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Sedate and Contented
Quetiapine (Seroquel) & Various
Citation:   ClapOnCannabis. "Sedate and Contented: An Experience with Quetiapine (Seroquel) & Various (exp64474)". Aug 29, 2010.

  repeated   Pharms - Quetiapine (pill / tablet)
    repeated   Various  
I've been prescribed Quetiapine for some time now, starting back in last year for anxiety and to aid sleeping. I recognized immediately the potential of this drug, Seroquel. Not much seems to be known by the public of this chemical, and even the recreational community is hit or miss pertaining to whether they've heard of it. There were not many reports of it, and the reports that had gotten through raised opposition to how I viewed it myself.

To start off, many people swear by its inability to be used recreationally, and yet those who have used it in that manner pertest to its overwhelming effects and inability to be mixed. I have taken many things while on my daily dose, or more, and I feel it can be mixed quite safely with some things, while not so safely with others. As far as its recreational ability, I find it to have some, while users find it to have none. Its no Xanax when it comes to euphoric sedation, but it definitely produces a noticeable effect that is fairly unique.

On its own, the sedation can be quite overwhelming. A simple dose of 50mgs can effect a person with no tolerance strongly, while I myself have easily taken four times my prescribed 100mgs to achieve an effect simular to standard sleep aids such as Lunesta and Ambien. The effect itself produces sedation and a mild euphoria based on extreme contentness. It inhibits functioning to a degree, and slows down processing of information. The effect is unique, and definitely exists.

In combination with other drugs, it produces a variety of effects.

In combination with Marijuana, it increases the sedativeness and reduces inhibitions more, with less thought put into whats leaving my mouth, and less thought put into retaining my attention as to where and who I am. Somewhat reminiscent of the dissociated feeling. I have never encountered problems with the mix, and have never had seizures on the two, no matter how much of each I have ingested.

In combination with Alcohol, I lose my friends. The little label on my medicine bottle was for real about avoiding alcohol on this medication. The only time I had more than a beer or so of alcohol on this medication ended horribly. Of all the experiences with Quetiapine that I've had, this is definitely the worst. I had been eagerly awaiting drinking with my pals, and had two extra Seroquel on me, as this was my bedtime dosage at the time. I remember discussing with my friends briefly about an interaction between the Seroquel and the beer we were about to come ahold of, and we sort of shrugged it off, while keeping it in the back of my mind. I don't remember drinking my first beer, or my second, or anything else of that night for that matter. What I do remember are simply images.

Apparently after finishing my third beer and starting on my fourth, I had unzipped my pants and commenced urination on the kitchen cabinets. Apparently I had mistaken my location immensely, although I don't remember any of the actual events even leading up to it. What I do remember is being woken up from my place on the couch and being scolded by the owners child, and was told I had to leave the house. This upset me pretty well, since I lived an hours walk away, and didn't know even at that time what I had done. What I know now is that I had taken my two Seroquel, on top of the one I had taken for the morning, adding to at least 300mgs in my system in conjunction with the beers. In my effort to get out and call my mom, I was extremely inebriated and mistook a bottle for my shoe I had been searching for, and I'm sure I gave more than the initial first effort to put it on my foot. All in all, I ended up calling my mom to get picked up in the wee bit of the morning, and haven't drank on them since, besides the occasional shot when I've forgotten I've taken my Seroquel.

In combination with Oxycodone, it seems to lengthen the experience and produce a heavier layer of the buzz. I popped a 100mg every time I snorted a 15mg OxyIR, and the effect seemed to remain the same each time. I may have also taken Hydrocodone while on the Seroquel, but my memory fails me and I refuse to put out information which may prove to be untrue. But as for Oxycodone, I can verify the lyrics in the Lil Whyte song, as it definitely increases the effects felt.

In combination with Methylphenidate, the reactions seem to be safe. I remember taking at least one 36mg Concerta on my prescribed 100mg dose, biting it in half to encourage a faster onset and everything, and had no problems. During the time, I consumed up to three 36mg Concertas a day, although the particular experience I remember involved only one. If anything, it probably reduced the mental effects of the Concerta.

In combination with Caffeine, it feels nice. I remember a period in time where I was staying home from school, and I would make a pot of coffee for myself, chewing a Seroquel each time I slammed down a cup. I make my coffee very strong, and what I remember of the experiences back then seem to suggest that it takes away some of the mental slow down and inebriation of the Seroquel.

In combination with Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, it seemed to raise no problems, although my experience, and the previous experience of a rolling friend did not include Seroquel until after the peak of the MDMA. I recently used it after coming down from a roll I had bought on a night we had expected to go to a party. The party got busted before our walking caravan made it even close, so the few of us around after the walk decided to pop the Seroquel I had kept on me that day. I ended up taking four in total that day, with 200mgs in the morning, and 200mgs in the afternoon before finally retiring for a day and a half. As for my other rolling friend who had taken one, he seemed to report to me that he had been out of it after ingestion, and he seemed to of had a safe time. All in all, I would say Seroquel is wonderful for getting to sleep after rolling, although I've only had one strong experience with MDMA involving Seroquel.

In combination with Zolpidem, it seems to enhance the trippiness often reported with Ambien. An example would be a night that me and my friends decided to spend the night at another friends house to smoke weed and eventually pop Ambiens, for me being the first time. I decided to pop two 10mgs, while another friend of mine popped one 10mg and a 25mg of Seroquel. Thinking back now it seems that the Seroquel potentiated the effects of the ambien, as when I hysterically reported my slight hallucinations to the rest of the group, my other friend who had also ingested the Seroquel reported the same effects, and seemed to be just as thrilled about them as me. I ended up ingesting a small amount of seroquel that night, along with around 3mgs of Ambien, and the effects stayed at the same plateau, unfortunately void of the prior hallucinations.

In combination with Phenobarbital, the effects seem the same. I had ingested 259.2mgs prior to writing this, with two booster pills popped during the writing. I don't notice any synergy with the Seroquel, although it may be true that my mental system is slowed even more so in combination. I had insufflated 100mgs prior to getting the idea of taking the Phenobarbital, and proceeded in reading up on interactions online before doing so. I have over time now taken 324mgs of Phenobarbital in combination with the Seroquel, and feel pretty thoroughly sedated. The slight research I did prior to ingesting the Phenobarbital lead me to write this report documenting my interactions with Seroquel.

Also, on the Fourth of July I had taken one of my moms prescription Benzonatate capsules she had been prescribed to for a cold I had been experiencing that week. I smoked Marijuana all day on it without a problem, but experienced extreme dysphoria after ingesting a Seroquel since I had passed them out to two of my friends. I had planned not to take it that day because of the Benzonatate, but forgot, and ended up paying the price. I spent the night indoors with the most terrible feeling I've had from a substance since DXM. My head felt fuzzy and clogged up, and it felt as though I had a full-head migraine. I was barely able to walk, only getting up every hour or so, and could not eat at all. Taking Seroquel on the Benzonatate ruined my Fourth of July, and a perfectly good opportunity to party.

Exp Year: 2006-2007ExpID: 64474
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 29, 2010Views: 83,969
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Pharms - Quetiapine (273), Various (136), Pharms - Zolpidem (143), Alcohol (61), Cannabis (1), MDMA (3), Oxycodone (176), Phenobarbital (208) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3), Not Applicable (38)

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