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Space-Time Dimensions
Salvia divinorum (10x extract)
Citation:   Drug Geek. "Space-Time Dimensions: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (10x extract) (exp65597)". Sep 14, 2010.

50 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)

Drug geek is what you may call someone of my nature. I am one who is fascinated by the effects that drugs can have on the human mind and am excited to experiment with them myself. My past experiments were conducted on what the internet calls “legal highs” these include such drugs as the Wormwood, Amanitas Mushrooms, Blue Lotus, Kratom, Kava Kava, DXM, Morning Glory Seeds and Salvia.


The purpose of these new experiments is to find out why I keep on reading stories of people having experiences of other realities. I hope to literate scientifically how this can be explained beyond a simple chemical imbalance with the idea of string theory.

A general overview of sting theory is that matter is made up of small particles called strings. These particles are even smaller than protons/electrons/neutrons and are too small to be seen by the current technology of our microscopes. The more important part is that these stings give potential to space-time dimensions. According to M-theory there could be possibly 10 or 11 different invisible dimensions constantly around us.

Now what if salvia could alter the mind enough that someone could experience another real dimension of conscious? Would this further the belief that there is intelligent life elsewhere in these alternate dimensions/realities?

#/salvia/trips/space-time dimensions


I have always tripped from the comforts of my own room. I enjoy its solitude and its concealed environment. No trip sitter was present nor have I ever found the need for one. I have had more than my fair share of trips and wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary.

It had been a while since I have done any substances. College classes were keeping me busy and I really couldn’t find any spare time. This was a major contrast from the past because I would do 6x at least twice a week. Finding an open weekend I decided to make this a night to remember, I was going to try 10x for the first time. I loaded up a bowl with a moderate amount salvia, I would estimate this to be 50mg.

I was slightly nervous while looking down at the bowl I was about to smoke. I had theorized in the past that my preconceived notions play into what I experience. Thus my being nervous would make me have a bad trip. At the same time another part of my brain was telling me about how after the first hit I feel so much better and I want to trip after that. It was against my better judgment but I decided to smoke it due to the lack of no other day to try it out.

Note: I record my trips for latter review (this will come into play latter on in the reading).



One hit of salvia held in for 30 seconds. The effects of salvia began slowly creeping over me. I was flung into a state of perpetual falling. I had fallen into a state of nothingness, I had no memory of what life was like before falling. I had no idea what anything was, even such things was my own arms which swing around violently during the peak the trip. It was for the best that I had no idea that something was wrong because that way I had nothing to fight against.

The intensity died down and I slowly started remembering things that should not of been forgotten.

After the peak I got some time to look at the light coming off of a table lamp. I could see every single strand of light come out and hit me. I noticed that at the point of fracture with my skin the light was curved like as if it was holding onto me. I decided that it was possible that the light could restrain the transition from space-time dimensions. I swiftly promised myself that the lights would be off in my next trip.


I’m not a wasteful person and I wasn’t quite sure if I had gotten everything out of the pipe the first time or if it was just ash now. I cleared the bowl in two hits. About 15 seconds in of holding it I was feeling the initial effects. This was quite strange for it to come so fast and I knew I must of hit something really good. I laid down on my bed in anticipation.

I had lost touch with my physical body and was no more than just a spiritual remain. A black spinning vortex formed above my head and I was sucked through a series of complex pipes. I was then quite literally spewed out on the other side of this vortex and I became integrated to the side of what appeared to be a large skyscraper. There were the makings of an intelligent civilization. They had buildings streets lights and parked cars but yet I did not see a single form of life.

That skyscraper was composed of very interesting materials. It had the image of my physical self surrounding me in every direction. I was a little taken back by this shocking image. How could I tell I was the real me?

Then just in the time it takes to blink I was shot back into my body laying down on the bed. I was still slightly scared and had come to the conclusion that I was still holding my breath. How long had I gone without oxygen? I had no idea but I started forcing the air in and out of my lungs. The air somehow felt toxic like it had no oxygen in it and it didn’t matter how much I breathed my body still desperately demanded oxygen.

Note: The room was to dark to conclude, from the video, when I started breathing again.

This breathing destabilized my connection to the other dimension. The atoms on the sky scraper started to violently bounce around only to break loose and fall what seemed like a miserable deaths. This was far from pleasant to watch and I just wanted it all to end. If I would have to spend the rest of my life in this state I would of just killed myself. My thoughts were racing though my mind, I was a fool to have no trip sitter, my confidence of going it alone just crumbled around me.

The two worlds begin to mix, I could be looking at the door to my room to have the new world start to superimpose upon regular reality. Also a new unseen force surrounded my body and threatened to crush every bone.

All I knew was that I needed to get away from all of this. In this state I was able to conclude that fleeing the room was my option to escaping. Although running away from problems never helped anything I still stumbled out of my door and fled to my left. I chose this direction because I have found in my trips that reality usually flows from left to right. I was trying to catch up with my reality to hold onto something that I considered my ticket back home. After 10 feet of attempted walking I hit the south end wall of the house and plopped myself down on a chair.

A few more minutes passed. The trip has still not subsided and I was still having trouble breathing. To make maters worse I was randomly switching from being myself and being part of the skyscraper. I remember thinking to myself how crazy I must of looked if someone were to walk in right now. There I was sitting in a chair facing the wall huffing and puffing like I had never taken a breath before in my life.

I was at is time trying to rationalize the situation and stop myself from calling an ambulance. “Just a few more minutes and then it will all go away,” is what I kept telling myself over and over. “It only last for about 8 minutes your almost there,” the truth of the matter was that this was not my typical 8 minute trip this was an astonishing 15 minute trip.

I was then blessed with a startling revolution. I felt like I had this knowledge all my life but was somehow brainwashed out of believing. Time is just a thing made by humans to provide a form a measurement. And how if time didn’t even exist then there wouldn’t be a need for a beginning or an end making some of life’s questions disappear. What humans were trying to measure for time was simply the movement of energy. They looked up into the sky and saw that there was night and day, however that night and day is just the movement of the energy of rotation. And since energy is cyclical it doesn’t really matter how many times it moves.

After a few moments I felt as if oxygen was doing its job properly. I made my way to my bed and laid down to relax off this intense trip. When I thought that all effects were over I got off my bed and stopped the web cam that was running on my computer. “I must of caught something really great,” I was thinking to myself. I reviewed the first trip of the night and it was pretty ordinary except for the flailing arms part, which caught me a little off guard.

Now it was time to review the second trip. I couldn’t believe it the first time though. “No there must have been a mistake, I must of played the wrong video,” I thought to myself. The truth of the matter is that this was the record of the trip that I had just experienced. The video actually showed little of what I was expecting, for I was expecting it to show me rush out of the room at some point with a panicked look on my face. That video showed me taking the hit and then laying down. At no point did I ever get up or run out of the room. I just simply laid there for about 5 minutes and then my feet started to move as If I were trying to walk. They stop or I had simply given up and then I laid there for about 8 more minutes before I got up to turn off the web cam.

How could this of been possible? I remember so well struggling my way though the house. I could still recall the feeling of the textured paint on the wall that I ran into. Could I of honestly left my body and went to other dimensions?

That experience nearly rewrote my entire belief system. I never realized how deep into things that ought not be meddled with I was going. I was far to scared to ever try it again so I dispersed the remains among lucky friends and family, only keeping ½ oz of plain leaf should I ever change my mind.


Quote from the top of page


“The purpose of these new experiments is to find out why I keep on reading stories of people having experiences of other realities. I hope to literate scientifically how this can be explained beyond a simple chemical imbalance with the idea of string theory.

Now what if salvia could alter the mind enough that someone could experience another real dimension of conscious? Would this further the belief that there is intelligent life elsewhere in these alternate dimensions/realities?”


A sample size of one is not enough to conclude anything. So I can prove nothing I am about to say here so this will just be a theory.

1. Could I experience another real dimensions of conscious?

Answer: I would like to believe that I truly experienced another time-space dimension. The more that I read about other peoples experiences the more I can recall similar feeling, sights and relevancies. I’m not saying that anyone who takes salvia would see the same reality that I saw since there is nine or ten different dimensions out there that I haven’t experienced in great detail.

2 Was there any proof of intelligent life in this alternate reality?

Answer: I can’t say that I saw any intelligent life in this trip. I did see however signs of an intelligent life with the evidence of the city.

I can’t stress this enough that these are just theories and that none of this has been proven or analyzed. I’m just going off of what I saw and felt those few hours.

Thanks for your time of reading my trip!

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65597
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 14, 2010Views: 11,994
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Alone (16), Mystical Experiences (9)

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