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Living in Dreamworld
Coleus blumei
Citation:   Tau the Apostate. "Living in Dreamworld: An Experience with Coleus blumei (exp65162)". Erowid.org. Aug 24, 2007. erowid.org/exp/65162

8 leaves oral Coleus (fresh)
After my first experience with coleus blumei, I desperately wanted to try this beautiful plant once more, and after a month had passed (and one botched attempt to trip again, where I ate too few and only got the most minor of threshold effects) I decided to give it another whirl, figuring my plants could take it. At the time of the experience, I was (and still am) 6'2.5' tall, about 15 (well, I'm 15 now, but wasn't then) and 210 pounds, and had previous experience with E, weed, DXM, kava, 5HTP, alchohol, nutmeg (well, it was a threshold experience. I had some short term memory loss and a tiny buzz, but nothing else), and have been diagnosed bipolar, though I haven't taken any meds in over a year, nor have I had any manic episodes since stopping my medications. At the time of tripping, I was taking 5HTP supplements pretty regularly (and still do), though hadn't taken any the day of tripping. I'm also very prone to most drugs, so the dosage I took is most likely very low considering its effects.

So to the experience. Earlier in the day I had collected leaves from my coleus plants in the backyard, and was excited to get to trip again. Around 11 o clock, my parents had gone to bed, and I was prepared to eat the giant quid I had in front of me. It took 4 large bites, each washed down with coke to make the taste bearable when swallowing. I admit I had made a bit of a slip up in preparation, because I had a decent sized snack before eating, without thinking of how that could effect the trip (which I think it did.)

Around 15-30 minutes later, I began noticing some effects. I started to see a bit of warping, and the odd coloration I get from coleus (that is, everything seems a little bit tinted reddish purple. It was the same shade both times I've taken coleus.) As I sat and watched television, I noticed the effects increasing, but they were different from last time. Whereas last time I felt more 'loved up', this was a more alien, surreal feeling. (As a note, I had been reading up on ketamine a fair bit in the days prior to my trip, and I had been really wanting a weird, alien, emotionless trip like K is said to give.) This kept getting more pronounced until it plateaued in a weird way, leaving me feeling a little tense (though not paranoid or anxious), and stuck at this sort of weird, dreamy feeling without really pronounced visuals. Nothing in my surroundings felt all that real, and my memory of the next hour or so is really hazy. All I can remember is wandering around, muttering occasionally, trying to figure out what was happening. I think I went on the computer for a little bit, but quickly grew bored with it. This feeling persisted until I made a breakthrough.

I realized that all coleus did was give me the dreaminess/visuals, and the rest was my own doing (this was related to a little memetic trip I've been on lately, which is the idea that 'all drugs are active placebos', which is an interesting concept to think of.) It became apparent to me that because I had wanted a lovey, empathogenic trip the first time, I got one, whereas now I wanted a cold, alien trip, so I got one. This thought relieved me, and I allowed myself to accept the dreaminess, and watched a little more television, during which time I felt very normal.

As I went to sleep that night (around 1:30, I believe), I had the most intense dreams I've ever had. I can recall them in vivid detail, but I'll spare you the endless description and just mention the interesting parts. In the dream, I candyflipped (which, if you don't know, is mixing E and LSD.) And in the dream felt all the extreme lovey feelings and experienced very interesting CEV's, which makes me wonder if perhaps coleus does have more empathogenic properties, but they're not always experienced right away. It's possible my full stomach had made the coleus take a long time to metabolize and as such, I peaked while dreaming. It's also possible that coleus will present one side of itself while awake and another while dreaming, because the first trip had a very lovey and visual awake part and a cold, alien, and realistic dream section.

The next day, I woke up at a reasonable time (about 10, I believe), and went about my day just fine, albeit with tiny flecks of light speeding across my vision occasionally (which stopped after about a week.) I was relieved to have had no noticable chest pains though, so my worries about the dangers of coleus are pretty much gone. All in all it was a really interesting experience, and left me with a lot of questions to answer, and hinted at the nature of this marvelous drug, which I'll definitely be taking again.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65162
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 24, 2007Views: 50,914
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Coleus (168) : General (1), Alone (16)

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