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Virtual Drugs
Devices - I-Doser
Citation:   resonance. "Virtual Drugs: An Experience with Devices - I-Doser (exp65270)". Dec 16, 2007.

When I stumbled across a program called I-Doser which claimed to use certain special sound frequencies to make users feel as though they were on nearly any drug, illicit or otherwise, I expected a placebo, something marketed to bored kids low on cash for real drugs, cashing in on ignorance. I downloaded the program, along with just about all the sound files designed to simulate the most popular drugs, namely coke, weed, salvia, opium, heroin, smart drugs, absinthe, even a cup of French roast coffee. The doses were pretty pricey, usually averaging around $3 per one-use sound file, but I found a torrent and downloaded (stole) the program along with all the sound files, all of them unlimited uses.

Before doing enough research, I quickly opened up the salvia divinorum file, listened to a good 10% of it, didn't feel much, closed it, opened the weed file, played some of it (I forget how much, not more than 25%, probably) then, thinking I couldn't feel anything, opened a file called 'Trip' that had a picture of a mushroom in it and listened to a small section of it. It should be noted that I didn't use stereo headphones, which you're supposed to, I just listened to my speakers, I was just giving it a try and I didn't realize you had to use headphones.

Anyway, I walked down my stairs and felt kind of weird, like I was a little taller than usual and a little dizzy. I felt kind of uneasy, I had some anxiety, existence hurt. I went into the basement and layed on my couch. I forgot why I went down there (to get some stereo headphones). As I layed on the couch I started to shake, first my legs, then my jaw, then the rest of me. I had sort of spasms of shaking, they were powerful, like I sometimes get when I smoke a little too much weed, due to my incredible light weight. I felt like I had the effects of weed, but only the bad ones, the paranoia, the shaking, the anxiety, and the fear of insanity. I went up to the living room and lied on the floor next to the couch where my mom was watching TV. I lied a little bit and told her I was doing 'Binaural Brainwave Therapy' I had found online and I had done it wrong so I was getting negative effects. I shook violently, steadied my breathing after a while, then the shaking stopped after a good 15 minutes. The anxiety remained, keeping me awake until about 4 in the morning. I was terrified, very paranoid about a scary story I had read earlier in the day, not thinking clearly. The effects wore off slowly as I fell asleep. I woke up the next day feeling fine.

I assume I felt this way because I did so much wrong, no headphones, mixing doses like crazy, using powerful doses, not steadying my mind first, all that.

So, the next day I decided to try again, and to do it right. I browsed through my stolen virtual drugs and selected opium, hoping to train myself and work my way up to heroin. I put on the headphones, steadied my mind, and listened. I admit things get a little fuzzy here due to the strength of this dose. I held the headphones to my ears, staring at a mixtape I had on my computer desk. I realized, at around 10%, I was leaning farther and farther forward until my nose was a few inches from the bottom of the monitor and the tape. Around 25% of the way through time began to slow down, my breathing became deeper and much slower. When I thought of things that would normally make me angsty, I was unconcerned.

I felt satisfied, satisfied to just sit there and read the hastily scrawled tracklist on the tape. Time eventually slowed to a standstill, and I was nothing but a heavy body full of calming thoughts of cozyness and relaxation. I spied a pack of cards and decided it would be one of the most wonderful and relaxing and memorable experiences of my life to just play solitaire on a comfortable surface and be calm. I finished the dose, heavy, relaxed, unconcerned, and grabbed the cards and walked downstairs, swaying a little and thinking of how great it would be to relax downstairs with the TV. I put some pillows and a blanket on the ground and put on Leno and just stared at the TV, totally relaxed, mumbling slightly to myself and feeling satisfied. I didn't even play cards. I fell into that great state of asleep/awake hazy reality and didn't think of anything. It was great. Sleep was HEAVY and powerful and I woke up more tired than usual.

So I assume that this thing works. If I can approach it with the negative attitude that I did, expecting it not to work, and first have those violent, uncontrollable effects, presumably because of my misuse of the program, then have that amazing opium experience, and then to have it again (I did it again today and felt awesome. I read something afterward about how opium reduces sex drive. I was with my girlfriend when I did it, and sure enough, I just kind of wanted to be with her for a while more than to have sex or do anything of that nature) I'd say the program works.

It uses binaural beats (it's complex, basically two frequencies which cancel each other out as they enter each side of the head, causing a different frequency to be heard in the brain) which stimulate binaural brainwaves, which can cause physical and mental feelings associated with nearly anything, drug or otherwise, when orchestrated in certain orders and volumes. It's really cool. Not quite the real thing, but cheaper and a different experience for those interested in new ways of opening our minds. And, so far, no health or psychological effects have been determined negative in relation to use of binaural beats. So I'm pretty into it. I'm probably gonna go do some more opium in a few minutes. Enjoy the new possibilities of this unique technology.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65270
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 16, 2007Views: 49,137
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