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Most Intriguing
Citation:   Halluciaus. "Most Intriguing: An Experience with Methylone (exp65894)". Sep 18, 2008.

120 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
Hi all, i just wanted to include my experiance with this most exicting and intriuging substance:

A short time ago i came into possesion of 10000mg(10g)of methylone,and hear are my observations of thgis products effects at diffrent doses:

120 mg: The product appeared as a tan to orange coloured powder,and had a very strange almost perfume odour to it,to taste was very bitter,so i weighed out the correct amount that myself and two other participants in this experiment wanted to ingest(120mg)the doses where then placed into gel caps and consumed.

The ifrst effect was noticed around 10-15 minutes later,this was only a very slight alert that something was going on in the body, all of us noticed this at the same time,no further effect was noiced for the next half hour or so,then suddenly at the one hour mark we all comented on a wave coming over us,this was seemed to me nearly the same as the m.d.m.a waves,but definatly more profound and stronger,these waves continued for around 30 minutes,when i belive the drug leveled out,and an awsome feeling of total relaxation,and a blisses out feeling was felt by all,this feeling lasted for a good two hours,with slow waves of energy rissing every now and then,

At around the 3 hour mark we all noticed the coming down feeling,and also all comented on a slight grinding of teeth feeling like the amphentamine grinds,we slowly came down over the next hour until the effects dissapeared,we then all shared a joint of fine cannabis and talked thouraly about our experiance,when we finished the joint we all noticed the wave feeling start to rise again,but it didn,t climax like the initial waves,and soon dissapeard,with the slight blissed out feeling left lingering,one of the subjects then left our excperiment and went home,myself and the other subject sat talking for many hours and smoked cannabis,noticing the slight return of the methylone feeling each time we smoked,andf comented upon this,we then parted ways and the experiment was over.

The overall report:The feeling that methylone produced was simular to m.d.m.a,without the slighly psychedelic,hallucinaory type effect that m.d.m.a produces,it was a major feeling of being tottaly blissed out,it produces alighly relaxed opiate type effect as well as the more amphentamine like effect of m.d.m.a,i and all subjects thorouly enjoyed the experiance,and more experiments took place at doses ranging from 120-350 mg,all experiments produced the same effects,obviuosly the larger the dose the stronger but same effects were felt,also the wave sensation at the 1 hour mark always appeared and ussually exactly at the 1 hour mark,i have over time come into possession of diffrent batches of this product,and myself prefere it to m.d.m.a,i will submit my findings on this most profound substance in future reports,thank-you..Halluciaus

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65894
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 18, 2008Views: 7,795
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Methylone (255) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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