Simultaneous Experience - Alternate Realities
Salvia divinorum (5x extract)
Citation:   Auscai. "Simultaneous Experience - Alternate Realities: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (5x extract) (exp64888)". Aug 25, 2007.

0.5 bowls smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)
The first time I smoked salvia I was sitting on a couch at a friends house and just laughed uncontrollably because I was young and inexperienced and ignorant of a true reality and it’s meanings. The second was about 3 months ago and this time it lasted about 10 minutes and I felt as though my body was being sliced in half, without any pain, at a 45 degree angle from shoulder to hip but not much more. In reality I just stood there and tried my best to hold onto reality and explain the feeling to my friend. He said after listening to me he didn’t want to try it. Oh well, his loss I suppose. Today was my third time smoking salvia and by far my most intense. I’m convinced that I’ve now experienced multiple simultaneous realities. It was very intense to say the least.

The day was sunny and rather warm but not overbearingly, in fact it was quite comfortable to sit in the shade. I filled my water pipe’s bowl up halfway with the remaining salvia (not sure of the dosage) I had left over. That reminds me I should order some for myself now. I feel like I am beginning to understand it’s effects at least to a point of anticipating them without the initial fear. But let me tell you what happened today was the most overwhelming intensity of any psychedelic experience I’ve ever had!

So I decided to sit on my back porch under the shade of my Japanese Maple tree. I was alone, it was quiet, and there were no distractions. I sparked up my lighter, held it over the leaves for maximum combustion as I pulled on the pipe, held my breath while walking not 10 feet from me to put the pipe in a safe place just inside of the doorway, and before I could exhale or return to my seat it hit me.

The very first thing that happened was a calm, soothing, almost enticing “voice” spoke to me, not in English but in some form of telepathic understanding, and told me to “Enjoy your ride” just as I sat back down in my chair and starting tripping hard. The effects were almost instantaneous and, although I can recall the entire experience vividly, putting it all into words will most certainly be a difficult task.

If you’ve ever ridden on a roller coaster that goes backwards down large hills, that’s essentially where this ride started. As I sat in my chair, on the porch under the small red-leafed tree, what my body experienced can best be related to the roller coaster metaphor but being started off by someone shoving me. Internally I pleaded to wait as I was not quite to my seat but with no luck. I had a light feeling of the type of nausea brought on by falling great distances or weightlessness and felt like I was falling or being pulled backwards. And I did eventually make it back to my seat.

The visual, auditory, and inner-mind experiences were what really made this trip unique. Because this trip hit me before I was actually ready for it, I didn’t think to close my eyes and I watched my surroundings twist and fold over on top of itself as though it were pages being turned in a book, a giant global-sized book. As each fold came crashing down I had glimpses of another reality within each one. It appeared to be the same one over and over but much different than this one. And if the visuals weren’t enough, there was a sound I was hearing that was so strange and alien yet at the same time so harmonically beautiful and alluring. To put it into words, I felt as though I were falling backwards down a long tunnel of harmonic sound waves watching another reality twist into this reality around me. All the while the lovely voice kept speaking to me, telling me to “let go” and to “enjoy it” and so forth.

The strangest part about the experience was how the alternate reality reached out to me so strongly trying to pull me in. Here I was, sitting on my porch, maybe 1 minute of our time had passed, watching what felt like a tearing of space and time opening up a bridge to two realities and subconsciously fighting to keep my mind in this reality while the beings (which were all blobby, blurry, and undefined) within the other reality held outstretched arms and called out to me to “join them” and to “hurry up.”

Image the sound of a collective of cicadas, those little vibrating bugs that create large blankets of white noise, with varying speeds and intensities. A sort of “weeoooo-weeeoooo-weeooo” sound. That type of sound being forced into beautiful harmonics and rhythms was what I heard. To someone unfamiliar with audio engineering this is difficult to understand but it was almost a series of same-note harmonic formant patterns. Quite possibly some form of communication, I’m still unclear at the moment.

I never became completely immersed in this other reality I saw. Like I mentioned before I seemed to be resisting it on a subconscious level. It could be described as watching the beginning of a DVD and having the disc glitch out and hit a loop of skips before it really gets going. Consciously I wanted more than anything to see what was on the other side, and I was trying to jump into each fold that crashed down, but its like I was not being allowed. I could only watch as the worlds twisted around me in a strange glitch-loop blur and called out to me teasingly.

I suppose my inability to jump in is due to the initial fear of losing my grip on this reality and the fact that I’m still inexperienced with salvia. That will change with further usage as I will become more accustomed to its effects and will be able to better anticipate them.

Well all of this happened within a time span of about 3 minutes and became so intense I felt I had to get up and go inside to a darker quieter area. This sounds a lot easier than it was at the time! As I stood up, I actually lost my balance and felt like the edges of the world around me were curling upward like the same page in the same giant book. I had to hang onto the wall to walk inside so as not to fall over. Imagine one of those funhouse tunnels that are round and constantly turning as you walk through and lose your balance and orientation. That is how my back porch and living room felt as I walked inside.

As far as the worlds collided, things calmed considerably when I went indoors however it definitely didn’t end there. I entered my living room and almost leaped for my couch as I knew I should have been there the whole time. Outside the worlds were crashing together in a swirl of page turning and harmonic formants. Inside I sat on my couch with my eyes closed for a few moments and was instantly immersed into an entirely different scene. I’m not sure where I was or what I was doing but it held a strong sense of “de ja vu” as though I were reliving something. This also didn’t last long because I stood up and walked out into my front yard hoping to catch the crashing pages again. No such luck only a feeling of unbalance and confusion and some lightly twisting visuals.

I headed back inside and laid down in my bed for a few more moments as the Salvia wore off. The haze of it lasted for a few hours and I’m definitely going to remember the intense experience I witnessed on this day for a long time to come. The emotions inspired and feelings it left me with have truly put our world and our consciousness into better perspective.

To sum up this experience and the meanings it left with me, I would have to put it this way. The world we know and live in is but a small sliver in the grand scale of life and reality itself. We are limited by our physical senses and constrained to our bodies through a tremendous force unknown to our collective consciousness. Today I opened a gateway, a bridge to the ethereal dimension where our world’s collective conscious exists and interacts. The place where dreams, ideas, information, emotions, and my inner monologue all reside. The overall everlasting connection that binds all life. Some people call this the fourth dimension of space and time. An overlapping dimension of reality, invisible to our physical senses, only attainable through a strong mental connection. Most people will go their entire lives never knowing of or understanding this concept. I feel deeply sorry for those who will never know or understand what true reality is.

At the same time I feel very lucky and am thankful that I’ve been given an opportunity to witness and to try to understand what life and consciousness mean and how what we experience on a day to day basis plays only a small supporting role in a vast and limitless overwhelming span of spaces, times and dimensions of a truly connected unconscious reality!

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 64888
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 25, 2007Views: 15,095
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