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Three Methods of Ingestion
Coca (leaves)
by CanadianTechBoy
Citation:   CanadianTechBoy. "Three Methods of Ingestion: An Experience with Coca (leaves) (exp65131)". Apr 1, 2018.

  oral Coca (tea)
    buccal Coca (leaves)
    oral Coca (ground / crushed)
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  


While there is no 'rush' such as that which comes from snorting or smoking pure cocaine (due to the oral and/or sublingual methods of administration) the high (when it does kick in) is equally strong, with the added benefit of longer duration (about 1-2 hours / dose). An additional benefit of using Coca for recreational purposes is that, as opposed to cocaine, the come-down is much more gradual, and hence, one does not end up using compulsively until the supply has run out like one does with snorting or smoking cocaine.

Below are some experiments I have tried, and their results. Costs are stated based on the prices charged at a Peruvian grocery store in Toronto, Canada which sells Coca Tea and raw Coca Leaf.

1. Massive quantity of tea

25 1-gram bags of mate de coca ('Coca Tea') were boiled for 10 minutes in a water and cranberry juice mixture (the cranberry juice being used to acidify the solution and enhance alkaloid extraction into the aqueous solution.) The resulting infusion was a dark tea color and was consumed all at once. Effects were a mild but pleasant stimulation, however the effects were much less intense than the others I will describe. The only thing I have to recommend this method is that it is tasty and pleasant to ingest, unlike the other, more efficient ones that I will list below.

Taste and ease of administration: 10/10
Intensity of the high: 6/10
Lack of negative effects: 10/10
Ease of comedown: 8/10

2. Chewing with baking soda

Started with three 1-gram bags of mate de coca, emptied into the mouth, and gently moistened and formed into a quid. A pinch of baking soda was then added directly into the quid using a small spoon, and the components mixed together in the mouth using the tongue. An immediate numbing of the tongue and gums was noted upon the addition of baking soda, suggesting that this is indeed an effective method of releasing the freebase alkaloid for sublingual absorption.

The quid was then stored between the cheek and gum, chewing occasionally. Every 15 minutes or so, for about an hour, another couple grams of mate de coca were added into the mouth, with an additional pinch of baking soda. Although the effects increased with each addition, there are other alkaloids in the coca leaves that make it unpleasant to continue past a total intake of 8-12 grams. The entire procedure tastes like shit, until my mouth has become numb.

The results from this method are quite good. I have used this method more frequently than any others I describe here. Effects are noticible in 5 minutes (more of a 'rush' than drinking tea, less than snorting) and are of a similar nature to pure cocaine, though as the dose increases, there is a slightly 'trippy' feeling, likely due to the trace amounts of atropine and other anti-cholinergics within the leaf. These are not unpleasant at the dose mentioned, but do serve to limit the dose.

Taste and ease of administration: 4/10
Intensity of the high: 8/10
Lack of negative effects: 10/10
Ease of comedown: 8/10

3. Suspension in alcohol beverage

This method was inspired by the history of 'Vin Mariani,' a potent 'coca wine' popular in the 19th century, and used by individuals as straight-edge as Pope Leo. This is by far the best method.

10 - 15 grams of powdered 'Hojas de Coca' ('coca leaves') were placed in a pint glass. Note that this method only works with finely powdered leaf material (I am lucky enough to live near a grocery store that sells a 100g bottle of 'Hojas de Coca' for $15.00 that has had the veins and stems removed and has been ground up into an extremely fine powder.)

The pint glass was filled with 9% malt liquor / strong beer, since wine was not available. After leaving the mixture to extract as much as possible for 10 minutes, with occasional stirring, the pint of beer was consumed with frequent stirring to keep the leaf parts in suspension (leaf material was swallowed in case extraction time had not been sufficient.)

This method takes a while to kick in, as much of the extraction is likely occurring inside the stomach. But once it does, wow! The high feels very, very similar to the snorting of powdered cocaine except it rises and falls gradually. This is the cheapest and best method. Though drinking a Coca smoothie does not taste that good, it also doesn't taste that bad.

TOTAL COSTS: $2.00 (coca), $2.00 (malt liquor)
Taste and ease of administration: 6/10
Intensity of the high: 9/10
Lack of negative effects: 10/10
Ease of comedown: 8/10

I will end with a brief note on three ways that I could obtain pure, decent quality coca leaves.

1. Growing it. Seeds are a bitch to get, and are often defective. Even if they aren't, this is an extremely difficult plant to grow, often dies, and takes several years before it produces a really good crop of leaves.

2. Buying from a grocery store. This is my preferred method. I am able to find coca at a latin-american grocery store, as 'mate ('matEH') de coca'.

3. Internet. I'd get the same stuff I'd get at the grocery store, sometimes a little cheaper, but I would run the risk of having it taken away by customs, in which case I would have wasted my money. I hate ordering gray-market shit off the net!

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65131
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 1, 2018Views: 4,358
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