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Walking Through School Dreams
Citation:   OHNO . "Walking Through School Dreams: An Experience with Olanzapine (exp64695)". Jun 3, 2021.

30 mg oral Pharms - Olanzapine (pill / tablet)


I was at School one day when I asked my friend K if he had any bars (xanax) and he told me he didn't but he did pull out a bottle of pills with the name lilly 4415 on the pills during class (my school is really ghetto so SOME teachers don't really care what your doing). Anyhow he gave me I think around 7 and told me they were just like bars well I didn't believe him so I refrained from taking one right then I came home and typed in the lilly 4415 into google search and couldn't really find out any info. One site said they were sleeping pills so I thought that and since zolpidem is a great way to get high if you can stay awake along enough I decided to try them the next day at school.

1ST Period - It was about 30 minutes before 1st period when I downed the first pill. During the 1st 10 minutes of 1st period I told my friend k I really couldn't feel anything and he said it takes about an hour but I didn't listen and took another one (stupid because it was my sisters birthday and we were going out to dinner that night). I sat in the class waiting for something to happen and right before class ended I knew that I was in for a long day because I got real tired and started thinking about what the other pill was going to do to me.

2ND Period - So now I know that I messed up and was praying that the class was gonna fly by, It didn't and this was my worst subject, Algebra 2 with a Teacher who actually cared about all of her students unlike the 99 % of the rest of the teachers at our school that didn't. Anyhow I sat down and knew I was going to fail the whole year so I tried to go to sleep and play it off but she told me to lift my head up that way she knew I wasn't on drugs which I was, but halfway through the class the second pill kicked in and I became extremely tired and started to doze off with my head up body straight in my chair and my friends started to poke me because they wanted me to wake up because she said that she was going to call a administrator because she thought I was on drugs once I was awake she was standing over me asking all these questions about if I was on drugs and I told her that I was just really tired and sick because I had to work the late shift at my work (total lie because I never had a job during school) but that seemed to do the trick because she went back to teaching and not to soon because class was over.

From Here On Out It Gets Really Blank At Some Points So Some Of What I Write Is Based On My Friends Account Of What Happened To Me.

3rd Period - My teacher knew I was gone and she let me go to sleep I don't know if its cause it was Art Class or what but I have no knowledge of this class during my trip. All I know is the next day she said that I walked in like I was drunk and she took me into her office and let me sleep in their so I wouldn't disturb the class (THAT WAS THE COOLEST TEACHER EVER ).

4th Period - Was pretty hard to go through because it was a film making class so we had to work on editing movies in the dark which really doesn't make me want to wake up. So me and my friend were editing our little movie project when I layed my head down and the teacher gets all bent out of shape and says I'm not helping my partner out, but I was so out of it I just told him the same lie I did in the last class all that I can really remember is that I was looking at him with my body moving forwards in my chair (we didn't have desk in this class we had CHAIRS) so I almost slipped forwards. He also must have believed my story because he left me alone .

Lunch - At lunch me and my friends decided to go across the street to Dairy Queen and since you have to be a Senior to leave campus we had to do it without getting caught (our school has a bunch of little food and dollar general like shops right across the street from us) so we ran across the street lookin for school officials and cops because you can get a truancy ticket if your under a certain age. Anyway we made it to dairy queen and got our food and after I finished I put my head down when my friend decides to start beating on the table and apparently I didn't like that and started cussing and yelling really loud at my friend and eventually got kicked out for yelling.

5th Period - Was history of MOVIES so all we did in that class was watch movies (can't remember much). The way the seats where it was like a mini movie theater holding about 32 students with raised floors. We were watching the graduate and I decided to lean up against the wall and go to sleep 2-4 times the teacher woke me up because I was snoring.

6th Period - Again don't remember much at all, all I do recall is I walked into class and this was a cool teacher and right off the bat she knew I was gone and told me to go to sleep so I was off the hook for that period. The only other thing I recall is my friends hitting the side of my face with a rubberband but I couldn't really feel it so I looked up and went back to lala land and they also told me I was drooling on myself and they thought that was hilarious.

7th Period - Dont Remember At All And This Was A Sophomore Class And I Was A Junior At The Time So Nobody Paid attention to me Teacher wasn't there from what people told me and the substitute we had couldn't speak english that well so they didn't mess with me either.

I can't remember the bus ride home or going to olive garden for my sisters birthday after all of this.

All in all I would NEVER try zyprexa again although about a week later I took another one with no side effects and sold the rest to my friend that gave them to me while he was high but we split some lean (codeine with promethazine syrup) with the money he gave me so it was all good.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 64695
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 3, 2021Views: 731
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Pharms - Olanzapine (260) : School (35), First Times (2)

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