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Did They Mix Datura in this Drug?
Cyclizine (Marezine)
by tojal
Citation:   tojal. "Did They Mix Datura in this Drug?: An Experience with Cyclizine (Marezine) (exp64775)". Apr 19, 2010.

12 tablets oral Pharms - Cyclizine (pill / tablet)


At the time of the consumption, I was serving in the norwegian armed forces, where I had the time to do stuff like this. And actually, it was a perfect environment.

Me and a friend had been at the drug store earlier that day to get marezine, I don't actually know where we got this idea, but we did. So right after dinner, we consumed them. I ate the whole package (12 pills) and he had eight. I have to say it was very subtle at first. We lay in our own beds and looked at the ceiling, just waiting for something to happen. Sorry to say, I don't have a clue of when what happened, or in which order. We went out for a cigarette, and I noticed these 'gravity holes' (which is the best explanation), there were like areas where the gravity seemed to be in harder effect than other places, that you had to drag yourself through. Sounds exciting? It's not, it's extremely annoying :P I also had some minor difficulties walking up and down stairs, it felt extremely heavy.

The crazy shit started when we got back to our room. I got this dreamy feeling, but was extremely alert. I had the general 'bad base' (like in most other drugs) but that was of no immediate concern. I noticed an increase in heart beats, and that I had troubles concentrating. So my friends lies down in his bed, and I lie down in my. When I layed there, thought I would send some messenges on my cell phone, to my ex. So sat up in the bed and tried figuring out my cell phone. I had a very hard time actually focusing on writing anything or doing anything with it, because there was something with the display.. It felt like mine, but when I concentrated and use the logic part of my brain, something seemed off... There was something with the entire display, the text was just rubbish, but I understood what it said. So while I was fiddling with my cellphone, I closed my eyes for a second, and for some reason, I still had vision while my eyes were closed. Needless to say I was facinated. So I sat there and another dude came into our room, and I said to him 'Hey, I can navigate on my phone with my eyes closed!' and he looked at me with a weird look at said 'what the fuck are you saying?' and I looked at my hands again, to discover that I wasn't holding my phone. My cellphone was in my closet. So I just said 'uh, nevermind'.

It's remarkable how close everything was to real life, I had a really hard time realizing what was fake and what was not. I looked at my closet, which was red. I tell you it's red because it matters, For some reason, everything that was red seemed like fluid. Like it was pool of water, with something constantly dripping into the center of it. I was watching this for a while, and then I was positive that there was a man standing horizontally on it. I walked over, and he disappeared. It was very vague, like when you've had a nightmare, you wake up, and you see something in your room, only to discover it is nothing. That's when I noticed the insects. I was swatting flies (the black tiny ones) that flew around on my closet and around my head. So I thought someone must have thrown some food behind the closet, so I get a chair and go to check. Millions of flies and spiders where on my closet, so I stand there and pounding them. And then I see a talking head on my closet. That got my engine running. So I talk to it for a while about things of no importance. And the other dude on my room says 'Man, what are you doing?' I look back at the head, it's still there, but it stops talking. Not immediately, but by saying 'Errr... uhmmm... eh..... heh......' and woosh, vanished.

I turn back to the other dude and say 'I have no idea'. Damn him for ruining it :P So he lies down again, I keep swatting flies. Then I spot a dude outside the window, about 10 meters from it. So I look at him, and he takes a drag from his smoke, takes to steps back, and fades away. That was the first and only thing that actually freaked me out. So I'm saying to myself 'what the fuck shit fuck fuck fuck fuck shit shit shit' while running out to find him and query him about the whole disappearing-act. I was totally sure that he still was there, except he had gone invisible, so I just had to go to the position he was in to like find him using my hands. But I realised after a while that it had to have been an hallucination. The freaky thing is that I saw him in detail. I could've described his face, his clothing and posture. That's how detailed it was. So I get back in, still kind of overwhelmed. So I lay down in bed again, and close my eyes. All these strange objects appeared vividly, in extreme detail. I opened my eyes again, because it was surprisingly boring to have my eyes closed. So I started talking to a friend. Now I noticed a very strange effect, I could only whisper. I was unable to speak clearly, I had to whisper. Not because there was anything physically wrong with me, I didn't feel any discomfort of that sort, but my brain just whispered instead of talking. So I was talking for a while (5 minutes I think) and then I thought 'who am I talking to?' and then he was gone. This happened all the time. I would almost constantly notice I was talking to people who weren't there.

Suddenly the mirrors caught my attention, because I could see people behind it. And the extreme detail still amazes me. I could see them brushing their teeth, I could see them taking stuff out of their lockers, making jokes, laughing, you know, normal human interaction. I knew who they were, I know where they where and what they where doing. I was looking into another room, through our mirrors. (Or so I thought) So I asked the other dude if he could walk into the other room and wave at me through the mirrors. Didn't work :/. Of course, it was a hallucination, like everything else. After this, someone pulled the firealarm, so that pulled me back into reality.

But all in all, this is one of my most interresting experiences. I think my experience can be closely related to that of datura. Except this was much safer, and only lasted for a couple of hours or so. I don't think it's healthy though, but I'm no doctor.
Absolutely worth it, if you like hallucinations. Safer than datura, I remember most of it, and I can function while tripping :)

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 64775
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 19, 2010Views: 11,006
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Pharms - Cyclizine (234) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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