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I Couldn't Believe How Good I Felt
by Dwee
Citation:   Dwee. "I Couldn't Believe How Good I Felt: An Experience with MDMA (exp64825)". Erowid.org. Aug 11, 2018. erowid.org/exp/64825

1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  1.5 tablets oral MDMA (pill / tablet)


The Full Experience

I remember vividly how my first hit of E felt. I was scared to death to take it, thinking it would feel similar to LSD. I had stopped taking acid due to unpleasant trips. After finally popping my first tab, my friend and I went driving. I couldn't believe how good I felt when it started to kick in. It was amazing. I couldn't believe that my body and mind could feel so much intense euphoria and pleasure. Such a surge, wave of swishing pleasurable air rushing up to my face, filled with such amazing fluffiness. I felt as if I were floating, while uncontrollably smiling and moaning. I couldn't stop saying, 'Wow....'.

We listened to music in the car, which sounded clearer, more intense, and meaningful than I had ever experienced before. Looking out on the curvy road, feeling the turns and the movement of the car was so pleasant. After arriving at another friend's home, I was standing at his door, smiling wildly, unable to form a sentence or have a conversation with him. He laughed at my drugged happy state, let me in to hear more music. I couldn't stop touching him, his arms, and placing my head on his arm...it wasn't sexual, as we are both gay. But it definitely felt like some kind of orgasmic euphoria that I had to express by touching and smiling. The intensity of the drug was blowing my mind. I constantly thought to myself, and said aloud, that it was way better than I ever could have imagined. I ended up taking one and a half more hits throughout the night. I didn't ever want it to end. The following 2 days were complete hell. I went to New Orleans with friends, and was extremely depressed, paranoid, temperamental, and I cried uncontrollably for most of the next day...I was an emotional mess. I have always had terrible crashes after rolling. The pleasure of the drug almost made it worth the pain afterward, but I am older and done with it now.

Exp Year: 1997ExpID: 64825
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 11, 2018Views: 776
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MDMA (3) : General (1), First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), Hangover / Days After (46), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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