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Inhale Deeply, then There's No Turning Back
Salvia divinorum (10x extract)
by Blue_tide_affair
Citation:   Blue_tide_affair. "Inhale Deeply, then There's No Turning Back: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (10x extract) (exp65610)". Oct 12, 2010.

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)


Salvia is to be taken seriously, I can't stress that enough. It is NOT a social drug. Taking salvia in a social setting will either be pointless or serve to make the trip more overwhelming.

You should have sitter, not so much for the safety of your physical body, but even more so as a comforting reminder when you return from salvia reality.

I'm an experience salvia user, but every time i've used it in the past, i've taken a few strong hits and then 'passed out' so to speak. This particular time I decided to use a more scientific approach. I took several small hits and recorded my findings as I traveled further and further into salvia reality. I used 10x salvia for this particular experience.

I should mention first that this entire experience came with a very significant uncomfortable feeling, due to my apprehension to losing touch with reality, and the overwhelming nature of salvia itself.

1st small hit: The first thing I noticed was that my heartbeat became increasingly apparent, I could hear it echoing in my head, and feel it throughout my body. I began to lose touch with my surroundings. When I closed my eyes, I got some repetitive closed eyed visuals, very colorful patterns repeating over and over endlessly.

2nd small hit: I began to feel my self being pulled downward, as if my body weighed several hundred times more than usual. When I closed my eyes I began to forget about the reality of the room. In essence I forgot that my eyes where closed and began to accept what I saw as reality.

3rd small hit: My body becomes unbearably heavy, I fall over and it feels like i'm falling in slow motion through a sea of people, I feel very much like I am part of a vast ocean of other humans. I am experiencing significant ego loss.

4th small hit: When my eyes are open I can see the objects around me transforming and contorting. When I close my eyes I am entirely enveloped in a distorted colorful reality. I feel myself being pulled through a machine that appears to move immobile human bodies from one place to another. Everything is very colorful, like a Nintendo game, Super Mario, Zelda, etc I began to feel as if this was reality and that I was part of some vast network of humans that had been trapped by machines for some unknown purpose, I find this very unsettling.

Final rather large hit: I don't remember what happened immediately after that. The next thing I remember I 'woke up' and rose up out of the human ocean I mentioned earlier. All of the people where a distinct Technicolor, red, blue, yellow. A strong commanding, yet calm voice informs me that my entire life had been a dream and that I had somehow managed to wake up, but now I have to go back sleep, and become part of the 'greater being' that I had dreamed I was, in essence he was telling me that I had to die.

At first I firmly believed that this was just an effect of the salvia, but the convincing voice notified me that the salvia was all part of the dream, and that I had to go back to sleep forever. He exerted a force on me that forced me back down into the sea of people. I could feel my soul swimming at the speed of electricity, like lighting through the sea until my mind entered into another body and I 'woke up' again. The voice became increasingly agitated at my disobedience, and once again forced me back down.

This pattern repeated for what seemed like millions of years. Eventually I was able to rise up in my room. I saw my friends sitting on the bed, but they where made up of colorful micropeople like myself. I envied them so much, I wanted to be part of the real world again, but I knew that was impossible. But I kept fighting anyways, I felt my soul continue to flow through the sea upwards further and further. I had the feeling that if I was able to reach the top I could become the greater being again.

Finally I began to slip back into reality. I began to be able to will the greater being to do what I wanted, but I wasn't out yet. I grabbed my best friend Samantha and I asked her to 'Help me,' in what she described as the most fearful voice she had ever heard. I was crying and screaming apparently. Eventually I regained my touch with reality and realized what had happened, I was drenched in sweat and I was SO happy to realize I was real, and that it was all an illusion.

I spent the next hour trying hopelessly to explain what had happened, but all I could say was that I had died for a million years.

I doubt I will try salvia again, it took me to a place I don't ever want to return to. Salvia reality is hopeless and overwhelming, had I been in a weaker mental or physical health, I don't doubt that I could have went into cardiac arrest or slipped into schizophrenia or a similar mental illness.

Salvia is a very serious drug. Just because it occurs naturally as a plant, I don't think that it isn't dangerous. Just be careful and take great care to make sure that you are in a comfortable situation and in a serene mindset.

Good luck and happy tripping everyone.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65610
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 12, 2010Views: 19,969
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Alone (16), Difficult Experiences (5), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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