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No Negative Effects, but Few Positives
mCPP (sold as MDMA)
by ginandmilk
Citation:   ginandmilk. "No Negative Effects, but Few Positives: An Experience with mCPP (sold as MDMA) (exp65676)". Jun 21, 2018.

2 tablets oral Bad/Suspect Ecstasy (pill / tablet)


A few weeks back I bought a couple of pills that were advertised by a friend as MDMA. I hadn't touched any in over 3 months and there was a large group of us going out so I jumped at the opportunity.

I am a 21 year old male, weighing just over 10 stone. Previous drug experience includes cocaine, MDMA, cannabis, mushrooms and various 2Cs.

Most of our weekend evenings out seem to involve some sort of chemical assistance and there were at least a dozen of us with one or two of the pills each which were white and large - much larger than your 'usual' E. They looked well pressed but if you handled them for more than a few seconds they would start to come to pieces in your hand.

I timed how long it took before the first effects manifested themselves on my stopwatch, something I would not normally do, but I am glad I did. After an hour, I began to get suspicious that the pills were bunk - I felt completely at baseline despite having an empty stomach. There was a definite increase in energy and tingles down my spine at 1 hour 43 minutes after ingestion, but instead of being launched in to full on teeth grinding, jaw clenching euphoria the effects just seemed to fizzle out. For the next two hours the pill teased me with the occasional shiver down the spine and a feeling of energy and nervous anticipation
the pill teased me with the occasional shiver down the spine and a feeling of energy and nervous anticipation
(very similar to the few minutes before an MDMA come-up) but each wave of effects died out before they really got going.

On the plus side, I was definitely talking more than usual, and holding conversations with people I wouldn't normally speak to. There was a perceivable increase in energy - I found myself bounding up and down stairs and a few people commented on how unusually fast I was walking!

Asking around my friends the general consensus was that the pills were pretty rubbish. At the time we assumed they contained a small amount of speed but later discovered they were mCPP because one of the group sent a pill off to be tested. However I am unaware of how much mCPP the pill contained.

A few of the group rated the chemical very highly, conceding that the pills contained no MDMA but arguing that whatever was in them was much better. Perhaps they had stronger pills or were just more sensitive than the majority of us, but they seemed full of energy all night and were chatting rubbish to anyone who would listen and even to those who wouldn't.

Around 7 hours after ingestion I had totally given up on the possibility of any further effects and strolled home. Street lights appeared much brighter, the small rain puddles on the road were looking unusually full of colour and I had difficulty focussing my eyes on anything more than a few meters ahead. Sleep came unusually easily - no over stimulation or over sensitivity I had previously experienced with BZP and TMPFF. It also dawned on me that I had felt no nausea for the whole night, something that usually goes hand in hand with any of my heavy nights out - bonus points for mCPP.

The whole experience felt like a weaker version of speed or BZP but nothing like MDMA because it never really got going.

A higher dose would no doubt yield more desirable effects, but I binned the other pill I purchased - I had no desire to eat it later that night and no desire to repeat the experience at a later date... there were no real negative effects but there are loads of other more fun chemicals readily available.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65676
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jun 21, 2018Views: 2,247
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mCPP (102), Bad/Suspect Ecstasy (567) : General (1), What Was in That? (26), Various (28)

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