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Yopo Properly Prepared Waking Dreams
Anadenanthera peregrina
by SKA
Citation:   SKA. "Yopo Properly Prepared Waking Dreams: An Experience with Anadenanthera peregrina (exp64871)". Aug 29, 2007.

4 seeds insufflated Anadenanthera peregrina (powder / crystals)
Me and a friend nicknamed Duck decided to do Yopo on a night after some jamming. Duck usually snorts alot of speed and occasionally cocaine and I wanted to show him what responsible, consciousness expanding, visionary drugs are like.


I took about a handful of Yopo seeds and roasted them in a frying pan until the shells were dry enough to peel off. I peeled off the shells and ground up the seed's flesh using mortar & pestle. Through this powdered seed material I added about half a teaspoon of powdered Lime (Calcium hydroxide) A.K.A. 'Chuna' in asian health-food stores. The Yopo/Lime ratio was about 9:1 eyeballed. I've insufflated Yopo twice before, but I did it right after mixing the Lime with the ground Yopo. Recently I read on Wikipedia that in order for Yopo to reach it's full potential it must be properly prepared. Apparently Native American Indians prepared Yopo in a specific way so this is exactly what I did.

I added the Lime to the Yopo, added a tiny bit of water to the mass, just enough to make it breaddough-like, and then kneaded into a ball for serveral minutes. This way all Lime and Yopo alkaloids come into contact and react by turning all present 5-OH-DMT(Bufotenine) into 5CaO-DMT(Bufotenate) which has a far greater ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, minimizing physical effects and optimizing psychological effects. Also any present NN,DMT and 5-MeO-DMT are converted into freebase form.

After kneading it for a while I put the Yopo ball in a small custard-bowl and pressed it into a very thin, flat Yopo-pancake on the bottom of the bowl. I placed this bowl on top of a cup of hot tea I made so the Yopo in the bowl would be gently heated from below and the water evaporated quickly. We let it sit there for about 20 minutes and it was completely dry. My friend Duck chopped it all up until there were no lumps left and it was fine as dust.


I made a heck of alot of 'lime-treated' Yopo snuff so we just put it all on a mirror tile and split the heap in 2. Out of these 2 separated heaps we shaped them into 2 Yopo-lines that were for about 4 to 4,5 seeds worth per line. The remaining Yopo was put into an empty weed bag.

Set & Setting:

My rather large bedroom with dimmed lights. We sat down on a chill-out mattress with lots of pillows and soft blankets on it, layed back, with 2 buckets within easy reach of us. The night before I had done LSD. Half of 1 Hoffman-blotter which are extra strong 'cause they're double dipped. I was still in the gentle afterglow of acid. Initially I was a little nervous, but I took some time to clear my mind of any emotions and thoughts and managed to calm myself down completely till I was ready. I knew it was going to be rough. We were ready to go and Duck gave me the snorting-tube and held the Mirror-tile under my nose.

The Experience:

T= 00:00

I snort one of the two lines. Nearly got all of it down my nose, but left a tiny tiny bit. It must have been about 4 seeds altogether. Quite immediately Duck followed me and snorted his line. We both sat back and I felt the physical precursing Yopo feeling in my body immediately. A sort of tension in all of my flesh and muscles. As this physical rush steadily increased I fell into a sort of hypnotic stupor. The cramps increased and now suddenly strange waves of tingling energy flushed all through my body. Like the tingling you feel when you've slept on your arm, but then without the numbness and all over the body.

T= 00:04

The physical feeling had taken a hold of me and in this stuporlike state I sat staring at a wall of my room. Suddenly I noticed seeing lots of colorful, bright, transparent planes moving rapidly across the space between me and the wall. I tell my friend I'm seeing things now and he replies by saying he still feels nothing accept a nose on fire. I told him: 'Don't worry, you wait.' Soon I start feeling sick to the stomach very suddenly. I reach for my bucket and start puking. Right now visions of other worlds with the strangest, brightest colors are shooting into my eyes at supersonic speed. Flickering. Like a stroboscope but one that shoots visions of completely other worlds into my eyesight every other millisecond.

I puked about 5 times and my friend started puking too. I had to take a leak so I went downstairs to the bathroom taking my bucket with me. When I was sitting on the toilet I puked some more. I cleaned my nose and mouth a bit, flushed the puke down the toilet and went back upstairs with my bucket. The Yopo had taken it's effect so I decided to snort all yopo out of my nose. I did that and had to gag 3 more times. All along visions were extreme, but they were still busy growing steadier and more coherent.

T= 00:15

I was now laying back, feeling that the nausea had subsided as suddenly as it came on, and I felt very euphoric and serene. The visions with my eyes opened were so intense and realistic. With my eyes closed I observed intricate colorswirls and patterns moving with the speed of ADHD, It was very busy and active 'in there'.

I would look to the left of the mattress and see a bent leg as if it was from a sitting man. His pants were chique white pants and he wore dark brown, leather 'business-class' shoes. The leg would stay there for a while and sometimes the foot would switch my way and back. Constantly I saw brightly colored figures walking around me. Not like in front of me, but in my peripheral vision. I felt totally in Yopo's tight grasp on me and accepted it's roughness.

T= 00:30

I am a little less stupified and a little more wakeful so I start observing my room. Man, reality sure wasn't what it used to be. It was pretty much as if I was in 2 worlds at the same time. The spirits had increased in number and my room was crowded. Now also a couple of children were around me. I continuously saw feet of people passing me by and hands of people moving close to my face. Especially when I turned my head.

It went further still, to a peak-experience that comes faintly close to what I've read about the DMT experience. I fell into a stuporlike trance again, but this time I was seeing my room 360 all around me and all spirits in it while my eyes where nearly closed. Don't ask me how that's possible. I don't know how, but it is apparently. In this highly visionary state I saw one of the spirits, an 8 year old girl with black long hair with no face, wearing the brightest, most elegant white dress and a chain of bright flowers around her head.

I could draw her in detail and I certainly will. She bent over forwards, towards my back, and reached out to touch my shoulder. I saw all this in a different way of seeing, She was behind me. It was like 'seeing' in a dream. When the girl's fingertips touched my shoulder I actually felt the finger pushing into me, between my neck and my shoulder. It felt just as real as someone poking me in the real life. I was amazed, not shocked. Rather intrigued that I could actually have been touched by a spirit and physically feel it. I looked around to be sure it wasn't my friend Duck's finger, but it wasn't, He was next to me lying flat on his back with his eyes closed.

T= 00:35

By now I was so far gone into the other realm that I couldn't tell if, during what happened next, my eyes were opened or closed. I was looking at the pivoted, aubergine-colored red wall in my room as I very gradually zoned out and went into a dream vision. This was the most amazing part of my trip. I somehow 'saw' myself sitting in lotus posture trying to make sense of it all and being unable to. Before me is this nightly sky-blue plane with darker blue patterns swimming across it. I perceived all these things and try to think about them and what it all means.

Suddenly I realize that this is the perfect opportunity to learn to be a Silent Observer. To Observe only and not to give it all any thought. I figured I would do the thinking later, so that now I wasn't distracted by thoughts and could observe and remember everything I perceived. I was struggling, but with an incredible faith I kept trying and succeeded. I felt very proud of myself.

This blue plane had started morphing into a scene of a forest. Actually a rather large open spot in a forest. I was basically Dreaming and I felt my eyes doing intense REMs. I still struggled not to get lost in thoughts and stay thoughtless and pay attention to what I was experiencing. It was hard, but somehow I was certain I wouldn't fail and I never did. The forest-scene continued to form and at the same time I had a Matrix-like 'blue-pill, red-pill'-moment. I thought:' Do I go full speed into this realm of madness?' 'Or do I go back safely to the physical world, to my room?' I doubted for a while, kind of fearing the madness of this all and worried about the possible consequences.

Then I turned towards the madness, rid myself of fear and care and charged headfirst into it. I don't know if I experienced this visually, but I did 'see' it in a way. I felt as if I had finally understood how to be fearless, careless and mindful. I conquered my fears, Hushed my cares and made the Mindful decision to enter the mental realm.

What I was seeing was the dream taking complete, immersive form. I was in a forest on an open place. There were lots of colorful people on that terrain and a couple of open tents. I came in there and I was greeted with a loud cheering. I was struggling trying to keep my concentration at what I was experiencing, but I did very well. The people observed me and I felt sort of encouraged by them to keep my mind clear and lucid and as they started dancing I suddenly got it. 'It' being what they wanted me to do and what I felt I wanted to do, I danced with them.

I was dancing in a dream with elf-like spirits and one of them, a mature older female, looked at me with a big grin and signed with her hands to encourage me and give me the confirmation that I had done right. She cheered, as did all others around me, I communicated with them and understood, overcame my astonishment and was now dancing amongst them in the dream scene. As I was dancing I noticed the sun started shining very, very brightly.

The main colors of the scene where yellow, light green, dark green, pink, and bright blue. I noticed the music playing very loud and joyfully was SKA, my Favourite music. I started skanking to the Ska and it felt like a total bliss. All the Spirit-people skanked along, cheered and were overjoyed by my dancing with them. It was as if they were actually waiting for me to arrive and played music to my likings in a scene they thought I would love. It felt like 'home' in a very strange manner. And these people felt like 'my people' in that they were heavenly and pretty much fit my personal ideal of spiritual communion. What 'family' should be, opposed to what it often is. I felt united with these people, welcome, appreciated and at perfect peace. I felt so incredibly happy.

T= 00:45

I had just come out of the dream like vision and I was strikingly clear minded yet still on a Psychedelic reveree. As if a great storm had just swept through my head and left it a vast, empty, calm plane. Duck was also out of his rush and together we rolled a really fat Cannabis Joint. Oh boy it was tasty and peaceful to smoke after the Yopo experience. We were still mistyfied of the aftereffects of Yopo and right after the Joint we smoked a Hashi. It was enough to bring back a last wave of mild visionary stupor to me.

We chatted a bit and I quickly sketched and wrote things from my visions so to remember them and share them with Duck. He was less conscious of the actual experience than I was, 'cause he remembers mainly colors and bright objects moving around and towards him, but he did mention walking past houses and looking into a window where he saw 2 people watching TV. He walked to the next window where he saw 2 people fighting. He saw that with his eyes closed. We smoked another cigarette and went to sleep early that night.

This experience tops my previous 2 yopo-experiences by far. I think the special preparation I made really made a significant difference. It made it MUCH more visionary. It is very rough, however I somehow can't see how you could possibly go bad on Yopo. I feel enlightened. Carefree, Fearfree and Mindfull.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 64871
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 29, 2007Views: 83,666
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