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Causes Addiction?
by ill SpeetzY
Citation:   ill SpeetzY. "Causes Addiction?: An Experience with Tea (exp65098)". Feb 23, 2018.

6 g oral Tea (tea)


I like the taste of tea. Mmm. Its good with honey. After 2 months of daily 3 tea cups I decided to try the same dose at 1 time. I and my friend made tea (6 grams of tea and 0.5 liter of water to both). We let them heat on low temperature (allmost boiling) for about 2 hours.

The liquid was allmost black. Looked allmost like coffee in a glass cup. We waited for a while for our drinks to cool down (added honey before was cool) there become something on the tea that looked like gasoline on water. We thought that it was the best time to drink the teas. Taste was very (VERY) strong and lasted in mouth for long time. After both had finished the teas we waited a while and then suddenly: like a bomb the caffeine came on and we both was hyper.

I think there was an other feeling with it too. Because when I eat 1500 mg of caffeine it still doesn't give me the same feeling. Just the energic boost of the tea. The feeling was bit intoxicated but not like alcohol. It was like I fell inside everything that I focused on, and snapped right back to normal world.

I asked that does my friend feel it too, he felt it.

We did the same at next day too. Same feelings and all. The comeing down made us maby more wasted but about the same. The day after that day we decided not to ''do tea'' anymore and laughed that ''yea we got addicted to it''. After we had sat a while both wanted tea. We could do nothing. No energy in the body at all. We still stayed away from the tea the rest of the day. Next morning my friend called me and said that it feels like he must get tea. I felt the same.

At 3rd day after ''tea abuse'' we had energy to go play basketball so we think that at 2 high tea doses it doesnt cause a bad addiction but what about if I drink the same amount daily for a month!?

Might tea cause an addiction??!

Ps. Sorry my bad english (if there is lots of it)...

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65098
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 23, 2018Views: 1,370
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Tea (447) : General (1), Addiction & Habituation (10), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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