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Beyond Expectations
2C-T-7 & Cannabis
Citation:   bluestemz. "Beyond Expectations: An Experience with 2C-T-7 & Cannabis (exp6543)". Jan 5, 2002.

10 mg oral 2C-T-7 (pill / tablet)
This is my first experiment with 2C-T-7. Some background on me at this point in evolution: male, 25 years of age, height 5' 6', weight 125 lbs. I have been consuming a supplement of 500mg DL-Phenylalanine daily starting app 2 weeks prior to today. The past day or two I've supplemented 50mg 5-HTP daily. Preloaded 50mg 5-HTP app. 2-3 hours prior to ingestion of 10mg 2C-T-7. The 5-HTP supplement also contains 5mg Niacin, 5mg Vitamin B-6, 25mg Magnesium, & 50mg Valerian Root. A multivitamin was also taken early in the morning.

02:00 pm Ingested 10mg 2CT7 (blue mystic) on an empty stomach.

03:30 pm Feeling things starting to work. Light after-effects when I close my eyes. Mild queasiness in the stomach. Feels like motion sickness, or hangover sickness. Nausea picks up in strength as the hour moves on. Feel like I know I'd feel better if I could puke, but I really don't want to or have to puke. Nausea not strong enough to the point of action, more annoying than anything. Writing at this point is very difficult. Very casual trip, a lot like slow LSD. Easy to control, start/stop just by thinking or not thinking. Definite body buzz. I can hear the phenethylamine buzz in the back of my head.

05:30 pm Somewhere around this time myself, a friend, and Casey the dog decided to go outside for a walk. I estimate I am peaking around this time. I remember looking out the window & making the realization that the visuals are a lot like mushrooms, the visual aspect of the trip reminded me a lot of some good B+ strain I had a few years ago. The visuals were strong, but not overwhelming, and come in waves that taper off but don't disappeared, they just get a little more controlled in between waves. The body buzz is great, it's like being tickled from the inside out, but during this height of the trip becomes very annoying, like an itch you can't reach or a desire you can't fulfill. I'm sure sex would be a wonderful distraction at this time & would do a lot to satisfy the inner tickle.

Movement in general seems to redirect the energy throughout the body. We walk, and we walk fast, for I don't know, maybe a half an hour to an hour. The whole time the trip is in full swing. Cognitive function is extremely disrupted. I'm completely lost in thought while not being able to complete a thought at the same time. I'm very unsure, there seems to be a strong temporary amnesia effect like LSD. I keep forgetting what & why I am doing, there have been times when I'm so distracted it takes me a bit to hold onto who 'I' am. If I try to talk or write, completing the thought/sentence is very difficult. The walk is making me feel wonderful, the MDMA aspect of the chemical is rushing throughout my energized body. I'm moving fast & smiling the whole time. I make the realization that I truly am blessed to be alive to experience this chemical, this feeling. I wish everyone could feel the way I do right now, I wish everyone were friendly.

Passing a yard of loud barking Rottweilers, I realize that my happiness is not in the majority of the world. People are walking around the streets doing their routines, locked in themselves, forgetting how to smile, forgetting or just not knowing how to love. I walk across some grass in a park, it feels great to have the mother under my feet instead of all that concrete. Thank god my friend is with me cause I have no idea where I am. My sense of who & where are completely gone. It's very easy to lose myself in this part of the trip. If I spun myself around in a circle I would be completely unaware of my location. Everything looks new even though I remember walking past the same buildings a day earlier. I like being outside & roaming around society, but I wouldn't want to be here alone because of the amnesia. I know where I'm at, & I know where my friend's house is, but my brain can not draw the line between them right now.

The grass in the park is bright green. All colors are heightened, greens are GREEN, the blues & reds of the playground are BLUE & RED, almost blinding me the colors make me giggle. I walk by a tree & the intricacies of the bark are alive! The texture is bubbling and flowing like lava but retaining the shape of the tree. That's the way the visuals are, like the world is made up of lava, but each lava is self contained, the grass, the trees, the houses, the window panes, the stone streets, are a different lava, each is flowing & bubbling but only within itself, never mixing. The scene in my vision doesn't change, the visuals don't change shape, things don't become other things, they just breath within themselves.

I walk by a bunch of people, families, outside on an easter egg hunt. The absurdity of the ritual makes me laugh. I can't believe these people can't see the hippocrasy in their actions. These people go to church, take communion, listen to the message of Christ, then blindly participate in this sacrilegious, pagan ritual of picking up psychedelic eggs a giant rabbit left behind. It's the ultimate kick in the nuts of Christ, more so than Christmas. Somewhere in time some deity decided to throw one last punch at Christianity & made up this egg laying rabbit to trivialize the most important aspect of that religion: faith. The message of 'faith is the path to salvation' has been overshadow by a big fluffy bunny. Haha, can you imagine if the ritual evolved at the moment of the crucifixion? There's Christ, bleeding & starving to death on the cross, screaming for attention, 'Believe in me! Believe in me! I will rise!' and meanwhile his congregation is out looking under trees for brightly colored eggs dropped by a bunny. Oh what irony.

08:00 pm Just rode into the city. Observing from the backseat, it seemed as if we were flying 100 mph through crazy twists & turns. Being immersed at highspeed in traffic is just insane, I can't think fast enough to keep up with the car. The visuals are still alive & kickin' but I think the waves have finally subsided. Everything seems to have leveled out visually, but I still can't think straight. In the parking lot of the EF, tripping my face off, but much more controlled than the past few hours. I find talking to people is easy now & I can hold a conversation, but I still forget what I'm doing or how to do it (I can sit here & talk to someone about walking up to the bar to buy a beer, but actually doing it is unfathomable)

09:00 pm Inside the EF now, sitting upstairs by the bar, waiting for the band to start. The preshow muzac is some nice drum & bass & breakbeats, I really want to dance. Cognitive effects coming back, but I'm still not really feeling like myself yet. I drink two beers while waiting for the show. The visuals aren't nearly as intense now, everything still breathes, but the living lava aspect of the visuals has tapered off. The body buzz is still there, I really really can't wait to dance.

12:30 am It's sometime after midnight & at set break I notice that I am still tripping, but it's like the tailend of a mushroom trip. I just danced my ass off & it felt great. The visuals are very mild, very tactile now but I am still buzzed. I smoked a little bit of nugget during the show, & that seemed to even things out a bit. I can finally think straight, I have no problem getting around without following someone now. There's still another set to go, and under any other circumstances I would be feeling pain from the intensity of the show so far, but I'm ready for the third set!

02:30 am It's post show now. Three sets of high energy jamming are finally over. Leaving the venue & going outside back into the city I notice I am still going pretty good, maybe a little weaker than an hour or two ago but it's been pretty steady since the peak. I have all my functions back, but I still wouldn't trust myself to drive or anything. I almost fall asleep during the car ride, and I feel sleep would be wonderful at this point. We get back to the apartment about 3-3:30 am. Everyone crashes, I stay up & eat a turkey sandwich which is just divine & I also take another 50mg 5-HTP. I pack up a little nugget & take a few hits before settling down to sleep. Drifting off I listen to Ah Moshi Moshi & although completely exhausted I feel spiritually rejuvenated, and yes, I am still tripping. Throughout the day I gained some wonderful insights about myself. Nothing that I didn't already know but at least the experience confirmed any doubts I may have had regarding what I truly need from life. As far as the empathetic aspect of the chemical I noticed throughout the day that I felt extremely connected to nature, but disassociated with people. I think a lot of the uncertainty & unsteadiness I felt during the experience was an exacerbation of my current personal needs. If I try the chemical again when I'm a little further along my personal path, I'm sure these negatives will be far less emphasized.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6543
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 5, 2002Views: 15,470
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2C-T-7 (54) : Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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