Strange Properties
Citation:   Brain Damage. "Strange Properties: An Experience with Methcathinone (exp64285)". Jul 22, 2008.

    Methcathinone (freebase)
The synthesis was initially a success, I had at least 1 gram of MCAT freebase. This is where things got a little iffy: In the absence of a suitable base for the substance, I hypothesized that I could slowly evaporate most of the water out, making a concentrated freebase solution. Everything I've read made it seem as if the drug will easily convert back into f-a-drin in absence of a base. And having no real experience using f-a-drin (as I do not believe it is a real drug) further blurs the line.

One of the main things I've noticed about the drug is its strange anti-psychotic properties. My life is consumed by a constant 'schizoid psychosis' wherein I am never sure what is really real. I am always sure that everybody is out to do me harm. Sometimes I seem to hear voices, but its not just voices, its more like distortions of previous memories that further seem to alter my perception of things.

Well, when I'm on this stuff its like my delusions seem to be diminished. It's really strange because nearly every other illegal drug I've taken seems to increase my paranoia in one way or another. The closest thing I can liken it to is the seroquel (an anti-psychotic) I used to take. It is so odd though because I never really thought any sort of anti-psychotic drug could do anything to you other than zombify you. This stuff is not straight amphetamine by any means but it does speed you up. It is not ecstasy by any means but there seems to be a component of elevated mood. Funny thing though, I've taken so much ecstasy that I've totally 'lost the magic' and this is probably making me feel more positive than ecstasy would.

Well, I can't say everything about this stuff is good. When I start coming down its a little rough. I suppose it could be addictive somewhat though not nearly as bad as cocaine or opiates. It doesn't affect me in the same way that straight amphetamines do. So it's easy to forget I'm on it and when I start coming down I don't feel 'normal'. Kinda the way nicotine makes me feel 'normal' when I need a cigarette. Funny thing, I believe that my attempt to stop smoking cigarettes (which has lasted at least a month) was one of the things that made me crave something else and end up with a batch of MCAT. Knowing that wellbutrin, a related compound, is used in the treatment of nicotine addiction makes me hypothesize that this drug my have a similar effect on nicotine withdrawl. Then again, it is known that one habit is often traded for another so this may not be the case.

All in all, I believe that it a drug worth trying because it does not seem to have the toxicity of compounds such as 5-MeO-DiPT and 2C-E. It hasn't made me sick to my stomach, given me a headache, or done anything else indicating that it is not fit for human consumption. It does not seem to be as addictive as opiates, cocaine, tobacco, or straight amphetamines. It doesn't severely repress normal body functions like eating, sleeping, and drinking water like some drugs do. It also has anti-psychotic and/or anti-depressant effects. I would like to be able to administer this drug to persons suffering from various mental disorders to see if any positive effects were noticed. Of course, as with any hard drug, I know it has the potential to cause psychosis by itself. Though this is likely only in severe abuse quantities, over prolonged periods of time, or in persons not previously experienced with drugs. It seemed to increase my libido and in fact, I know that I would not have had a couple orgasms if I had not been tweeking.

One last note is that again, it may be possible that some of the drug decomposed back in f-a-drin. I am mostly certain though that there is a good amount of MCAT in my solution. I know the reaction initially worked because all of the material reacted and the smell was SO wonderful. For comparison purposes, I took the only 30MG pill of f-a-drin which I lost during the procedure (and later found again). The effects of that pill seemed to be very different from the MCAT solution I was on the previous day. I took more MCAT solution after I started feeling sure that the f-a-drin was a different and lesser high. And very quickly, I was back into that nice MCAT space. The drug seemed to kick in amazingly quick. I was noticing effects possibly as quick as 10 minutes. I don't know how much later I decided to start writing this experience report, I'm guessing 30 minutes.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 64285
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 22, 2008Views: 21,258
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