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The Dorm
by OC 80's
Citation:   OC 80's. "The Dorm: An Experience with Heroin (exp64363)". Jun 16, 2018.

  IV Heroin (liquid)


I vividly remember walking into my dealerís dorm that day. I was met with a strange smell as soon as I walked inside, a smell that I would soon become very fond off. I hadnít seen berrisin some time, he was an old friend from high school. He also was my dealer for just about everything for a couple of years. We were and still are good friends.

As I walked around, I noticed and knew that he moved up to main lining smack. From the spoon on his desk, to the looped belt on the floor, I canít even describe the rush of excitement I had gotten from the scene. Iíve smoked H with B before, a lot of it. I didnít really care for it too much, it gave me a headache.

A knock on the door came soon after I had taken all this in. Another of his customers, weíll call him A. I sat on the bed, while they began preparing shoots. It was so surreal, I was at this dorm at ten in the morning, a beautiful morning, with the sun creeping in from behind his curtains. A was cooking speedballs of coke and H, while B was fixing to shoot skag. I hadnít ever seen the preparation or execution in person. I was absolutely sucked into it, I felt as if I was In Burroughs Junkie, as I had just read it a few days prior.

I wanted to join in so bad right then, I wanted my first shot of H right then, more then anything. But I didnít, because I remembered I had to see my parents later that day for one reason or another (I was living in an apartment at the time), I refrained. But I told B that I would be back later that night, for my first real hit. And I was.

I returned around eight thirty, and he was at his dorm, just as promised. When I arrived inside, he told me we needed to hurry, infact he just wanted to give me the shit and have me leave because his girl friend was coming. But I asked, no begged for him to prepare and execute the injection, seeing as I have never done it before. He reluctantly and quickly did.

I tied off with the same belt I had seen laid on the floor that morning. I wrapped it around my arm, and he told me to step on it and pull hard. I did and my veins appeared with ease, but my leg was shaking uncontrollably, either from fear or anticipation. He sterilized the spot and rolled the tip of the needle in the alcohol that was on my arm for a second before telling me to stop fucking shaking. I did for just long enough. He found the vein instantly and pushed it through. As soon as I loosened the belt, I was overwhelmed with absolute euphoria and warmth. I stood up for a minute and just as I was cleaning my arm off, his girl walked in. She was fucking pissed. I tried to explain that I had asked for it and it wasnít Bís fault. But after about thirty seconds of that, I decided to just sit down and not care. I felt amazing.

Before and after this experience I had been addicted to oxycontin. I was also dealing Oxy, coke, X, weed, and shrooms.
After that day, I became a daily visitor to Bís dorm. Him and me would spend an hour together everyday after his classes. Fix up, and deal. Good times.

Soon after I was buying H to take home. I usually would cook it at his dorm, put it in a rig and take it home. I would bang it in my car. I didnít want to cook it at the apartment because I didnít want my roommate to know about it. I never got addicted to it though, but Iíve come very close.

Its about a year later, and I still use occasionally bordering on frequently.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 64363
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 16, 2018Views: 1,894
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Heroin (27) : Not Applicable (38), Addiction & Habituation (10), First Times (2), General (1)

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