Body Tingling Surprise
MDMA (Ecstasy) & Herbal Ecstasy
Citation:   ZoneWorker. "Body Tingling Surprise: An Experience with MDMA (Ecstasy) & Herbal Ecstasy (exp6493)". Feb 28, 2002.

T+ 0:00
0.5 tablets oral MDMA
  T+ 1:30 5 tablets oral Herbal Ecstasy
  T+ 25:30   oral Diphenhydramine
Herbal Ecstacy Experience: Original Blue Variety, butterfly one side, 'e' other side.

The first time that I tried 'Herbal Ecstacy' I was at a rave on the south coast of England. I bought a dose from a stall at the start of the evening, the guy who sold them to me said that they were just like 'real E'. 'Rushy' and 'Dancey' were his words. I had bought so-called 'Herbal E's' before only to find out they didn't work, even after two packets! Although sceptical, I bought a dose.

10.30pm: I took the half a 'Dollar' (Ecstacy tablet that supposedly contained MDMA) that I had in my pocket and proceeded to dance with some friends. The effects kinda crept on about 20 min later and the faded less than an hour later.

12.00am: I felt very straight. The pill that I dropped earlier was extremely weak to say the least (probably 10-15mg), so I decided to try the 'Herbal Ecstacy' I bought at the stall earlier. The dose consisted of 5 large blue pills with a butterfly on one side and an 'e' on the other, It made me laugh a bit cos I really didn't think they would work. I swallowed all 5 tabs at 12.00 on the dot, then carried on dancing.

12.45: It was coming to the end of one of the DJ's sets, when I noticed that I was dancing that little bit harder.

1.00am: DJ Mickey Finn stepped up (a top Drum 'n' Bass DJ); I was making one hell of a racket and dancing on a serious energy level.

1.15am: Everytime that a new tune dropped, I would have this incredible adrenaline rush. I felt as though I was becoming a part of the crowd. Not in the same way as with MDMA. Purely on an energy level rather than an emotional, empathetic level. It felt really wicked though! Come On!!!

2.00am: The adrenaline rush had pretty much faded away by now. ' Fuck, Was that it', I thought as I stood in the middle of the dance floor, kinda disappointed. 'Ah well', I better go and buy some 'proper drugs' now I thought.

2.20am: Wham!!! Just 20 mins after thinking that it was all over, they really hit me like a ton of shit! It was as though I had taken about 8 grams of speed! And it just kept getting more intense - Boy, was I surprised. I was so surprised that I had come-up, that I felt that I had to tell everyone!

3.00am: I was well and truly mashed-up, I mean Fucked!, As if I had been wired into the mains. My body was running at a thousand Volts! I remember my heart thumping pretty hard and then thinking, 'ah, fuck it, I'm having a good time! It did have some empathetic qualities similar to MDMA, but was less pronounced and much speedier. Not a deep emotional closeness, just the urge to interact with others. The stimulation was far harsher edged and raw compared to Amphetamine, it felt very pleasant though. My mind wasn't to clear and I kept losing the urge to dance. I would here a good tune and start going for it, then a few seconds later I would forget what I was doing. Kinda similar to Amphetamine in that respect, although I didn't talk as much shit as I do when I'm speeding.

3.30am: My 'Peak' was beginning to pass, so I decided to just chill out with some friends outside. We smoked a few cigarettes and chatted for a while about what a great night we were all having. Which was cool. Then went back in for another dance.

4.30am: Although I was still 'Buzzing' like fuck, I began to feel really burned out, but still managed to muster up enough energy to jump around for a while longer.

6.00am: By this point we were all quite trashed, so we all decided to go home and get some rest. I did't feel the same 'post chemical' comedown as with Amphetamine, which made me feel a little better than previous nights on speed. I don't recall getting home. We took the train, but the journey is missing from my memory!

7.30am: Completely whacked, I arrived home to find both my parents having breakfast at the table. I passed as quickly through as I could to save any interrogation!

8.30am: Sleep was nowhere to be seen, so I just rolled around my bed for a while before going back down stairs and watching TV until Midnight!!! I eventually took a 'Nytol' (Diphenhydramine HCI) which gladly knocked me out within the hour.

In summary, it was a good experience, which I enjoyed greatly. I was very supprised that the pills worked and I think that that had something to do with it. As well as positive expectation, It shows however, that negative expectation can have a very interesting effect on the experience. And proves that the pills were more than just a placebo. I think ephedra is good as an Ecstacy alternative, it just needs something else to give it an element of calm and relaxation. Maybe a herb like Skullcap or Kava would be an effective addition to an Ephedra based product??

I tried the same pills three weeks later and took half a 'White Dove' about 60 mins after taking the Herbal Ecstacy and the MDMA completely cancelled out the Ephedra, leaving me totally straight. About two hours after, I took the other half of the 'White Dove' and I ended up really enjoying the night despite having no success mixing the two substances.

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 6493
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 28, 2002Views: 39,305
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