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A Beautiful Morning
Citation:   Mario. "A Beautiful Morning: An Experience with Datura (exp65104)". Sep 9, 2009.

0.36 g oral Brugmansia (dried)
Datura metel smoked.

Well... I have had a couple of Datura metel plants for a little while now. One is the type popularily known as Double Blackcurrant Swirl and the other one is a Cream colored variety. They have shed their oldest largest leaves with age.

Now.. I am a very down-to-earth person but I am spiritually and inebriantally aware... or in other words I am very aware in general. The reason I am saying this is because, well first of all many people concider Datura as a spiritual medium and the other is that I have only picked up a few leaves now, looked at them, smelled them and basically touched them to feel how dry they are and estimate weight and what not... then I have placed them back and hung on the internet for a while reading upon differant things regarding Datura. My posture has been that of me leaning my chin in my hands, rubbing my beard and occasionally coming into contact with my mouth. After a while I started feeling some slight (but very noticeable) alteration in my reality. Its hard to describe, probably due to its soft nature, but I definately feel it, as if some sort of soft enhancement and alteration of clarity in focus. The other thing is that I feel increased awareness the areas my hands have been in contact with my face... sort of the same way as one would feel after eating something slightly greasy and coming in contact with their face and feeling that slight need or urge to wash your face those areas because you have gotten something on it.

Is anybody understanding this? I'm not saying this has a spiritual cause or the plant leaves have enromously powerful alkaloids which work upon skin contact... or what is what. I'm just as objectively as I feel comfortable to - trying to tell what I'm experiencing. And so anyway I allowed my cat to smell the leaves (cats have an exremely well developed sofisticated nose, anything a cat willingly and curiously tries to eat is definately harmless in other words) and reacted curious at first but after a few more wifts clearly showed lack of interest.

10:44 - Well ok. I am planning to smoke my leaves carefully dose-wise, and since I dont have tobacco or anything to strecth this into a joint with, all I have is a wooden pipe which alot of pure hash has been smoked through during its lifetime... as we all now hash oils easily cover the insides of the pipe so I'm giving an effort into smoking/burning away all of the hash smoke without inhaling it, blowing it out as fast as I can in my effort to cleaning my pipe without getting stoned of the oils. The point being not mixing THC and Datura's alkaloids to get a clear understanding of how smoked Datura metel is in effect.

10:46 - Effort successfull. I dont feel stoned, I still feel what i suspect to be the alkaloids from the leaf which I have gotten on my face with my fingers slightly and nothing else. Not even the coffee earlier on this morning.

The leaf I have is beautifuully dried, still being green and being slightly elastic though crisp dry at the same time. It weighs 0.36 grams in its dried state. I cut from it 0.05 grams which I am deciding to start off smoking. The set & setting is well I am starting to feel slight nervous about trying something new and so infamous, but I'm at ease having some knowledge of that the worst/most powerful possible method of ingestion is by tea. I'm listening to soft 'The Doors' music... probably gonna put on 'The End' now, I'm sitting very comfortably in my comfortable apartment this beautiful morning and I guess about as ready as I can be.

10:55 - 0.05 grams are placed in pipe... and... one puff is taken and I'm holding it in as I'm writing this... keeep holding it in.... blew it out now. Held it in a good time and the smoke was slightly harsh. Blew it out and it tasted sweet- Whoa... deffenately feeling something! I have to concentrate on the effetcs a bit...

10:58 - Ok, what can I say. I'm definately on the effects. Kind of like equal to that strength inehbriation which is perfect on Cannabis for studying or being in class or that level where you are definately high but able to be high around people who you wouldnt want to be aware of it. Its very pleasant, not VERY euphoric but it has that nice stoney twist. For my sake -this far- better than Cannabis... in its own way. Peripheral alteration. Slightly purplish twist to what I'm seeing. No Paranoia which is nice for a change. ok, lets try more...

11:08 - Now I have emptied the pipe from its remainig content of the first fill. Lol, the first effects appear physically like a few soft punches to the stomouch, but that could be for a variety of different reasons. Slightly more euphoric now. All, I can think saying is that if opiates would be more like Cannabis products, this is what it would be like. That enjoyable contempt of moment is there. Nothing much to find here. I could probably also say I would definately reccomend this dose. Feeling mostly distanced from the world around me like any drug does basically, just in its own more natural (like cannabis and opium) way. Something about the color purple, it stands out like nothing else and everything has a spotted purplish twist to it. Now let me see what more does. By the way, this is feeling slightly scary, not the high right now, but what more might do. Crossing my fingers for no delirium.

11:20 - Smaller hit than my first one from a pipe with new 0.05 grams. Love the taste. Putting on some happy Grateful Dead music. I need that positivity for the courage. That helped ALOT actually. The eerienss of silence is gone and sort of like while tripping on psychedelics the result of shift from silence positive music did alot! Still feeling good! Hehe...

11:25 - I'm pretty far gone now actually to be honest. I can do things and I could be social, I could work... but mentally I'm actually far gone and I would be very careful in social settings which I usually am on new drugs... on some drugs that social thing just doesnt work. But on this... it could. Oh yeah and my balance is slightly (euphorically) shifted in some strange and slight way. This is different than virtually any other drug the same way Cannabis is. That same nice head-high which only Cannabis was famous for now also goes for Datura - for my sake. That same colorful mind/head-high comfortable-in-your-own-world thing is going on.

11:30 - Wow... I made myself ready to take another hit... to clear the rest of the bowl when suddenly a sensation hit me, I cant explain it. I'm starting to feel the beginning of feeling fucked up in a new way. Previously I just steped in the boat... now I'm just untying the ropes slightly and feeling the beginning of somewhere else. Lol... I'm very trancey... staring into thin space foir minutes just gone in total... trance of somekind. Pleasurably medium euphoric now. It has its trippy psychedelic physical sensations such as a feeling of my energy field being pulled in randomn stretches. I cant even imagine what the complete hard inebriation of this could be. What it would be like to be totally gone in this world.

11:36 - Smoked some more of the second bowl (and I saw that a litle piece fell out so I still havent smoked all of the second filling of 0.05 grams) and got my first visual/illusionary flash of some kind. Thats sort of freaked me out, like whoah, peripheral things are happening. I dont want to go down that dillsuionary path today. Really dont want that. So I started dancing (to Casey Jones) in my livingroom to raise spirit and dispel the slight fear and boy did it disapear. Lol... I could only see how fun this would be for a rave or along with a couple of beers and some good friends. Not as the center of all atention and all fun, but as with cocain as a pretty cool background state of mind.

Every new puff lets me feel scared for a new few seconds until I do something about it and then it completely disapears. It seems like every state of mind I am is very controllable and easily enhanced, like diving into fun or feel-good states of mind switching between the two and very enjoyable. The 'energy-field pulls' are kinda nice feeling. Its starting to feel sort of sexy in a good sexy stoned way. This is faaar better for the same equvelant situation like that of smoking weed and enjoying a scenary or some view or something. This is veeery nice in some subtle way at the same time not subtle at all. Its like you're very much IN this datura world but not dramatically at all. Like with opium... you can be very much in the opiated state of mind at a nice dose, but its not dramatic... whereas cannabis is more dramatic. Hehe... ok, I'll smoke more, till I have smoked 0.10 grams, then lie down, fool around... do stuff and come back and see if i wanna do any more at all.

13:20 - Well its 13:20 and I have basically smoked 0.15 grams in total up to this point. I have spent some time on my bed looking out the window at a rainy beautiful view in total blissfull contempt (I like rainy days though, I'm an autumn sort of a guy (and from Bergen so that fits nice, hehe))... I have smoked 0.05 more. There is a bout half of the leaf left. I havent timed anything or thought about anything too much just smoked according to what I felt like and have smoked euphorically (chasing that nice euphorical state mindlessly but carefully... its kind of like cannabis... duration wise and how long the peak effects are after each toke... though in total I think it wears off slower, but more clearly). Other than that I have been reading Datura rapports of all kinds and never has time gone by reading so enjoyably. I fall deeper into the subconscious visual world of imagination while reading something but much more focused at the same time. No distracting thoughts as is usual with me... this stuff is totally in the moment. Being the key factor to its palatability. Dose wise you really dont have to smoke much. Well I get easily high off of hash and weed. But I think I feel datura a little bit more on less amounts... but then we are being very picky on analysis because we are talking about a difference of milligrams and comparing two comparable drugs which at the same time are different. They would fit nice with one another though. I feel as though I have grown accustom to the high. I could counteract with people and know where I stand socially from the inebriation. I feel safe in knowing how this works, how long it lasts and I will try smoking a bit more.

13:35 - I filled up 0.10 grams in my pipe and we'll see how much I smoke myself through, key thing is I'll smoke a bit more daringly now but still with a hint of caution.

13:55 - I have smoked the whole 0.10 now. lol... I vary between being very cautious with the probability of stumbling upon hallucinations and what not as is the case with the Datura Trip, and feeling quite at ease. But smoking it seems to be completely different after all. Lately this plant has aroused alot of curiosity with me and I would like to be able to have a conversation with someone who uses this regularaly. To be able to compare effects and discuss its uses, that would be itneresting. My vision I is more on the unclear side now and maybe understanding how that 'dreamy state of the trip' of the trip could feel like. Writing is slightly more difficult. I'm focused but still not quite after all anymore. I think I'm having side-vision blips of hallucinatory occurances. I'm not sure. As if something has just happened almost completely out of sight but I didnt quite catch it. Not much, but maybe twice or thrice now. I feel like I wouldnt be able to write and explain my feelings around things, but in another way i guess thats what I am doing. Lol. I feel mentally quietly euphorically distanced, as opposed to in some even slightly dramatic way.

I dont think I should smoke anymore. I feel a bit ridiculous about it since I only have a little bit of the whole leaf left.

14:08 - That feeling of how ridiculous it would be to be that far from a complete leaf overpowered me and I'll smoke the remainder now and see how it is... and go outside, I need to shop and run som errends, I'll write more when I get back.

15:02 - Well now I've been out and about and I've enjoyed it. The smoking of this Datura leaf has reduced any anxiety levels which otherwise might be. It has more than anything else put me in a relaxed, enjoyable state which allows me to enjoy the passing moment more... put more focus into little things. I've read how this is an aphrodisiac and I can completely understand it as such, not that I've become a horn dog but thinking about the euphoric tendencies, focus of moment, loss of worry...etc I think it can be interesting under sexual affairs. I'm still feeling it and the way this high sticks around it doesnt feel like it will fade any time soon though the peak has quite a while ago. I really dont know what more to say. I reccomend this. I personally could reccomend it medically if you have anxiety, for sure not on a daily basis, we dont know what that does yet, but I feel as though it definately smoothes out any fear. A doctor might say something else and I'm only an individiual reaction to a scarcely understood plant right now, so do anything with this plant at your own risk. I personally dont know if I would drink the tea anytime... at elast not anytime soon. But smoking leaves?! Often...!

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65104
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 9, 2009Views: 20,818
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Datura (15) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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