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Visions of a Shaman
Citation:   R. Henna. "Visions of a Shaman: An Experience with Bufotenin (exp65686)". Oct 12, 2010.

10 mg smoked Bufotenin
  150 mg sublingual Bufotenin
After having a great experience with sublingual free base bufotenine, the following weekend we played around with smoking free base bufotenine. We smoked doses ranging from 10 mg all the way up to 15 mg. All three of us had positive experiences. The effects are different this way. 10 mg was about as intense as 150 mg taken sublingually. It comes on really fast. The come up is a little uncomfortable for about 1 minute. After inhaling 1 lungful of 10 mg, I feel a “heat” effect in the head, and then my stomach feels unusual. After about 1 minute, this goes away and in 2-5 minutes I'm peaking REALLY HARD.

Robin was unable to take more than 10 mg. She said 10 mg was almost too intense. At that dose she said everything in the room started twisting and melting. She equated it to 500 mics of LSD. She found the peak was almost too much to handle. During the peak she was very nervous. She felt as though she was going to dissolve and melt away.

My girlfriend and I tried 15 mg and we were blown away. Within 3 minutes after inhaling it, everything in the room started shimmering and flashing. I saw snake like lines dancing all over everything. Patterns were forming all over my visual field. These patterns were morphing into eyes all around me. They look ancient, like the eyes of shamans. I closed my eyes and heard a voice speak to me. It said “WHO ARE YOU”. It was very load and very clear. It repeated. I could not see anyone. All I saw were snake like colored lines dancing around.

These snakes quickly formed into a man. It was a shaman. He was very old. He asked again, “WHO ARE YOU”. I realized the shaman was not talking to me but actually talking to another character in my vision. It was a giant snake made of blue and red light. It looked like a wire frame computer animated snake. The snake let out a loud hiss. It was very loud. I couldn’t stand the sound. I felt it in my ears. It was frightening. The shaman looked angry. He opened his hand and threw a blue light towards the snake. The snake burst apart into a bunch of drops of blood. Suddenly blood was swirling around me. It was disgusting.

I opened my eyes. I didn’t want to see any more. I was shaking a little bit, like I had a large amount of coffee. My girlfriend was dancing. She looked like she was a movie. I could see her flickering as she danced. As if she was a projection of light. I started dancing with her. It felt great to move my arms around. Everything in the room swayed as we danced. There was no music playing, but soon I heard music in my mind. With every movement, I heard sounds. The sounds grew faint as we danced. After a while I laid down on the couch. I watched patterns forming on the ceiling. My girlfriend turned on some music. The music sounded incredible. I could feel every note playing. The patterns on the ceiling began moving to the music. I started to drift away into a dream. I felt asleep. I have a bunch of dreams. I woke up after about 1 hour. The effects were still present. After about 3 hours the effects wore off.

I think 15 mg is just too much and it lasts too long. At 15 mg I get a little bit of a nervous twitch during the peaks like I get from too much coffee and the hallucinations are way too intense. I later tried 10 mg. 10 mg seems prefect for me and only lasts about 2 hours, which is more manageable.

I think this is a very interesting compound. When smoked, it is sort of like DMT. But more intense. The hallucinations include lots of sound and seem to have more of a story to them. DMT is more like a light show. Bufotenine is more like a short movie.

I like sublingual bufotenine more than smoked bufotenine. Sublingually, it is smoother, more peaceful, more euphoric, and the visions are full of more content. When smoked, the come up is harsh, and the peak hits me too fast. The comedown is about the same though. When used sublingually, the come up is gradual and smooth and very euphoric. When smoked, the euphoria doesn’t hit until the peak starts to fade.

The downside of sublingual use is that it takes about 10 times as much to be active and I have to hold it under my tongue for about 15 minutes. Holding it under my tongue for 15 minutes is not that pleasant. A lot of saliva starts to accumulate, and if I swallow any of it, it causes an upset stomach. It’s hard not to swallow it. But when done right, the trip is one of the most beautiful psychedelic experiences there is. It is very much worth it. I wonder if Yopo or Vila snuff is this beautiful of an experience.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65686
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 12, 2010Views: 20,490
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