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Not Positive For Morphine
Oxycodone (with Acetaminophen)
Citation:   squrL. "Not Positive For Morphine: An Experience with Oxycodone (with Acetaminophen) (exp65628)". Feb 13, 2008.

35 mg insufflated Oxycodone (ground / crushed)
  2450 mg insufflated Acetaminophen (ground / crushed)
While on probation I looked to many substances other than weed to get a buzz. DXM, DPH, Nutmeg,and other ones that SHOULDN'T cause a positive for THC, Cocaine, Morphine or Amphetamine the drugs I am tested for.

I used oxy before I was on probation, for about a month. Then my supply ran out. Looking back I am glad that happened because I was using it very frequently.

Anyways, it was about a year after that, and I knew I was having a test the following day. My friend gave me 7 oxy's in school. Over the course of the day I snorted them all.

So the next day I go to get a screen. Just like I thought, it came back negative. Oxycodone DID NOT cause a positive result fo MORPHINE. IT WILL CAUSE A POSITIVE FOR OPIATES HOWEVER. Oxycodone does not get converted into morphine so if I get tested only for morphine I am pretty safe.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65628
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 13, 2008Views: 11,020
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Oxycodone (176), Drug Testing (59) : General (1), School (35)

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