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Three Friends And I
Morphine, Alcohol & Cannabis
Citation:   Four Minute Warning. "Three Friends And I: An Experience with Morphine, Alcohol & Cannabis (exp64146)". Erowid.org. Sep 30, 2009. erowid.org/exp/64146

  insufflated Morphine (ground / crushed)
This is a story I write that took place When I was a young 15 year old and a freshman in high school. I am now 19 and will be a sophomore in college. This experience was very memorable for me. I have personally done my fair share of experimentation and this night is still very vivd almost five years later. The combination of the atmosphere, friends, and morphine really created something interesting.

I remember it was an april night and my best friend was having a little gathering. All together including myself there was going to be four people trying morphine to our complete and utter surprise. R, C and myself were all going to be sleeping at my good friend B's for the night. We all took some shots of alcohol and I decided with much approval from my peers to break out a little pot. After trying to blow a rip into a blanket to try and mask the smoke (This did not work well) we all decided to forget the pot. We did not feel like filing the whole house up with the green aroma. Then have B's parents come down in some sort of anti - marijuana stupor. After watching t.v with a little alcohol in all of us, B completely took us all by surprise when he brought down morphine pills.

I seemed to be the astonished one of the group that B had morphine. It is fair to say C, R and B for that matter really did not know what morphine was. I have to admit though, I was not positively sure what I was getting myself into either. If I remember correctly, which I believe I do, B took a skate magazine and started chopping up the pills. He was making fine lines out of those pills. The kid had suregon hands when it came to drugs. We each took a turn blowing lines from a twenty dollar bill that was rolled up.

9:30 - The magazine came to me and it was my turn to take my line. I was a little anxious, but I did have a decent idea of what I was in for. I blew the line like a pro (or at least I thought I did).

9:55 - The magazine comes to me again for my final line, I had already blown two or three more since my initial dose of twenty five minutes ago. I feel a little different at this point but nothing too profound. I tell my friends I'm probably not going to do this line. Then about a minute or two of contemplating I say 'fuck it' and blow it anyway. B, C, R and I are certaintly in for one hell of a night.

10:45 - I feel 'high' but I can't really put my finger on what is really going on. I feel as if I am coherent but at the same time like I am incapable of really doing anything. At this point all four of us were just lying down watching television and staring. This would turn into a common theme for the night. My skin feels a little sweaty. I have cotton mouth and my skin is also itchy. My nose is uncomfortable from blowing all of that morphine powder. At the moment none of these things really mattered though. I was very content yet apathetic. I could feel slight feelings of nausea come but it did not seem to be anything to be concerned about.

12:00 Am - All four of us are the absolutely the most high we have ever really been in our young lives. We were just lying down perfectly content, shooting the shit with each other. Despite there being no deep conversations, no complaining, frankly not too much emotion other than the occasional laughter and some excitement trying to come to surface. I remember saying to R to look at the christmas lights that were hanging up on the ceiling directly above us. It was really a beautiful sight and R agreed. Christams lights would also be a common theme for the night. For me anyways, it is quite possible I stared at these lights for hours on end without really moving.

12:45ish Am - We all collectively decide we should try and get up since none of us had really moved a muscle in about three or four hours. Although time really did not seem to matter at this juncture. Time was not slowing down or speeding up, time just seemed to be irrelevant. We all got up and B turned a light on, I remember feeling really light headed and kind of stumbling when I got up for the first time. We then headed up the basement stairs and made our way to the kitchen. I believe we all went to the bathroom and then got some water. This is when B made a reference to 'better not piss on the toliet seat' Thats because C was basically notorious for pissing on the seats of toilets.

1:30ish Am - Surpisingly every one of us is still on an amazing high. We basically feel the same as we did an hour ago. There is not an abundance of communication going on yet everyone is perfectly content. I still have similar, negative minor side effects as before: Cotton mouth, itchy and sweaty skin.

2:30ish Am - Here is when things start to get a little hazy. All four of us are still chilling in B's basement. Lying down on the floor with the television in front of us and the lights above us. At this point I am very euphoric, content and not too talkative. I assume this how the other three were feeling. From here on in it gets a little more difficult to remember how I was feeling as this must of been the peak high of the experience. Or so it seemed. I would learn later I would stay high for quite some time. This was also the point in time when C started to get sick. Out of nowhere he blew ferocious chunks. I personally broke out into hysteric laughter for some reason. B got a little pissed and found him a bucket so he wouldn't get puke all over the carpet. C continued to throw up intensely for the next couple of hours. I couldn't seem to do anything to help him. I was completely in my own world, as was R and B. It is kind of strange. This kid was puking his brains out and B, R and I couldn't really do anything but say a few occasional kind words and occasionally laugh. When you see someone puke you would expect it to be a one and done type deal. But I am pretty positive C was puking for at least two to three hours and then was still sick upon waking.

3:30ish Am - R says he feels a little sick himself. C is still hitting the bucket like a champ. B and I are high as kites with really no emotional responses going on.

4:00ish Am - I turn to B and say I think I might be getting a little nauseaus. Eventually though, I shake off the feeling. I never really truly got sick through out the night. Neither did B. All of us stayed high and enjoyed the nothingness of the night which was made from the morphine. About 5am we went to sleep. C was still throwing up. Poor bastard.

*In my mind in those drugged moments before sleeping I was on a completely different plateau than I really ever invisioned going into that night. Being only 15 years old and basically a rookie to the drug world this experince was almost life changing. Never in my life even in the present have I had a more surreal time. My drug history includes, Magic mushrooms, marijuana, cocaine, various pills, and amphetamines. The morphine really came at me in warm waves all night long. I barely moved and did not feel the need to. I barely thought the whole night. This was such a unusual experience for a fifteen year old. It was difficult making sense of it all at the time. I really and truly did escape the world. I went away and I would of been happy with never returning. Feelings like this is why I can see how so many people can get addicted to opiates. It is suffice to say in my one experience with morphine, there is nothing that can touch this stuff. outside of other opiates of course.*

10:30ish Am - We all wake up and C is still horrifically sick. R is sick too now. B and I are still going pretty strong, and we are all actually still high as hell. Believe it or not I would remain high for all of that day which was sunday. All of us would remain high for all of sunday for that matter. We blew the lines saturday night.

*Over all and in retrospect morphine is a very hard drug to describe to others. I hope I succeeded in trying to shed a little insight into what my one and only experience with this drug was about. Never once did I feel paranoid. Never once did I feel uneasy (except for the onset of the lines) Never once was I depressed or introspective. I was basically emotionless and thoughtless and it was a great feeling. Some people say it is like a full body orgasm. It would be difficult for me to dispute that notion. Despite the violent puking from C, I was never on the verge of puking. Nor was B. Nor was there ever heavy feelings of nausea for B and I.

THE ENDING.... C's mom picked him up where she suspected he was hung over because he was throwing up out of the car windows. Talk about a shitty morning. R went home around noon where he later confessed in school on monday that he threw up at his house. I went home high and tired and fiddled around with some random shit. I believe B did the same.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 64146
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15
Published: Sep 30, 2009Views: 30,378
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