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An Enlightening Experience
Citation:   James. "An Enlightening Experience: An Experience with Kava (exp6496)". Feb 28, 2002.

1 cup oral Kava (tea)
I had been drinking Kava occasionally for about a year before I had this experience and in that time had only used a pound of root. So, I guess you could say that I was a light user. It is not in my nature to take things to excess. When I received my new batch of Kava through the post, I tested it by only having a small quantity so as to judge the potency.

It was early in the evening on a Sunday last December when I decided to try my new batch of Kava. I made a small cup with a 1-4 ratio of kava to water, which was only a small dose considering I normally drink 2-3 good cups for an evening’s relaxation. I knocked back the bitter beverage on an empty stomach, curious as to how it may differ from my last batch. After about ten minutes, I felt the usual relaxation begin to creep its way in. It was very mild and I did not expect too much. About 25 mins later, the light smooth part of the kava was a bit stronger, but not much. The initial effects faded after a further 20 minutes, which didn’t surprise me considering the small quantity I had consumed.

Further effects were pretty non-existent until about the 1 hour and 50 minute mark. I was sitting on my bed, just thinking about life in general, when I decided to switch my keyboard on and have a “tinkle on the ivories”. As I did so, I noticed that I felt very nice and was more relaxed than I was just after I had drunk the Kava. I tapped out this simple melody, which I just kept playing over and over. The sound of such a simple tune felt so soothing on my soul, that I could really feel the music that I was creating. After a couple of minutes, I decided that it was time to just lie down and enjoy. Reaching up to one of my cupboards, I got out Nicholas Saunders’ “Ecstasy and the Dance Culture” and proceeded to read through some of the chapters. The sensation of total relaxation over my entire body felt very deep and carried with it an emotion of gentle bliss. In the aspect of pure, smooth relaxation it felt similar to MDMA, although, obviously it was quite a bit different. This report is about Kava and not an “Ecstasy Alternative” piece.

Anyway, quieting of my conscious mind and the total clarity of thought I was experiencing was nothing short of wonderful. Reading all of the views expressed in the book about how Ecstasy had helped people in such a positive emotional way gave me a sense of inner joy, yet I still felt calm and serene. Just reading felt so good, I was lying on my bed for over 2 hours, but I felt as though I could have read all night, so comfortable, so relaxed. The next day was truly wonderful, the feelings of relaxation still prevalent all through the next day. Having experienced, I know what is meant by “completely disconnecting time and flowing easily from one activity to the next.

It is true that not everyone feels the full effects of Kava on their first few times of using it and I was one of those people. Indeed, I had used Kava 8 or 9 times previously, but had never felt before anything near what I experienced that night. Kava really is “communion with the gods”.

I don’t think that Kava could really be abused, because even if I went into an experience just to get fucked, I would end up achieving clarity of thought, that I would see that my desired “hedonism” was not necessary.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed sharing it.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 6496
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 28, 2002Views: 40,817
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Kava (30) : Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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