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Heroic Tales Of Synthasia
by He-Man
Citation:   He-Man. "Heroic Tales Of Synthasia: An Experience with 4-HO-MiPT (exp64579)". Aug 25, 2007.

130 mg insufflated 4-HO-MiPT (powder / crystals)


[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

I recently acquired 1 gm of 4-ho-mipt in fumarate salt form, from a trusted source. I have only tripped twice before in my entire life, both times with a single dose of LSD blotter, and was expecting results much less intense than that.

I prepared for the experience meticulously. I started my research by reading Tihkal and taking note of the dosage and qualitative comments, reading experience reports and averaging the dosage taken by other users based on effects, read numerous organic chemistry papers so I could understand the differences between hcl and fumarate salts, bought an accurate scale that measures in mg, adjusted the lighting and setting for a more pleasurable trip, etc. etc. etc…

By the time I got the chemical in hand, I was very sure of my decision and knowledge. I called into work and took a sick day. I sat on my couch and carefully measured out 0.13 gm of 4-ho-mipt fumarate, which I sniffed in two lines, one up each nostril. That’s not a typo, it was a stupid mistake on my part that I will explain later. 4-ho-mipt’s molecular make up is defined as C14H20N2O, which gives it a molecular mass of 232.32 g/mol. All of Shulgin’s experiments were conducted with the hcl salt. With further reading, I found out that the fumarate salt, as opposed to the hcl salt, is approximately 30% heavier. I had wanted to take a 10 mg dose (as described for the hcl salt) which would equal roughly 13 mg of the fumarate salt. Being a dumbass will negate any preparation you’ve done. I’ll admit it, I was a dumbass. I should have measured out 0.013 g on my scale, not the 0.13. I wouldn’t realize my mistake until 2 days later.

My mindset was as follows. I figured, since I was taking what I thought was a small dose, insulfation would make up for the loss of intensity due to the small dose. So here I am, sitting on my couch, about to take the trip of a life time on 130 mg of 4-ho-mipt fumarate.

0:00 – It’s not nearly as bad snorting this stuff as I had expected. I was expecting a really bad burning sensation when in fact, it was no worse than cocaine.

+0:15 – I have an odd sensation of being drunk almost. Like I suddenly down about 4 beers really quickly. I get a few alerts that let me know something is happening.

+0:30 – Every muscle in my body is twitching and my jaw is clenching up. It feels almost identical to MDMA. The twitches start to feel really good. Almost like the seconds after an intense orgasm. Everything is starting to look “different” yet exactly the same.

+0:45 – My body feels FANTASTIC. I close my eyes and start seeing the muscle sensations. Complex patterns of triangles in CEV form that represent every muscle in my body lighting up with color every time I get a wave of orgasmic energy through my body. I really wish my girlfriend was here, but rub one out without her. WOW!

+1:00 – I have been drinking a lot of water and now it’s time to urinate. I try to stand only to realize my muscles have become jelly. I almost topple to the floor. I am angry with myself because I know that GODs don’t stumble, and at this point, this is what I fancy myself as. I finally do stand and feel 30 ft tall. I laugh at the items on the floor and they seem to fear me as I walk about.

+1:10 – Upon entering the bathroom, I am confronted with some of the most amazing OEVs I am ever likely to see again. The stucko patterns on the ceiling turn into amazing coral reef creatures that flow in the water so naturally. The ceiling background turns an amazing shade of turquoise and I can hear the water. I stand there for what must have been an hour just in amazement at the view. The gray tiles on the floor begin to represent sand on the beach and the slight noise of the toilet running becomes waves crashing into the shore. I have a definite ++++ experience. The sound of the smoke detector (the battery was dead and it beeps every 15 mins to notify you) hit me like a sniper riffle. I am suddenly hit with the most amazing synthasia ever experienced. The sound was heard, then I felt it penetrate my entire body and it’s red color penetrated my muscle patterns I had noticed before. It actually hurt a bit. It scared me, and I came to in the bathroom.

+2:00 – I retire to my room in complete awe of this substance. I am freezing. I try to check my temperature, but I find myself not all that concerned with it and soon forget. My blood pressure is slightly high. I grab 3 blankets and wrap myself into a cocoon. I close my eyes and am lost in a world of complete fantasy. I suddenly imagine a He-Man like prince, riding a horse in some far away land. A maiden sitting atop a hill watching him as he ride into battle. I am completely aware I am “tripping” and go along with the ride.

Suddenly, like out of a movie, I hear a stringed orchestra playing and it’s penetrating my body in an orgasmic fashion. I can even smell the dirt the horse is kicking up. At this point, I get a little scared and try to make the smell and music go away only to realize I can’t. I am having an ongoing ++++ experience but am fully aware of it. Just as before, the smoke detector beeps and I perceive it as gun shot. This one REALLY hurt. It felt like a ray gun, with a triangular type energy “bullet” that penetrated my face and found its way through my entire body. It smelled metallic and had a weird orange / yellow color to it (if that makes any sense). I have several other fantasy type images in my head and manage to masturbate at least twice more before noting the time.

+4:00 – I want to come down some, so I fire up my laptop and start watching some Family Guy episodes. I can follow the plot just fine, but it is not funny to me, which is unusual as it is my all time favorite show. They make reference to a lady and out of blind curiosity, I fire up google and find an image. I sit and watch in horror as this photo morphs into demons and gargoyles freely. I cannot stop this from happening. The most visually disturbing hallucination I have ever experienced. Even today, 3 days later, it freaks me out to view this photo.

Subsequent trips to the bathroom offer the same experience as before. I see a ladybug (a real one) on the shower curtain and I spend a good 10 minutes letting it crawl on me. I get the distinct feeling it likes me and wants to make me happy by showing off it wings. I take him with me back to the bedroom.

+7:00 – Bathroom ceiling is still giving amazing visuals, but the emotional effect of the drug is wearing off. CEVs have tailed off and the synthasia has subsided completely. I am left with shaky legs, mild twitching, an annoyed ladybug and some lingering CEVs and OEVs. I am starting to get bored with the experience.

+8:00 – Back to baseline. What a fucking ride.

I am really thankful that I didn’t realize I took 10x the amount I wanted to during the trip. I think I would have lost my mind in retrospect. I am going to put this in the win column but I strongly urge people to watch the dosage of this material and try not to be an idiot like myself. It is the real deal and should be treated as such. I want to mention that although it was a lot, I was never scared or put into a dark place. This drug is very forgiving on the emotional side.

This could be a great couples drug if you can find the right dosage. For an entire 3 hours it felt like the moments after an orgasm. An almost unbearably orgasmic feeling that made me moan several times.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 64579
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 25, 2007Views: 21,311
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4-HO-MiPT (342) : Personal Preparation (45), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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