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Citation:   Thealuminumtaco. "Extraction: An Experience with Coleus (exp64157)". Sep 4, 2007.

2 bowls smoked Coleus (extract)
Hello, I am a fairly inexperience drug user, having only tried alcohol, LSA, DXM, and weed. I recently learned about coleus from a forum that I frequent and got excited about this psychoactive plant that can be found at pretty much any store that sells plants. The day after reading about it I bought a fairly large plant and began experimenting.

First I took 6 leaves off of it and rolled them up, stuck them in my mouth and chewed and sucked the juices. I think I might have felt something later but it may have been placebo. I tried this method two more times, with the latter having a decent effect, but I still wanted more. So I figured I would try some experimentaion, even though I have very little knowledge about simple chemistry. But I assumed that if I put broken up leaves into water and some how broke them down more, then evaporated the water, I would be left with a smaller amount of plant matter that would contain a more concentrated amount of the active substance in Coleus Blumei.

First, I put 10 leaves or so into a blender with some warm water, and blended it until the leaves were ground up. Then I poured that, and a bit more water to wash out the stuff that was left in the blender, and a bit of lemon juice, into a pot and put it on high heat on the stove. I boiled this for 30 minutes or so until all the water had evaporated, and I was left with a mass of dark greenish plant matter. I collected this into a ball and then spread it out over some wax paper. I later dried it out and smoked two bowls, which was only like 1/3 of what the 10ish leaves produced.

About 5 minutes after finishing the second bowl a stoned feeling came over me, present throughout my body, but most noticably in my face. This was way more intense then the effect that was produced by the 8 leaves I had chewed earlier in the day. Looking away from the computer screen to the walls caused patterning and some OEV shapes that can be moved if I imagine them moving in a certain direction. It is definately more than placebo, but mostly just a body high. My thoughts don't feel very altered. I would like to smoke a higher amount and see if the effects are more pronounced.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 64157
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 4, 2007Views: 38,815
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Coleus (168) : General (1), Preparation / Recipes (30), Unknown Context (20)

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