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Euphoric Blues, Demon Reds
Cannabis & Endogenous (High Fever)
by Private
Citation:   Private. "Euphoric Blues, Demon Reds: An Experience with Cannabis & Endogenous (High Fever) (exp64204)". Aug 9, 2010.

0.75 g smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I have consumed and smoked marijuana for 8 years now and never had a bad experience until this. I have also only used it a couple times a week and in small doses, I never really tried to get extremely high. It had been a few months since I had last smoked and my tolerance had gone down. A couple of friends and I were jamming in a garage playing some music and smoked a bowl of some really potent chronic. I know for sure it was not laced with anything. It was however really potent.

I had a fever all day coming and going and it had been randomly messing with my vision and I would see orbs or colors in the corner of my eye that weren't there from the lack of sleep and fever. I noticed my vision was getting wierd right before we started smoking and told myself to make a note to drink fluids and take something to reduce my fever.

Well, we smoked the bowl and for a few minutes I was pissed off because after 5 minutes I wasn't feeling a thing. Then it hit me fast like stepping up steps instead of a gradual incline, I was feeling good and really giggly and completely forgot about my temperature shooting up, as well as where I was haha. My face began to feel tingly and when I swallowed, in my minds eye (basically a vivid daydream) I could see the muscles in slow motion in my throat moving in a wave pattern as my saliva was pushed along down my throat, and then I would snap back to reality suddenly and feel a rush almost like the adrenaline rush when I am spooked by something. I laughed because after this happening a few times I knew I was really high.

I began to forget where I was and when I would blink my eyes would stay shut for a moment and I would see patterns and colors. I started noticing that they were getting more intense every time I closed my eyes and then as I was focused on the colors with my eyes closed it occured to me that for a brief moment all I could hear was a static sound. At this point it had been around 30 minutes since I had smoked and the full effects of the THC were being felt. I felt hot, and it started aggrivating me and causing short panic attack type feelings that would come and go every few seconds.

Now this is when shit got wierd. I have read about and personally experienced full blown hallucinations from THC. However, possibly from the fever, this one was more intense than anything I have ever experienced, and I've experimented with many psychadelics including LSD, Mushrooms, PCP and high doses of Salvia.

I started to go off into a different world and it would get really intense (almost reminded me of Salvia or PCP). I made a huge mistake at this point and tried to fight it, but when I tried to regain control I would feel like I was going to die. I tried to drink water to ease the cottonmouth but I would feel paranoid the water was trying to form together in my mouth and choke me and I was scared to drink it. I tried to explain to my friend how my mouth felt like it was being glued shut and mid sentence I daydreamed that there were little demons sealing my mouth to my gums and then I snapped into reality and grabbed my lip and started to pull on it and had to stop myself fearing I would black out and pull my lip off. At this point I told my friend I was tripping hard and needed to lay down.

I was laying there and the bed was broken and would lean from side to side a little. I felt like I was on a ship and a couple times actually thought I was. I imagined I was in the sea and was trying for dear life to not be tossed overboard to drown. The sound of the ceiling fan mixed with the static I was hearing began to get so loud that all I could hear was those two sounds. I tried talking and could not hear my own voice. I had to constantly tell myself that this was just a trip and the paranoia and fear were just negative effects of the THC and to just accept it and ride it out.

I started trying to just let go and gaze at the colors and patterns I saw when my eyes were closed and for a minute or two it was amazing. Then something happened that scared the shit out of me. I closed my eyes and saw the colors and patterns but suddenly instead of me somewhat controlling them they started changing and had a strobe light effect and then I felt my heart rythm get fast, almost like a machine gun. I opened my eyes to try to come back to reality for a seconds but the colors stayed, although now transparent to where it was like a cloudy mist over what I was actually seeing. Either way, I realized that I had no control and that now I couldn't escape it. So I decided it would be best to lay back and just let it do whatever it did and just ride it.

It was at this time I started to have other senses effected by my visual hallucinations. The patterns moved fluidly and had a blue color scheme with some green hints. I felt warm, yet somehow at the same time cool. I felt euphoric, like getting to sleep 30 more minutes after waking up too early for work. It seemed like hours just laying there in peace, even though in reality it was only about 2 minutes. Suddenly the colors began to get a yellowish tone, then red. I felt hot, clammy, my skin itched and tingled on my arm (which I think was caused from me laying on it cutting of circulation). I thought for a second my arm was on fire then realized that my eyes were closed and I only thought I was seeing the room and my arm being on fire.

I was back to reality for a minute and the colors were only coming and going in the corners of my eye. My friend took my temperature and it was 103.4 (which may also explain the intensity of the hallucinations as well as the hot and cold flashes). I decided I would try to sleep the fever and hallucinations off.

For an hour I was in and out of reality and the colors stayed intense. The red would bring images of demons and monsters and for a minute I thought I was stuck like this, I thought this is what insanity is. I thought about the concept of hell. I thought maybe I should let myself just lay there and die, and that maybe it would be over. The I thought to myself 'What if this IS death? What if I am in hell?'

I suddenly woke up again and the room was in slow motion and it was like a strobe light going off. I drifted back and was semi awake, super zoned out. The colors finally began to go back to the blue, peaceful tones. I laid there for another hour or so (which seemed like longer) just enjoying it. Finally back to euphoria.

The next day I was almost sure of it that it had been laced with PCP because the experience was similar. I went and bought a drug test kit. My results showed high amounts of THC and that was it. So I knew it wasn't laced.

I was shook by this experience. For a few days I questioned reality. I questioned my whole life. My memories and experiences were all in question. Were they real, or just mixed up signals inside my brain. I became much more humble, much more open to new ideas, much different inside. My thoughts after that experience were more in depth and all things became complicated, but not in a bad way.

This was definately a life changing experience. It was also a humbling experience that to this day reminds me to always be in tune with my body and always respect any drugs I use. I still consume marijuana frequently. However I have (thankfully) not had an experience like this since then. I have had some slight visual hallucinations and have had alot of closed eye visuals and realistic vivid daydream when I zone off, but feelings and the overall trip has not been anywhere near as intense.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 64204
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 9, 2010Views: 12,761
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Cannabis (1), Endogenous (86) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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