each other's hands, they are blurry, and have a 'breathing' effect.

04:00- Visuals become very intense and uncontrollable. I sit with ashley on her bed. Everything around almost comes to life. My eyes get a sort of static effect. My head feels heavy. My mood excells with energy and I become completely consentrated on how fast everything going.

04:45- I am now blown away by my visuals. The light turns back on. My vision was pixelated. Things were melting, distorting, and moving fast. Some things had a 3D effect. Other things, when I constantly looked around, would get picked up by mind and then, in slow motion, were carried wherever I looked next. My mind then drifts to complete surprise of what I am seeing. I ask my friend Ashley if her visuals are intense. We go into disbelief that a drug could take that effect. Everyone looks at each other in disbelief. When I look at Ashley's face, her mouth is like a wave and her face drips and stretches.

05:00- Thoughts race through my mind. My heart rate speeds up. The light had revieled everything in the room and it was too much for me to see. My visuals were too intensified. Ashley and I start blurting out, 'Turn it off!', 'It's too much!'

05:30- I regain focus on my trip. I stay close to Ashley as we conversate about things that just happened and what we were seeing.

06:30- Ashley and I are in a deep conversation about life, the universe, drugs, and sexuality. We become connected. Visuals calm down and we lose touch with the reality that we are on a drug. Our focus is deep in our conversation about life. All the answers to our deepest questions about life just start pouring out of eachother.

07:00- Ashley and I are seperated from our two friends. We are now at a point where there is no life. We are in another demention where it is only us and we are stuck together for eternity. We believe we mentally picked each other in our life to be together forever. Our souls were destined to be free together.

07:30- An incredible feeling of relief comes over me. My body feels orgasmic and I feel warmth in between my legs. I started to urinate as I was feeling this seperation from my body.

08:00- I feel like I have become my soul and I take my body to the floor. I lay there for a moment taking deep breaths. I make eye contact with ashley. Memories of my life start overflowing in my mind as I just lay there. I started to feel sad and I needed to let my mind go and leave my body in this sad demention.

08:30- Ashley then looks to me and I feel she is feeling the same things as me. I pick up my body off the floor and she picks hers up off the bed. We tell each other we need to go. I loose all of my bodily functions and together we start walking. We repeatidly crash into each other and fall to the floor. We are feeling the pain of our lives as we believe we are walking down a spiral staircase to free our souls. She thrusts herself all over the place as I do too. We then stop and lay on the floor. My body begins to feel numb. I take deep breaths again to prepare for the seperation from my body. All my emotions pour out. I go from being sad, to happy, then angry, then crying, then laughing.

09:00- I close my eyes for a moment while breathing deaply and when I open them I see Ashley. We had just completed the seperation of our mind, body, & soul. Things looked and felt normal and we were all alone.

09:30- Reality starts coming into my trip in stages. My friends start to appear before my eyes. I realize I am coming off the drug and into reality. I go to take a drink of water and loose my touch with reality for a split second and poor it into my lap. I sit there blankly for a moment.

09:45- I gasp! Then put my hands over my mouth. I look at my friends and for a moment, I start crying. I was back from my trip of complete Separation of the Mind, Body, & Soul.

Bits and pieces of the trip I had completely blacked out. I spent a whole week replaying that night in my head because I wanted to remember it. Before I took the drug, I had planned on loosing myself cuz I had never done that before. So, now I have that experience to share with others that think about wanting to experience a 'Trip'.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 64053
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 15, 2007Views: 11,454
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5-MeO-DiPT (57) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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