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Reality is a Game in an Alien's Mind
Salvia divinorum (15x extract) & MDMA (Ecstasy)
by VeeCee
Citation:   VeeCee. "Reality is a Game in an Alien's Mind: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (15x extract) & MDMA (Ecstasy) (exp64750)". Jun 26, 2010.

    smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


Greetings Everyone,

I thought I would like to share my experience with some 15x Salvia extract I got from a local 'legal highs' shop in my city in England. I found out about Salvia by accident actually whilst looking for something else but since I had always wondered about hallucinogenic trips i thought I'd give it a try. I researched it on the internet at first and was intrigued by other peoples experiences.. eventually weeks later I finally bought some, and so my story begins..

As it turns out I was a real Salvia hard-head at first. Over a period of some days I smoked my way through the entire 1 or 2 grams that came in the pack and had only experienced the weird gravitational pulls, sometimes distorted music (at one point the lyrics 'disappeared' from the songs I was listening to), and also I felt a 'snake'-like energy undulating up my spine.. this force was so strong that my entire body would also undulate from my bottom to my head whilst I was sat on the floor. But then the effects would soon wear off. I felt cheated as I thought to myself 'Is that all there is to this salvia, what a joke..'

Eventually I was down to enough salvia for a couple of hits. Decided to save it for another day. I got ready to go clubbing and so took a PILL to get into the party mood. Then my friends got in touch to say there would be a delay and we should all meet later on. So there I was buzzing on a pill, sitting around bored and decided to just finish off the remainder of my salvia once and for all. The first hit I took okay. Seconds later I had a second (and final) hit ready. Man, I made a classic bong mistake, blowing back into the bong!! I was seriously pissed off but salvaged the remainder of the smoke in the bong to inhale. I make this point because I'm not sure if it was the effect of the ecstasy pill or the intense emotion (anger) to wasting my last salvia that did it.. but finally I broke through and tripped!!

I felt myself relaxing extremely and put the bong down, I thought I was drifting into a state of sleepiness and decided to force myself awake. That's when I looked around and noticed everything in my room had a pale greyish colour to it like I was seeing black-n-white but with hints of colour like something out of Sin City. I reached to touch my computer desk and the objects seemed to 'crumble' slightly on touch. I pulled my hands away and remember thinking how odd. I wasn't scared or excited just puzzled. I remember thinking it was too much to worry about and I should just relax and felt myself drifting again into drowsiness. By now I sensed some child-like voices giggling and saying something like 'come to us.. come and play with us'. I closed my eyes. For how long I'm not sure...

A voice was now repeatedly yelling at me to wake up. At first I thought it was morning already and I was going to be late, then it occured to me that no one should be shouting at me to wake up actually, so I quickly opened my eyes and sat up only to find myself in another world which is hard to describe. It was like I was in a giant domed playroom with a painted blue sky and cutesy clouds on the ceiling, the carpet was like grass but with mounds of various shapes like hills n mountains complete with miniature lakes and waterfalls. Everything was animated like a miniature nature scene. There were also many strange shaped particles and objects also floating around in the 'air' like some scene from the ocean depths when plankton and microfish float around.

A red coloured being which I can only describe as having a snake like body, but with markings and a head much like those of a giraffe was coiling and twirling in three dimensions all around me. It also seemed to be made of thousands of large spherical particles that gave it this form. It was telling me that it was time to go home to our parents/elders (in the trip) and that I had got carried away with playing with this game called '*****' which I understood as meaning 'reality'.

I sensed this being to be like an older brother, another similar, smaller and yellow coloured being was also there but was eager to exit this dome. I sensed this one to be younger and female, a little 'sister'. At the dome's exit I could see literally a wild tornado-like swirling mass of energy, which did unsettle me a bit. I asked my 'brother' what he meant by I had been playing a game. I was told/sensed that everything I knew (I mean everything.. life, emotions, knowledge, the universe, reality!!) had all been an elaborate illusion in my alien mind, I had even imagined my human self and my life experiences. I was both character AND script writer! I was a 'sim' and at the same time the 'sim' programmer. If I had jaw it would dropped hard at this point!! I then felt a sense of great disappointment.. all my life and all reality as I knew it had been a cruel joke, a fantasy in some child's mind in another dimension.

In a sort of disbelieving panic I looked more around me. I looked behind me to see where I had been laying my 'head' only to see a human head shaped cut-away in a mound through which I saw a cross-section of the earth's crust, then soil then oil then the earth's core.. all in miniature like some kind of illustrative toy model. Looking deeper into the glowing core I could see flashes of life on earth like a film reel.. world wars, scenes from films, things I had seen and done. Reality was flashing before my eyes!!

I was interrupted again by my 'brother' saying I was 'doing it again', that I was getting carried away with my fantasy of reality!! He shouted that it was getting too late and we should leave now. I then paused to think and told him that well if this 'life' was a game I thought it was the most amazing thing ever and I still wished to experience a little more of it.. he insisted that I should not but I closed my eyes and lay my head back down anyway in defiance.

What seemed like a few moments passed and I opened my eyes to find myself back in my room. I had to gauge what was going on and where I was at first then it occured to me that the other experience had been a trip even though it had intensely real. I was covered in sweat and a smile came on my face in relief that I was back. I felt a slight guilt that I had chosen this life over the other reality as at the time it felt like that was the true reality and I had rejected it to stay in this dreamworld we call 'life'.

I don't know what to make of that trip. I still try to think about what is really going on in my head to trigger such an experience. Maybe it was just my mind thinking of my real life as fake in order to cope with this new salvia world, maybe I have a secret god-complex going on (ha ha), maybe 'life' is an illusions like the mystics say.. in anycase way I am going to enjoy every day of 'life' as that is what I chose when I had a choice.. I CHOOSE LIFE!!

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 64750
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 26, 2010Views: 6,474
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Combinations (3), Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Alone (16)

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