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A Beautiful Grace
Salvia divinorum
Citation:   The Coconut Monkey. "A Beautiful Grace: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp6419)". Feb 26, 2002.

0.2 g smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)
About a week ago I acquired 10 grams of salvia 5x extract. My first few attempts to obtain a flash rendered only a mild buzz and faguely off base-line mindframe. I was smoking about 1/10 of a gram in short sucession out of a small glass pipe.

The next day I went to visit some friends out of town and thought I would bring the salvia along for more rigorous experimentation. To my suprise several other people that I am friends with were also in town and expressed interest in trying it. This time about fifteen people sat around with a bong and packed it up. Several people tried and got what I guess is the equivalent of the tryptamine giggles, breaking through no futher than I was able to at that point. At this level of the salvia experience, it comes on very simmilar to nitrous. More like taking a nitrous hit to synerize about 2 hits of medium strenght blotter acid.

Everyone who did laughed and sayed how fucked up they were and poked fun at each other while the intense first 2 to 3 minutes passed. Finally I decided to take my turn. I pakced the bowl to the brim. I didn't have anything that would weigh the dose put I'm estimating that we were packing about 1/5 of a gram in the bowl. I lite it up, milked the tube,pulled,and held my breath.

I remeber thinking the smoke was much more palatable than with with using a pipe, and then something happened. It seems to be a common thing for salvia to add the feeling of weight on specific parts of the body I had been feelling like one side of my head was trying wind itself up like some sureal painting of a twisted face, but this was different. I felt myself lifting up and backwards. I was a little confused but not scared. Then I got the most distrubing vibration from a very good friend of mine. I cant explain it, but it was like a beam shot a bad vibe from him to me and I was thrown back in my body and I was stuck focused on the fire place right in front of me.

The visuals were intense but hard to put a finger on. I wouldnt say the visuals were geometric per say, but melts were prominat and there was definetly some dillusional hallcuinations which I had diffectly remebering after I came out. This was very simmilar to the space that DMT has thrown me in, but there was diffently a connection of the teacher plant in salvia that is absent from the pure compound of DMT. The dialogue I seemed to be having was how nobody else in the group was using the salvia for the right reason. It was telling me how it was...scarligious isn't the word I'm looking for but its close.

At this point it felt like I had been under for a long time, and I was getting the feeling that people were worried about me. I tried to express to them that I was fine but it was like somebody was holding me down. When I came out of the flash I realized it had only been a minute and nobody was worried at all, in fact they were urging me to pack another bowl. I tried to explain the gravity of the expereince but they took this opnion very lightly.

I reluctantly let the expermiments go on with most only the whipit effect surfacing in other people. The exceptions were only two people. One of which still at the 1/5 gram dosage was blasting off to the amnesic level that the drug can produce. He kept trying to get up but I gently restrained him and made sure he was as comfortable as possible so that no unforute accidents could occur. This happened to him every time he tried it, and I assume he is hyper-sensative to it. He said a few intersting things which I wish I could have taped, but remembered nothing of the experience.

The other person who flashed hit the bong, held his breath, and then rolled off the couch threw his legs over his head, and started chanting fuck me. When he started to come out he looked at me and said 'dude your crazy'. He later reiterated it was the most bizzare and just plain strange experience he had ever had, and I'm inclined to agree with him. My next go was great!!! a definte ++++. I have had three other short ++++ experiences and I'm conviced they are sparked into being by a flairing of one of your chakras, which then because of its inertia opens all the other chakras until a kundalini experience is attained.

Anyone that has known this experience know that there is nothing better. Trying to put words to the feeling of wholeness and bliss you are submerged in is a waste of time. The music was unbelievable, there's nothing like it and I would give my life if it would guarantee everyone could hear that music just once. I think it would change the world. As I came out of it I felt the regret of leaving contact with what I guess you would call God-consciousness. I remember feeling no fear of death in fact almost a longing to spead it up so that I could be whole again.

Several hours passed before I hit the salvia again. This time three were only three people in the house and one of them was new. Same dose, same process, and wham.... I was slammed. I definately think you become more sensative to salvia the more you do it. The music was present again and I started to have a vision. I'm not sure what it meant but this is how it went. My field of vision was still framed and then zoomed out. As it zoomed out it connected to several million of the same frame. Not so unlike a very intense kaleidoscope patterns on DMT but a thousand times more interesting, and weird. The utter Alieness of a salvia flash can really put DMT in its place. As the picture kept zooming out it started forming either Mayan or Aztec symbols and pictures. Admittledly I have been studying ancient mayan calender and their culture so that might be why I saw this but, I think when a coincidence presents itself you making a mistake if you dont analyize it for some meaning. Eventually I made some since of the vision I was seeing and then boom.....another ++++.

I hate trying to explaing this phenomenon because no matter what you say nobody understands. When I started comming down, again only about a minute though it feels like a lifetime, I thought the people in the room were doing elabrate things to mess with my head, and it was working. I was taking it good naturedly because what they were doing was so cool. I remember thinking that it was being lead by the person that was new to the group I was so impressed that he knew how to fuck with people like that. When I finally came out of the flash I found out that after comming out fot he ++++ it had only been another 10 seconds were so, and that they had saied a word to me, and that he had never even tripped before. About a minute later that all changed and he had a pleasant little experience that I'm sure piqued his interest.

I have read very sinister things about salvia, but it is definately my ally. To have two ++++ experiences in one night, as well as a near out of body experiences is just plain crazy, not mention exausting. As eager as I am to fire up another bowl,I think experienes this strong should be incorporated over time. But if everytime I smoke salvia I go to this same place I did on my last two trips, I have a feeling its going to become a very important feature of my life.

I dont have enough good things to say about this substance, but I am an advocate of committed doses, and the plant seemed to agree with me. So If your thinking about trying salvia, I would go with 5x or even 10x extract, start with about 1/10 of a gram with a sitter present and remember the advice of Terence Mckenna 'pay attention and try not to be amazed'(good luck with that though), and the magic words of Willy Wonka ' a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.'

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6419
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 26, 2002Views: 13,427
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