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Mild Antidepressant With Few Side Effects
Bacopa monnieri (tea)
by user
Citation:   user. "Mild Antidepressant With Few Side Effects: An Experience with Bacopa monnieri (tea) (exp65410)". Oct 19, 2015.

1.5 g oral Bacopa monnieri (tea)
      Cannabis (daily)
      Tobacco (daily)


I'm 42 years old, I'm smoking pot and tobacco daily. I take Kratom once or twice a week, as extract as well as natural leaves. I'm occasionally smoking Salvia divinorum and Amanita muscaria skin. I tried other herbal highs, like blue Lotus, wild Dagga, Kanna,... I drink coffee, Catuaba tea, tea,...

I'm a regular customer of a herbs / seeds / legal highs on-line shop. One year ago, they started to distribute ayurvedic medicinal herbs. I tried Bacopa monnieri for its alleged positive effects on memory and general brain functions. I didn't find any dosage recommendations on the internet, as the plant is used as extract in western countries. I tried teas using the following method : I' m putting from 2 to 4 grams in cold water (3 cups), I heat the pot to the boiling point and allow it to boil something like 3 minutes and let the tea cool for 15 minutes.
A light tea (made from 2 grams or a little less) is easily drunk, but higher dosages are not only very bitter, they also have an awfully disgusting taste. I guess that's why it's used as extracts in western countries.

The effects are felt after three hours. It's neither a stimulant, nor a calming plant, but more some kind of an antidepressant. Sometimes, I feeling sad and demotivated. I dont want to do what I got to do, and daily life seems boring and depressing. Bacopa doesnt make me happy at all, but it allows me to act and face my obligations. It reduces social anxiety and the world seems less threatening. I'm not happy, I'm not unhappy, I'm just running my life. The way I think is a little less emotional, but I don't feel any mental anesthesia.

The effects of a single dose last 2 days and are slowly fading out during the third day. A single dose from time to time is somehow softly kicking me out of my slight depression. I rarely take some two days in a row because of its only obvious side effect : the plant has laxative properties which come six or eight hours after having drunk the tea. It was very obvious the first times. I became more or less tolerant to the effect of single dose, but higher dosages or repeated use still have this effect. I gave a sample of this plant to someone who suffers of constipation, but she didn't notice a real laxative effect. To me, who doesn't have this problem, this effect remains noticeable, but never caused any irritation in my intestines. The laxative side-effect doesn't last as long as the positive effects on the mind.

I didn't notice any improvement on my memory, but maybe it needs a more regular use to happen. It doesn't seems to synergize with other herbals or drugs, except Blue Lotus, which seems more effective and euphoric when used later the same day. I'm not sure of that, but coffee and tobacco seem to shorten a little the positive effect.

Bacopa is a precious ally to me. There's no noticeable come down, no 'drug effect', no cravings for more and no side effects except the laxative one, and sometimes some light physical tiredness for a few hours when a higher dosage is taken. In fact, It's easier to me to be productive while a bit tired but not depressed than when I'm physically alert but mentally down.

It was just the plant I was looking for, for occasional or light depression.

[Reported Dose: '1.5 - 5 grams']

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65410
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 19, 2015Views: 7,403
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