A Glitch In the Software of Reality
Salvia divinorum (20x extract)
Citation:   Quantum, The. "A Glitch In the Software of Reality: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) (exp64539)". Erowid.org. Sep 2, 2007. erowid.org/exp/64539

1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
I had tried salvia probably four times before this trip, and was somewhat disappointed from the results because I had not gotten a real mind-altering trip. I had gotten the giggles the first few times I smoked it, and the last time I smoked one hit while on mushrooms at the beach one night but only slightly noticable affects. The trip I would embark on this night was something completely different, nothing I ever thought could be possible to accomplish with a drug.

Four of my closest friends told me they were doing salvia that night and invited me to come. I accepted the offer, and they came and picked me up. We went to a local smoke shop to buy it. I had never smoked 20 extract before, as neither of my friends had, and one of them, M, had never tried salvia before. Since I was the one who had tried salvia the most times, my friends were asking me what would be the best extract to get, so I simply told them to get the most highly potent extract available, which was 20x. We wanted to smoke out of a bong (to enhance the trip) and so we went back to my house to pick up my brothers 1.5 foot bong. Then we drove to a dark street and began the session in the car.

We decided to take turns, so we could watch over one another while tripping to make sure the situation in the car stayed chill. One of the friends I was with had to leave soon, so he went first. After he smoked a bowl, he was giggling for a while, and then he got out of the car to walk around - no big deal. My friend, M, who had never smoked salvia before went next. He probably took the biggest rip I had ever seen him take and he held it in for a while. He started drooling and was completely out-of-his-mind tripping. I knew it was his first time so I thought that maybe he just wasn't used to it. The friend who smoked first said he definitely felt it, but nothing really mind-blowing happened to him. While they were still tripping, I was passed a full bowl of 20x salvia by the driver.

My thoughts were clear, and I was basically not expecting anything much. But I said to myself, 'Whatever happens happens. I'm not going to expect anything of this bowl of salvia, I will just go where the trip takes me.' Okay - bad idea. I starting inhaling into the bong and lit the lighter, torching the entire surface of the salvia. After I was almost done taking a HUGE rip, I remember thinking to myself, 'Damn, this is a really big rip. Probably too big, but whatever it's too late now.' I held it in for about 5 seconds before letting it out very slowly. Something came over me, starting from what seemed like inside my neck and then went up and out of my head. I knew I felt something very strong but the trip had yet to hit me full on. I didn't snap the bowl in the large rip I took, so my friends that hadn't smoked yet were telling me to snap the bowl. I agreed, though I don't know what I was thinking, and somehow snapped it, but I don't even remember doing it. My trip was hitting full force at that moment.

My friend in the driver's seat, B, started to talk. I was emulsed in a very colorful new world. B's head starting moving off of his body, down and to the right. I suddenly noticed that the reality I had come to know my entire life, was gone, and new layers of reality were being peeled into my existance. This was an absolutely horrifying realization. There was a sharp corner to which all of these colors were emanating from in the center of my vision, as if the bottom corner of a floor going left and a wall going up were being formed right in front of me. From this corner, bright vivid colors of blue, yellow, pink, green and orange were leaving the corner, going up the side of the wall and left across the floor. These colors seemed to be the different layers of the realities I was being pulled through and subject to. My life was over. It vanished in an instant. Everything I had come to know was over. I thought about my job, my parents, my friends - all gone.

My friend who smoked first was leaving right at the peak of my trip, and he came up to the open window next to me. I only could see his flat, two-dimentional face, like my other driver friend, though I could not recognize who he was. He was saying 'later! later!' I thought he was keeping me in this state of constant changing of realities, and it made me angry at him. It also made me angry that I didn't know ANYTHING that was going on. Something very bad was happening, something that I should have never seen in my entire life, that the fabric of our reality is nothing but a state-of-mind, like there was a glitch in the software of reality that normally makes me think that I'm living in the existance I have come to know my whole life. It was like the worst nightmare ever, but everything was VERY real, because I could tell it was actually happening to me.

I was so confused I started yelling at my friends, because I thought they were the ones keeping me in this awful state-of-mind. I yelled to my friend, B, in the driver's seat, 'WHAT THE FUCK.' 'WHAT IS GOING ON' He said something like, 'Dude, were just chillin in this car. Aren't you chill?' I was like, 'YOU'RE CHILLING? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON.' I was in a total state of befuddlement and confusion. I remember accidently ripping my beany off, and grabbing both sides of my head with my hands, and rubbing my hair around. During my trip, the whole time I was sitting in the car, I was not really 'in' the car. The entire left side of my body seemed outside the car, as if the back left side of the car didn't even exist. I looked over at my other friend, Z, sitting next to me, who I only thought was betraying me by not letting me return to my real existance. I found out later that I tried to jump into the front seat right when I was peaking, as trying to escape the inevitable change of the world around me.

I could feel myself coming back to my true existance, but suddenly that corner would reappear and I would be drifting through realities again. A VERY unpleasant feeling. I centered myself in my seat, and took long deep breaths. I looked to make sure I was fully in the car, which I still was. For a slight second, after centering my aura, I could see and feel something coming down from my head and into my body, like two parallel, green, fine-grade thunder bolts. I was very disoriented. Each time I had done salvia before this trip, there was always a person saying that it is really hot as they start taking off their shirts, sweating. I didn't actually feel 'hot', but as I was sitting there trying to regain myself my arms were busy at work doing a ripping motion over my chest. I took my sweater off without ever trying or thinking about it, and I remember saying, 'I'm taking my sweater off,' to my friends.

I tried to regain my mind. I tested myself to make sure I still had a brain, because I didn't know what was going on still. I recalled some chemical names and formuals I had recently learned. I was finally coming back to my true reality - more thankful than ever. It still took me a while to come down after that. We drove to a park so B and Z could smoke. I was seeing very vivid tracers, and all objects around me were still in motion, seemingly being sucked upward with green strings holding them in place. Throughout my whole trip, I strangly had a Joni Mitchell song stuck in my head called 'the Circle Game' which talks about the inevitable foward motion of time that everyone and everything is subject to. Though, now that I recall, during the peak of my trip when my true reality got peeled away there was a distinct noise I could hear, like high-pitched gobblin sounds, almost like music, but not quite pleasant enough.

The car was definitely a BAD place to smoke salvia, as I felt very congested and crammed, and helplessly 'stuck' inside the car subject to my horrifying trip. I really noticed it when B smoked his bowl of salvia at the park we stopped at, when he definitely experienced what M, Z, and I had experienced, but he had the luxory of open space. He took advantage of it and starting running away from where he smoked, like hauling ass! We all talked for a while, and after B came down from his trip, he dropped everyone off, including me at my house. Contemplating my trip, I decided I needed to go for a walk, considering I felt very crammed in the car during my trip and I needed the feeling of freedom. So I walked and walked, and stopped to smoke a bowl of pipe tobacco to calm myself, which it did, then I went home.

So what does this trip mean? I don't know exactly what is going on in the human mind after someone smokes salvia divinorum, but it seems like much more than just a chemical reaction occuring in the brain. After thinking about my trip, and all the other realities that were right under the surface of our own reality, I basically have come to realization that these realities have been there the whole time. I, or anyone, could never exist in another reality. I didn't exist in these other realities. Our 'true' reality is the only one we can ever exist in, and when we leave this reality, we are nothing. Absolutely nothing. The absence of anything. From another realities perspective looking into our true reality, none of us exist, and none of anything exists. We are only present to ourselves in our own universe, our reality. It boggles my mind how a drug like salvia can bring one to alternate dimensions and realities. I mean, it's just another molecule in our vast universe, a physical piece of our own reality.

After this, I will never smoke salvia again. Mostly because of it's very unpleasant and disturbing effects. But I recommend you at least try it once - if you have the courage and curiosity.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 64539
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 2, 2007Views: 19,069
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